Hidden behind Emerald eyes

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Part 1, Chapter 1 Life now that he is gone

Sakura's P.O.V. ------

Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno.. well at least for a few more weeks. Since my best friend, Sasuke Uchiha has betrayed this village, I was left all alone with nothing at all really. I had liked, even loved Sasuke. He was my role model! Everything he did, I followed, and everything I did, he followed. We were in it together. But he had to leave for that bastard Orochimaru! So now, I live a screwed up life in Konoha, and nothing seems to be the same.

My boyfriend.. I mean my fiance, Miroku Kurusaki, has pretty much taken over everything I once loved! I am only 16, yet he has me acting as a 30 year old! I am not allowed to attend ninja training, associate with male shinobi, take part in activities, even leave the house! I'm pretty sure this is what you call hostage! I hate every moment of it! But there is a diffrence in the winds, I can tell somebody is coming. I wonder who.

Ending Sakura's P.O.V.------

Sakura walked to the living room to find Miroku sitting on the couch, ready to leave for his training.

"When am I going to get to be like the other normal people in the city?" asked Sakura.

"As soon as you learn to never speak to me like that again!" Miroku snapped.

"Well, then I guess I'll be waiting forever!" With those words, Miroku slapped her across the face, leaving a huge red mark on her left cheek.

"Well, it will be worse next time you talk to me like that!"

Sakura mumbled the word 'bastard' to herself.

"What was that dear?" he asked angrily.

"What was what?"

"Get over it!"

Miroku walked out the door, slamming it shut.

Sakura fell onto the couch crying. She did not like to cry in fron of Miroku, because it always seemed to make matters worse. Of course she did not want to marry Miroku, but she was threatened if she did not do what Miroku pleased.

She layed on the couch staring at the ceiling, wondering what would happen if she had never met Miroku.. It would probably be the exact opposite of what is was now. She wished that she had never met him, oh, had she wished it!

It would be wonderful, she would have never passed up the oppurtunity to train with Tsundai! She would live a succesful life and actually know what was going on in her friends lives. She might have found Sasuke, and they would be friends again. The thought of all this made her want to die, but she thought it would make matters worse if she tried that.

Her life pretty much died that one tragic day...

Begin Flashback------

"Sakura! Hello, Sakura?" screamed Naruto.

"What?!?!" she said just realizing she had fallen asleep.

"We're going out for ramen, want to join us?"

"Nah, I'd better head home."

"Ok, see you tomorrow then!" he said waving goodbye.

She started to walk home, but noticed a figure kneeling on the sidewalk, with a red puddle around him. She ran over to him.

"Sir, are you okay? Whould you like me to take you to the hospital?" she asked frantically.

"No, I'm fine! But, you can help me with one thing." he said.


"Be mine!!" he reached out grabbing her neck and knocked her out. He brought her back to his house.

End Flashback------

Ever since then, she has not left his house. This happened about 3 years ago, a year after Sasuke's dissappearance. She always wished she could go back to that day, but well, what's done is done! She had to finish her life in this endless pit of fate, fate that could never change. Well, at least not yet!

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