Red - Part 10 Final

Abbey stepped into the bathroom, Jed just having gotten out of the shower, a towel tied around his waste.

"You look better," she said, stepping behind him, her figure coming in view of the mirror.

The three marks that had once been dark and painful were now nothing more than a shadow, and his side was now a light brown color, the rib now fully healed.

"I hope so, it has been more than a few weeks..." he said, turning his head a little and letting his fingers trace the now thin scab, around which was new reddish-pinkish skin.

There was no doubt that it would be a scar, a couple millimeters thick, several inches long, stitch scars already forming around it, but he would carry it.

He smiled.

"What?" she whispered, stepping closer to him.
"Healed wounds..." he muttered.
"...are Red," she finished, now wrapping her arms around his bare chest, and kissing his neck.

"I love you," she whispered, his arms now holding hers around him.
"I love you, too."

- - -


"Good morning, sir," Leo says, entering the Oval office; I am sitting behind the desk.
"Hey, Leo."

I try not to smile as Leo stares at me, well mostly at my neck.

"Uh, do you need anything sir?" he asks.
"No, anything going on?" I ask, looking up at him.
"No, nothing at all..."

Ok, I know that tone; something is going on...

"What? You can say something you know. Abbey said I don't need to have it on anymore; didn't really need to be wearing it long before this point, but I didn't want to scare anyone."

I was no longer wearing the bandage. My nearly healed wound was now out in the open for all the world to see.

I feel quite free now, and yet, I know it's silly, but I feel sort of naked. The same kind of naked when I don't have my wedding ring on.

"Doesn't scare me, might scare Josh though."

Oh, never thought about that...

"Sir, I'm kidding. Really sir, I am just surprised that you hadn't torn that thing off a long time ago."
"Me too, but it was better looking than the stitches or the nice line of butterfly band-aids."
"It's going to be a doozy of a scar, sir," saying it in a way that made it sound like it was a medal.

"Abbey says it makes me look more distinguished."
"That it does sir, like A Badge of Honor."
"Really?" I ask, giving it a gentle touch.

He gives me a smile and nods.

"I'll go back to work, looks like you have a few files to go through as well, sir," he says, glancing over at the miniature Mount Everest of papers beside me.

He leaves me to it, the Oval now empty, except for the agents who are more like furniture than anything else half the time.

Behind me the White House lawn is white with snow, it having snowed the night before. I turn around to glance outside to find it snowing again.

Oh what I would give for a smoke...but Abbey would kill me.
According to her, I am still 'healing'.

- - -


"Charlie, are you sure you have everything ready?" I ask him.
"Yes sir."
"And he doesn't suspect anything, correct?" I ask.
"I don't think so."
"And Abbey?"

We are standing in the Green Room, CJ, Ron, Jacobs, Toby, Josh, Tim the cook, and the others are in the room.

"Who is going to get them?" CJ asks.
"We haven't decided yet?" Josh questions.
"Have we even thought how we are going to do this?" I ask.

Everyone mumbles, 'uh'.

"Great, and we are the people running the country..." I hear Toby mutter behind me.
"Um, we could say that the other wants them to meet them here..." Charlie suggests.

That kid is a genius, I swear.

"Yeah that sounds good," Josh agreed.
"Alright, Ron, Jacobs, would you do the honors?"

They depart, giving me a nod as they exit toward the door.

- - -


"Sir, how are we going to do this exactly?" I ask Ron.

He then reaches inside his jacket and pulls out a long silk black cloth and hands it to me.

"Blind fold him. Tell him his wife told you to do this. Tell him she told you to lead you to the Green Room. Tell him to be silent, and that his wife wants to show him something in the Green Room."

"You want me to blind fold the President of the United States?" I ask, verifying.

He nods.

"I am going to do the same to Mrs. Bartlet so they won't see each other."
"Alright, I'll see you in the Green Room then."

We then go, Ron to the Residence, myself to the Oval.

I step in; I don't think he heard me come in.

"Mr. President," I ask, trying to hid my excitement; I think he caught sight of a little of it anyways.

"Yes, Lee?"
"Uh, Mrs. Bartlet wants you in the Green Room."
"Ah, now?" he asks.

I nod.

"Oh, alright." He states.

He steps from behind the desk and starts towards the door.

"Uh, sir..." I lift the black cloth in my hand.
"What's that for?"
"Um, she said to blind fold you."

He gave me an inquiring look, then grinned.

"Oh, she would..." he walks to me. "Ok, go on."

He turns around so I can put the blind fold on him. I tie it securely.

"Oh, and she also said not to talk until the blind fold comes off and you."
"Demanding isn't she? Alright, lead on."

I then take his arm and lead him to the Green Room.

- - -


"Ma'am," I announced myself, knocking on the open door.
"Come in," came her voice within.

I walked in, Abbey looking up to me from a book. Seeing it was me, she stood.

"Is everything alright?" she asked immediately.
"Yes, the President just wants you to meet him in the Green Room."
"Did he say why?" she asked.
"Not exactly, just said to bring you there blindfolded..."

At first I was afraid she wouldn't fall for it and that I was going to need to come up with something else...


I breathed a silent sigh of relief, having tied the blind fold and now leading her out.

