Title: Red - Part 1

Characters: Jed, Abbey, Charlie, Jacobs, Ron, Millie, and the rest of the Staff
Summary: What was going inside their minds during the events of 'Active Threat'? and what are they going through now?
Spoilers: None that I know of Warning: Minor language, and detailed descriptions
Disclaimer: The characters depicted in this story belong to NBC, WB, and Aaron Sorkin. They do not belong to me, I wish, but they don't
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Author's Notes: Might be helpful to read 'Active Threat'
Told from their eyes, (see Bold) and told in 3rd person.


That whole month just seemed to never end. From the riots in Venezuela, to the car bombs and pipe bombs going off in our country's streets...and then the attempt on Jed Bartlet's life...

I pray I will never see a time like that again.

When the Order had finally been taken down, and we went back to the White House, it was surreal.

People continued to work, continued to go on with their lives, and for a moment, I thought I was loosing my mind. Have they all forgotten what had happened? But then, I saw, no, it is not that...
Ok, where do I begin? I suppose when they handed me that note to hand to the President.
Just the way they handed it to me, and how they said not to glance at it, I knew something was about to start.

And then the President's quick reply confirmed my suspicions. This was big.

I later found out that a threat had been made, or as the Order so bluntly put it, 'a promise'.

When I met Lee Jacobs I thought what I always think when a new agent joins the secret service. He is just going to start out low, doing security sweeps, keeping a perimeter, that kind of thing.

Well, not Jacobs.

I talked with Jacobs outside of the Oval Office the day he was to meet the President. He was nervous, waiting to be summoned in to meet the President.

"New?" I asked, as he shuffled his feet slightly.
"Yeah...I'm that obvious?" he asked, looking at me. I nodded a little.
"First time to meet the President?" I asked.

He nodded.

"Well, the thing to remember about him is that he likes his space. Doesn't really care for the whole protection thing, he says it makes him feel confined..." I told him. It must have been something I said because Jacobs seemed to loose some color.

"So are you going to be assigned to his detail, or are you just going to work during large events?" I asked.
"Oh...I am going to be his new personal agent..." he said quietly. I was speechless.

'Man, poor guy...' I thought. 'And I had felt sorry for Ron...' but then I started thinking a little more into it. They were really taking this threat seriously, to now be assigning a personal agent who will be with him nearly everywhere...

"Well..." I began, after my pity for him mellowed. "He is a great man, and once he gets to know you, you'll do fine."

Jacobs didn't look so sure.

Just then, Ron peeked out, motioning Jacobs to come in.

- - -


When I had been told that I would protect the President, I thought there was some kind of mistake.

But there wasn't.

I don't really understand why they had chosen me. They told me it was because of my experience and ability to think on the spot, and that I had shown myself in previous situations. Yeah...right...

So there I was, walking into the Oval office, just having left this one kid named Charlie who just told me the President doesn't like excessive protection...

G r e a t, he's going to love me.

I understood completely why they had increased the security around the President, after what the Order did, it was clear what their intentions were.
Right when I walked in I knew Jed Bartlet was not at all happy at the prospect of yet another security precaution.

I think I looked nervous, and I knew I was sweating despite the noticeably cooler temperature of the room.
The President stood up and extended his hand over the grand desk. I took it, trying not to let my hand shake as I reached to take his.

Wow, if I knew what was to come at that time...how, literally, his life was going to be in my hands…

"Good to meet you sir..." I said, attempting a nod.
"So, you are going to...?" he asked, looking to Ron for details.

I silently held my breath as Ron answered. The president didn't like this, but he gave me a welcoming nod despite of it.

- - -

Jed was still so sore, his chest still had to be wrapped to help support his ribs, and he was only allowed to walk short distances, and stand for a certain amount of time, which wasn't much at all. That little talk with the nation had really taken it out of him, and Abbey was going to make sure he wouldn't make it worse.

Abbey had talked to a few doctors right after Jed had arrived and had immediately gone to sleep in the residence.
Abbey and the three doctors were standing in a hall, Ron near as to learn what would need to be done to help keep Jed safe.

"Mrs. Bartlet, in my opinion he should still be in a hospital..." one of the doctors began, slightly in a tone that spoke down to Abbey.
"We can do just what a hospital would do for him here, if not more." Abbey stated back, catching his tone, but trying to look passed it.

"Mrs. Bartlet, he still has a lot of healing to do, and how he is here right now and not in a hospital, I don't know. They should not have released him. He needs to return to a hospital so he will be under the supervision of doctors..." he said, again treating her as if she didn't know squat and was never a doctor.

Abbey was getting mad. She knew that Jed would heal faster at home or in the residence, and forcing him into a hospital would not do him any good, it might even make him worse, and not only that, it would make him deeply depressed.

"He is not going back to a hospital. How would that look? What would that tell the nation? It would look like something was wrong with him, besides, it's not like we can't get equipment here that a hospital has," Abbey reminded them. "Millie, you know he will do better here than anywhere else..." she added, talking to Millie, the Surgeon General.

"Yes..." she nodded, knowing it was true. The jerk doctor apparently was getting annoyed at seeing the Surgeon General agree with Abbey.

He then continued; Millie, now too, was getting slightly annoyed with this man.

"Mrs. Bartlet, his injuries were severe, he still needs to be monitored, he still needs..."

Ok, now she had had it.

"Do you think I don't see that? "Have you not realized that - I - was there when they brought him in?!?
"Have you forgotten that I saw him, lying there not moving, pale, and bleeding!?!?!
"I know how much blood he lost, I k n o w how close he was to death, and I sure as h e l l know how to help him get better, and it sure isn't in any d a m n hospital!!!"

Alright, she probably shouldn't have yelled, shouldn't have raised her voice to chew him out, but he was being stupid. He did not know Jed like her, and he was being a smart ass.

Abbey simply stared at this slightly beyond middle-aged doctor who was a jerk through and through.

She then watched him turn, unable to hide some of his shock as he walked off.

"Ron." Abbey spoke, making Ron take a step up towards her as she watched that man walk down the hall towards the exit.
"Yes?" he asked.
"I don't want him treating Jed -at all-," she said, partly wondering how he even was allowed in the building to begin with.

It was not that she felt he would hurt Jed or anything, well sort of; but it was really because she didn't want Jed hurting him when he found out what had just happened. Though, honestly, she could care a less about that doctor's well being, she was more concerned about Jed hurting himself in the process of giving that man what he deserved, a pounding.

"Mrs. Bartlet, we can send for equipment right now," Ron told her, watching her anger calm.

She nodded, leaving to the residence, leaving the other doctors, still in slight shock, in the hall.

- - -

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