Send me an angel

Send me an angel

Right now

Right now

He stood there, leaning casually against the stone pillar. To anyone who didn't know him, he might have not even been there. But there was something about this particular man that was so captivating, you would find that you couldn't tear your eyes off of him. Nor would you be able to concentrate on anything or anyone else.

His face was covered with a delicate porcelain mask, his eyes flashing through the slits. He was gazing intently at the man across the room. This man carried an air of innocence, yet something clung to that air that reeked of malicious intent. His azure eyes flashed red for a mere second. However, that was all it took for the other man to know who he was, the man hiding behind the blood red mask.

He seemed to glide across the room, carrying an elegance that seemed to leak out of his every pore. He stopped in front of the cerulean blue eyed man. His crimson, soft, lips moved carefully and precisely. And the other man smiled.

They moved to the balcony. For a moment, they said nothing. And then, as if they could communicate through their bodies, their hands met. One hand gently placed on the waist, while the other man's placed his on the shoulder. And they danced. Beautifully, never missing a step, they intertwined until they became one person. Then they would move apart.

This dance dripped with emotion. It held a story. A story of loneliness, happiness, anger, jealousy, joy, betrayal, and love. Death and blood were interpreted by the sadness that shone in their eyes. This love they shared, fleeting in its grasp, was dangerous. It was not approved. It was forbidden. It was painful, and yet, at the same time, it was so very fulfilling that the very thought of leaving the other left them gasping for breath as their heart began to tear.

Their masks flew away in the wind, and their eyes met. Obsidian black and azure blue. The night's starless sky and the morning day's cloud free sky. Two complete opposites. Move in perfect harmony like a delicate dance between two lovers. It was unnerving, the emotions that floated through the air. Free for the other to interpret, and either criticize or understand.

The black eyed man's very being was covered in his emotions, there for the other to observe. Bloodlust, betrayal, hate. All understood by the other.

The blue eyed man's emotions, too, clung to his body. Loneliness, pain, revenge. Understood by the other.

There was but one emotion left flittering in the air. Neither paid any heed to it. There was no need to as they had both discussed the forbidden subject.

Masks were put back on. Eyes were once again hidden. Hands and arms were removed from the other's. The two stepped back inside the crowded ballroom, and took their rightful places at different sides of the room.

Their love was never meant to have a happy ending.

"I love you…Naruto……"

"I love you too…Sasuke….."