Title: In Honor of a Mother

Author: Calenlass Greenleaf

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters—they belong to Tolkien.

Spoilers: Tiny spoilers for "The Tale of Aragorn and Arwen" in the Appendices of the Return of the Ring.

Rating: PG. No slash, sex, smut, profanity, or romance. The only love mentioned parental and familial love.

Summary: A belated Mother's Day prose poem written in honor of Gilraen. These are the words of Aragorn as he remembers his mother. This is a sort of apology because I've cut her out of my fics far too many times. (And probably many times more in the future) /guilty look/ And you can also expect me to write something for Fathers' Day.

A/N for Everyone: Never show off on a piano if you are a writer/typist, unless you actually enjoy typing with one hand. It was why it took me so long. Thank goodness Microsoft Word has auto correction. Sorry for any typos.

A/N #2: Translations provided at the bottom, except for Gilraen's poem. The translation of the song is directly under the Elvish version.

A chéneg, a ionneg,

Danna si fuin.

Tolo na rengy nîn,



A núriel annant

Trin aduial,

Ne dúath roeg dagech

Ne theilien.


A chéneg, a ionneg,

Pant galu, pant glas,

A naenatha hún nîn,

Ne chinn lîn cenim:


Le iôn adar lîn,

Û-iôn naneth lîn.


Little boy, little one,

Night is falling,

Come into my arms,

Let me hold you safe.


But still you run,

Through the twilight,

Lost in your play,

Slaying demons in the shadows.


Little boy, little one,

Full of grace, full of joy

Ah, my heart will break,

For I see in your eyes:


You are your father's son,

Not your mother's child.

—"Gilraen's Song," from the soundtrack of FOTR EE. Text by Philippa Boyens, Sindarin translation by David Salo.

In Honor of a Mother

I can remember…

The years you have been with me,

The times when we were both carefree and joyous,

When you played with me,

Laughed with me.


Then the darkness came,

But the light in your eyes had not yet dwindled.

Though you laughed less,

Smiled less,

You were still there with me in the safety of Imladris,

Watching over me.


I remember the dark nights,

When I was afraid and feeling lost,

You simply held me,

And whispered words of comfort in my ear.


When I reached maturity,

And began my wandering in the wilds,

Your prayers were what guided me,

Supported me in all my trials.


During the times I felt as if I must give up,

You pushed me on,

Giving encouragement,

Showing your love to me.


Whenever I felt discouraged,

Weary and hard-pressed,

Your words to me were like a breath of fresh air,

Giving me new hope,

New insights.


I can never say enough about you, naneth nîn.

Your love,

The peace that you carry with you—

They will be forever in my heart.


When we said our farewells,

Your last words will forever be in my heart, when you told me,

"Onen i-Estel Edain,

Ú-chebin estel anim."


I miss you dearly every day,

Every hour,

Every minute.


Sometimes the grief is very painful,

Nearly unbearable,

And I wish you had not gone before me.


But I know I will see you someday,

And I will be able to say the words I have always wanted to say—

Annant nin estel, naneth nîn,

Estel lîn.

Le hannon,

An uireb estel lîn ned nin.

The End


Naneth nîn – My mother

"Onen i-Estel Edain, ú-chebin estel anim." – I gave hope to Men; I have kept no hope fore myself.

Annant nin estel, naneth nîn – You gave me hope, my mother.

Estel lîn – Your hope

Le hannon – Thank you

An uireb estel lîn ned nin – For your infinite hope in me

A/N: I hope I did Gilraen justice. Let me know if I did.