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The Cadmus Web

Chapter 1: New Lease on Life

In New York City one of the largest cities in American and one of the most famous and oldest, high above in a penthouse home in his bed slept Peter Parker also known to the world as the amazing Spider-Man. He was a young man almost nineteen years old with brown hair and matching eyes, he had been a hero ever since he was fifteen getting bitten by a genetically altered super spider that was altered with the OZ formula.

Ever since then Peter's life had never been normal but it was also filled with tragedy that tested him like most people never have. He had lost his parents when he was a child and lived with his aunt and uncle that were as much parents as they were guardians. Peter was very smart but also picked on most of his life, then his uncle had been killed by a man he didn't stop but could have. The guilt still ate at him and over the years he had suffered much.

Injuries that piled up paled in comparison to being thought of as a villain by most in his home city, then all the deaths of those closets to him. First Gwen Stacey who had been almost like a sister to him, even her clone was killed later on. There was Harry his best friend, his aunt and his greatest first love Mary Jane. He had seen them killed by his nemesis the Green Goblin who was Norman Osborn. In their last battle Spider-Man accidentally killed the murderer and in his darkest hour couldn't bare the pain and tried to end it all by leaping off a building.

But fate wasn't done with him, unknown to him a pair of scientists were researching doorways into other worlds and through an accident he had slipped through one into the Watchtower of the Justice League. It wasn't the best of first impressions but over time the League became his friends and helped him to make a new life for himself on this new Earth. Peter had joined the League when he was up to it and now he was a respected hero with friends for support and that's not all.

During his time here he managed to find love again in his close friend and roommate Kara Kent also known by her alien name as Kara Zor-el but known to Earth as Supergirl.

It was early in the morning and Peter was crashed out in his bed, he still had on the bottom half of his Spider-Man uniform as he had a late night and got to bed feeling so tired he just collapsed onto it. His room held a large bed with a dresser and closet with a work bench to one corner of the room. He liked to use it for studying and working on a few things. There was a spare set of webshooters still being worked on it as well.

Peter was blissfully asleep and was so deep asleep that he didn't notice the door to the spared bathroom opening up. In walked in a beautiful young teen his own age with golden hair and blue eyes. Kara yawned as her alarm had woken her up and she came to see if Peter was awake. She didn't know what time he got back home but she knew it had to be late and if he wasn't going to be late for classes he needed to get up. She was wearing a pink two piece pyjamas as she looked at the bed.

She sighed and shook her head she should have known that he would still be asleep. She walked over to him and for a moment smiled he looked so cute when he was asleep and the fact that he was shirtless was nice to her as well. She could see his strong yet slim build and also a few of the old scars that she knew he had over the rest of his body as well from years of injuries.

"Come on Peter wake up," She said shaking him gently. He muttered something about five more minutes and then turned over going back to sleep. Kara placed her hands on her hips and pursed her lips wondering how to wake him up. She had a few ideas and then a mischievous grin slowly worked its way onto her face. "Okay you asked for is Spider Boy."

With her strength she easily picked Peter up and started to carry him, right into the bathroom. The bathroom was nice and large with a large tub with jet streams and a good size shower. She had to admit given that this place originally belonged to Bruce Wayne who gave it to them since he never used it, he had really gone out when he had this place done. Kara and Peter had to admit they were lucky that he gave it to them but then again he was their friend after all.

Peter was a bit groggy as Kara placed him inside of the shower and was slowly waking up, when the cold water blasted him he jumped with a cry of shock. He looked around to see a laughing Kara just outside of the clear class door. "Kara!"

"I'm sorry but I tried to wake you nicely but you weren't waking up. Besides you need a shower anyway and this should also teach you not to stay out so late when we got school the next morning." She said between laughs.

Peter gave her a glare as he quickly changed the temperature with one hand but then he got a little idea for revenge himself. As she was still lost in a fit of giggles he quickly reached out and grabbed her arm gently and pulled her in. She gave a shriek of surprise and outrage as she got wet as well, "Peter!"

Now it was his tern to laugh as he wrapped his arms around her waist. "Fair is fair Kara, besides you haven't showered yet anyway ."

She pouted her lips as she felt the water soak her down, "Yeah well what do you want to do then? Wash each other's backsides you know where that would lead to and last time we did that we nearly got late and I had to fly us both to NYU at super speed."

He leaned in whispering into her ear, "Well last time we took our time and can you blame me? Having a beautiful and wet woman in my arms as we're washing each other well how can any guy resist that?" He started to place gentle kisses on her neck as his arms traveled along her sides. She felt a shiver run up her spine and it wasn't from the cold but his actions.

