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Rory stood there, leaning against the doorframe to their bedroom. She had just gotten off the phone with her father and she knew that she had to wake him up; they had things to do before her father and Gigi showed up. Even still, she couldn't help but take the time to watch him like this; she would never take moments like this for granted again. She used to never take the time to enjoy such simple pleasures of living with the man she loved, but that was before. Before his father had sent him to London for a year she had already begun to think of him as the one, but even then, Rory doubted that she truly understood.

As he awoke, Logan noticed Rory watching him. "Hey Ace, I know I'm pretty but do we have anything else scheduled for today, or is you admiring my beauty about the extent of it, 'cause it's much more fun if you admire from much, much, closer." Logan finishes with a wink.

Caught out of her reverie Rory approaches Logan. Climbing onto the bed by his feet she slowly crawls up along his body, kissing up his chest until she reaches his mouth, finishing with a sweet but short kiss before propping herself above him. "As much as I would love to" kiss " admire your" kiss "gorgeous" kiss "self, I'm afraid we don't have time."

As Rory starts to pull away Logan grabs her and rolls her over. "I think we can make time", he growls out before leaning in to kiss Rory. When he pulls away to take a breath Rory blurts out, "My dad and sister will be here in an hour", afraid that if they continue along their current path there is no way they will be decent for her fathers arrival.