- - -


We looked to see both Lee and Ron standing outside the open doors, their 'prisoners' in hand, both now unable to hide their grins. Even Ron was smiling.

They silently led them in.

All of us with giant smiles on our faces, even Toby.
How we had pulled this off without either of them knowing was a miracle.

"Alright, you can take the your blindfold off now..." Ron said, stepping aside.

Both Jed and Abbey took off their blindfolds, their eyes now able to see what we had all prepared for them.

We broke out in loud applause.

Jed and Abbey both looked at each other, both realizing they had both been pleasantly tricked.

We hushed, the First Couple a little overwhelmed for a moment.

"We thought it was time to celebrate," Leo explained, stepping up.

Jed didn't wait for him to make the next move. He went forward and gave him a hug.
His chest apparently no longer sore.

They parted, Jed and Abbey now standing side by side once again.

"Oh, how I am proud to say that you all have got my back," Jed said, his eyes scanning us all.

His eyes came to rest on me for a moment. It was as if time stopped, even though I know his eyes only had locked with mine for a few seconds.
I look at this wonder of a man who is so deep and full of passion, his eyes so sharp and yet so gentle.
I give a short nod, and he returns it before his gaze continues to the others in the room.

We all took in the moment, Jed's eyes now coming to rest on the back table.

"Food?" he asked, sounding hungry.
"Pie," Abbey whispered, smiling.
"Tim suggested it," Jacobs said; Jed turned to the old cook and smiled.

It didn't take long for us all to become relaxed and begin enjoying the pie.

We all were in a circle, some of us sitting, others standing. Abbey and Jed sitting together on the side couch.

"You know, if we weren't in a room where I am afraid to make a stain," Jed said, putting his fork down on his plate and getting that mischievous smile, his eyes meeting Abbey's.

"What would be said of us if we decided to do that?" Abbey asked.

None of us understood what they were talking about, just knew it was something we probably wanted to stay out of.

"Oh, they would probably include it in the tour," he said, now lifting the remainder of his pie with his bare hand. "And say, 'oh, and here is where President Jed Bartlet started the food fight.'"

" better n-..." Abbey breathed, trying to sound stern, but it held more apprehension than anything else as Jed brought the pie up to place it in her mouth for a bite.

"I don't start food fights...I finish them." He stated, placing the bitten pie back on the plate.

"Last time I was being nice, because I had an unfair advantage."
"Excuses..." Jed replied, smiling.

- - -


The little party was now over, I think Leo was relieved; Abbey and Jed kept threatening a food fight.

A little while later, we entered the Oval office, Jacobs having radioed me, saying the President wanted to see us, and he added that we were to wear a coat and gloves.

Coming in, we found the room empty.


But then I saw the President's figure walking outside, far out on the snowy White House lawn. A black suited protector not even a dozen yards away from him: Jacobs.

"What on earth is he doing out there?" Leo asked, going out, Charlie, CJ, Abbey, Debbie, and myself behind him.

"Sir!" Leo shouted, making the President turn around.

"Took you all long enough!" he shouted back, smiling, something round and white in his gloved hands.

We went out to him, confused as to what was going on.

I saw it coming, but it hit me before I could do anything about it.
I looked down to see white snow on my chest.
Charlie beside me, unable to suppress a laugh, Abbey and Jed laughing openly.

I saw Charlie bend down and gather snow, Jed already up with another hand full, compacting. Before I knew it, Leo and Jed were exchanging snow fire, Jed hitting Leo in the shoulder.

From the corner of my eye I saw Abbey swing her arm back and then throw a perfect sphere of white at Jed, hitting him directly on the back of the head.

He quickly turned around, knelt down and gathered a large amount of snow before compacting it. He then ran after Abbey. Abbey tried to run, laughing all the way.

We were all enjoying ourselves now, even myself.

I gathered up my projectile, my eyes set on Jacobs.
I quickly realized the President and Jacobs were working together, two teams having somehow come about between the eight of us.
Jacobs, Debbie, Charlie and Jed, against Abbey, Leo, CJ, and myself.

'I knew my special training would come in handy someday', I thought as I hit Jacobs on the side with my snowball.

I can't remember the last time I had that much fun in the snow.
We played for the rest of the day, the sun now setting.

- - -


We were now tired, our fingers we could no longer feel. Our footprints were all over the ground, and our poor attempts at building little forts were scattered throughout.

We stopped; tired and realizing the President had his back turned to us, looking at something.
He was facing the setting sun.

We all slowly walked to this great man and stopped beside him.

Abbey stepped beside him; his arm moved and wrapped itself around her.

We all stood in silence, the purple, pink, orange, and Red filling up the Horizon.
The white snow was now reflecting the remainder of the sun's light, casting a calming illumination across the grounds, our shadows stretching forth behind us.

I stood to the left of this man of wonder and took a slow look at him.
My eyes passed over him, and glanced at the soon to be scar on his neck.
His face glazed with the Red light of Dusk.

I smiled slightly as I turned my gaze back at the other wonder before myself and the others.
The first stars of the night appearing above us, the crisp colored lights of dusk stretching all along the land ahead of us.

- - -

The End

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