"Damn it that's not fair," She said as her own hands worked up his naked back. "You know I'm sensitive there." She liked how he would slowly kiss her neck she didn't know why she just did.

"Well since I'm the only one that knows that the mighty Supergirl has a few other weaknesses other then magic and kryptonite might as well use them to my advantage." He said as he then kissed her lips and she moaned slightly as she responded.

"Damn it," She said under her breath feeling herself getting warmer. "Okay I give for now but just a quick one okay? I don't want to be late again."

He smiled at her as she helped her out of her clothing as she did the same, they threw their wet clothing out of the shower as the steamy water covered them as they enjoyed each other in the early morning as young lovers only could.

-Cadmus Facility-

In one of the many large facilities a powerful woman named Amanda Waller walked down the halls. Although slightly short and overweight and having no super powers she was a woman not to take lightly. She ran Project Cadmus like one of the world's best generals and she kept a tight lease on everyone there. The dark skinned woman always wore a power suit and her closely cropped to her head, she gave off an all business look and her demeanour spoke volumes to anyone that looked at her.

Currently she was going to a meeting in the large metallic facility, her high heels echoing off the metal floor as she made her way to meet up with Professor Hamilton who was looking over a new experiment. The new project named Genesis was going well and she had to admit that new member Doctor Otto Octavius was working out well, although she still kept him under close observation.

She didn't trust that man he was a criminal after all but he was a smart one that she needed. She came up to the security room and pressed in her personal security code. The large metal doors opened up and she walked into a large room filled with computers and tables with genetic equipment. There looking through a monitor was Hamilton as he was stroking his goatee.

"Professor how is Project Genesis coming along?" She more demanded then asked of him.

The Professor was always nervous around the woman mainly because he knew just how dangerous she really was. He steadied himself as he prepared his report, "We're ahead of schedule Miss Waller, thanks to the insights of Doctor Octavius we learned much."

He pressed a button and the monitors changed to various holding tanks were strange forms were growing. "With the DNA we collected we have been able to create and in some cases modify the coding. With accelerated growth the first patch should be ready soon."

"The first one was easy as Octavius has plenty of experience with that DNA so he was easy to do thankfully since DNA that is mixed in with animal DNA is hard to manipulate without there being problems. The aliens are doing well, the female alien Thanagarian DNA is working out well although we're running into problems with the Kryptonian. As you know Galatea was a fluke, as you know with Luthor's experiments making Bizzarro the only living Superman clone."

"Have you managed to make the Galatea backups?" She asked him.

"Well we've stopped trying to reclone Supergirl with her own DNA and we're using Galatea's since she's stable. With her we're getting better results but since we're cloning a clone we have to be careful. She has no idea that she is being cloned in case she goes rogue and has to be stopped and replaced."

Hamilton knew that Galatea saw her as a father figure but truthfully he was scared of her if she was unstable she could easily kill him, ever since that day with Superman he could never see these people as safe. They all were dangerous and needed to be checked or else who was to say what could happen? Like when those Justice Lords showed up for a second time it was only further proof of what could happen.

"The other one well...We had to splice in the human DNA for it to work but it's showing progress but we've had to slow down the development to make him stable."

Amanda went to the monitor looking at the tanks. "And how is our 'Frankenstein' project?"

"Ah yes him..." The Professor rubbed his tired eyes. "It's been proving difficult we've never tried anything like this before. At least with the Ultimen we had basic success with them and their powers but as you know they were too unstable."

Sadly those teens were no longer alive they had died some time ago with the exception of Longshadow who was now with the League. Apparently they were able to find a way to cure his genetic condition and although Waller knew of it the Ultimen proved to be too unstable and untrustworthy so they were terminated. They still had their genetic codes as backup just in case but now they were moving on with a new direction as with the new help and insights their cloning technology was now better then ever.

"So far he's growing well although as you know we've had several failures," He told her as he pulled up the data. "I do warn you that I think we should terminate this one and keep trying, there was a slight problem with the start but even though we've managed to stop it the genetic code might have been damaged in some way. This could lead to anything from birth defects to even mental disabilities."

Waller looked at the floating figure in the tank on the large screen and the data surrounding it. "I don't see any physical problems but if there is and only if there is any evidence of genetic anomalies you will terminate this and try again. But I warn you Professor this is an expensive and very long process I don't want you jumping any guns."

He nodded his head in understanding and watched as she looked over the figure again on the screen it wasn't totally formed yet but you could see a humanoid figure slowly growing. "And how is the Guardian Project working out?"

Hamilton was eager to change the subject as he brought up various images and profiles. "We've finally reached a conclusion on who to use. This is James Jacob "Jim" Harper," and image of an elderly man appeared as well as various other ones. There was him only younger in a police uniform that was now out of date as well as him even younger doing gymnastics. There were various records even one from the second world war as well.

