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at the edges

Anko isn't good at grief, which is made of soft blurry edges and slips right through her fingers. She paces and yells and flings weapons at targets - which is just a prelude to flinging them at people, because revenge is sharp and bright and easy to hold onto, and when she dies she wants to go out in jagged pieces all blown apart, stuck under people's skin until they get mad and do something already.

She knows Kurenai isn't soft - she's seen her break minds with genjutsu, dainty little fingers weaving through handseals like she's picking thoughts apart - but that doesn't make a difference because Kurenai's grief is soft, like half her world gave way and she doesn't care that she's sinking.

And Anko wants to grab her shoulders and shake her and promise to be her backup when she goes out hunting the bastards. She wants to break things - wants them to break things together, all weapons and blood and revenge - and fighting doesn't make the world okay, but it makes it go away for a while, which is just as good.

But mostly Anko just wants to be soft. She wants to hold Kurenai and tell her it'll be okay, that it'll get better.

"You want Akatsuki's heads on a platter?" she says instead. "Say the word. I can do it."

If she can't be there for her, she can damn well get enough revenge for both of them.