"This man was a great athlete in his day excelling in gymnastics and later joined up with the army in the second world war, as you can see he has a very good record and has seen battle. He also led a type of 'neighbourhood watch' program if you will mainly he and a group kept the peace in the rundown ghetto Metropolis called 'Suicide Slums' and actually did a fair job of it. Later on he joined the police and had a great career."

"Although now an old man he would be perfect for the Guardian Project, with cloning him a new body and even enhancing it we can put his mind into that new body and give him a new lease on life."

Waller looked through the data and she had to admit after all the thousands of people they looked at this was the most promising. The military background would go over well with the General as he would enjoy that and that also meant this man knew a thing about following orders and discipline as well. Qualities that she insisted that they look for, and the natural physical abilities would help with the clone body. Then there was some need to do good in the world, with a few choice words and with her applying her usual persuasive abilities she could make him see Cadmus as the right choice.

After all their primary mission was to safeguard the world and just by looking at this she could tell that that a man like this wouldn't be able to just sit back and let death take him. If there was a chance at a new life he would jump at it. Looking through it some more she found that he had no surviving relatives which would only make her offer even better a man with no family of his own had regrets and the wish to go back and change things.

"I agree," Waller finally said as she closed down the window on the screen. "Give me a full report on this man and I'll get in touch with him myself. I think we may have found the leader for the little team we're putting together."


In another part of the complex along in a large lab that was filled with equipment most scientists would sell their soul for was a built man with dark shades covering his eyes and shortly cut brown hair. This was Otto Octavius also known to at least two worlds as Doctor Octopus. He too had been pulled into this world only he had been fortunate to be pulled into the lab of the two scientists that had pulled him to this world. He had spent time with them learning their secrets and in the end to protect himself he had to get rid of the two of them and make it look like they had died in an accident.

During his time in this world he had come up with a plan that had nearly destroyed the League and had almost ended his feud with Peter Parker with his death but once again he had gotten out of it. And he had lost his precious metallic arms once again. He sighed as he thought about them, for a time he had controlled those arms and anything metal with a power he gained in that accident that he had kept secret for a long time.

But after his defeat at the hands of Peter and that female clone he made of him named Jessice Drew he had been turned over to SHIELD and Fury had placed a device in his brain that stopped those powers. He did find that he could still use that small chip in his brain to link a new set of arms to his mind. With that he could recreate his abilities with his metallic arms and they were apart of him like real flesh and blood limbs. But when he had been defeated that dark haired girl named Wonder Girl broke his arms and they were taken from him.

But oh what irony fate can play, just when he was contemplating his own escape from prison Waller showed up and offered him a job. He knew that she didn't trust him but she also needed him, he had been working on their cloning experiments as he himself had similar program once under the CIA. Now he was back in government work making clones, the irony of how he had come full circle made him laugh at times. But here he was once more on 'the side of the angels' as it were, and he had to admit these people made his time in the CIA look like a joke.

They had technology here that even SHIELD would want if they could and they didn't debate the 'ethics' of their research or the use of them either which untied his hands greatly. Although he was no fool, they didn't let him out of the facility for starters, oh they said it was for security reasons but he knew they didn't trust him out in the world and they would be right after all. He also knew that the cameras in this place were always looking at him at some point just to be sure he was where he was supposed to be but he would live with that. He got to continue his work, his genius and it was all worth it, plus there was the fact that his helping Cadmus would make life harder for those in the League and even Spider-Man as well.

It was one of the perks to this, he can help make his life miserable and still not be touched by the law. It was also added incentive for him to help in making that little team of theirs. He made a request himself for a personal clone of his own making to be put onto that team and in a way he wished he could see Peter's face when he realized who or maybe what he was fighting. Of course Peter would see if he was in jail given and then find out he wasn't but there was nothing Parker could do to touch him. Hell he wouldn't even be able to find this place and all he had to do was sit back and enjoy the show.

Oh how glorious it will be, of course he wasn't a fool either. He knew that as soon as his usefulness was over with it was back to that dark hole of a cell that he had been put into. Well he wasn't having any of that, he had plans of his own and it was time to see who was the more cleaver. Himself or Waller and in the end one of them would be victorious while the other was crushed under the foot of the other. It made Otto smile a bit finding someone with the intelligence to go head to head with him was a challenge of a lifetime and he knew Waller wouldn't disappoint him.

He looked at the camera and gave a nod and a small wave he knew that Waller would see that image eventually and he wanted a silent message to pass between them. 'Let the games begin.' He thought to himself as he went back to work after all he still had work to do besides his own little plans.

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