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Beast boy awoke feeling better than he had in a long time. It was of course natural, as whenever winter hit he was often lethargic and slept through most of the day, probably a side-affect of having animal DNA.

But now he felt energized, and decided to burn off some of his newfound energy by quickly jumping out of bed and running down the main hall for some breakfast. As he neared the door to the common room, he caught a whiff of something…good.

Deciding that he'd find out what created the tantalizing aroma, he opened the door.

(Raven's POV)

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos."

Raven was, as per usual, getting in her hour of morning meditation, having realized that early in the morning there was no one to interrupt her. While her empathic abilities were heightened during this morning exercise, the same could not be said for her other senses, which were often dampened. Such was the reason why she barely heard the door to the common room open, although she sensed that it was Beast boy who had entered. Had she been fully aware she might have deemed this odd, as even when it wasn't winter he was almost always the last titan to arrive for breakfast.

That thought however, was lost as even her dampened senses picked up that Beast boy was staring at her. Not a second later, a sudden shock prematurely ended her meditation and sent her sprawling to the floor. Adding to the chaos was a sudden surge of all her emotions, with anger in the forefront at being thrown to the floor, causing her to emit an irritated growl.

She knew it came from Beast boy. But as she turned around to confront him…he was gone.

(Beast boy's POV)

Beast boy sat in his room while having a mild panic attack.

He couldn't understand it! He had entered the common room to discover that he and Raven were the only ones currently up, which was weird, because he usually awoke around 12:30, and the clock above the refrigerator had read 6:17.

But he'd dismissed it as a result of his newfound energy, and turned towards Raven to bid her good morning….


She was meditating with her back to him, probably having figured that looking out the window with the beautiful view and serene atmosphere would enhance her focus. From the look of her relaxed posture, it seemed to have worked.

Giving himself the equivalent of a mental shrug, he decided it was time for breakfast. There was only one small problem with that plan, mainly…

He was frozen in place and his eyes were glued on Raven.

That delicious smell from earlier filled his senses. It smelled like…Raven. That was the only way to describe it; it was the tantalizing scent of Raven. Thoughts of her filled every fiber of his being, her stunning eyes, her intelligence and wisdom, her cold, sarcastic shell that he was sure hid a beautiful pearl just waiting to be discovered……

In his now befuddled mind, he was vaguely aware of a little voice asking what the hell was going on, and telling him to stop thinking and staring at Raven. At the moment, that was impossible as he began to imagine what it would be like to hold her, kiss her, to feel her delicate skin under his finger tips…


And with a jolt following the mental shout, the euphoria ended, and left in its place a sweating, blushing, and greatly confused Beast boy.

He came to his senses in time to see Raven fall to the floor and growl in irritation, sending him into a panic. Had she heard his thoughts with her powers?

Deciding he didn't want to be around if she had, he ran to his room and prayed to God that his heart would stop racing.

(end flashback)

What the hell was happening to him? He could still feel the traces of whatever struck him. His face still had a red hue to it in addition to a thin layer of sweat, and a few thoughts of Raven still flittered through his mind.

He could already tell this was going to be a long day. But what had caused him to react that way when seeing Raven? He saw her almost everyday and nothing happened. What had changed?

While he was pondering a calendar on the wall caught his eye…

"Oh no…" he whispered desperately. "Oh no, no, no! Not now! Oh God please not now!"

(Up in Heaven)

"Oh sovereign Lord?"

"Whatever it is Matt be quick about it, I'm in the middle of something important."

"Well sir" Matthew started hesitantly, "You erm… seem to have made a little mistake. You know Garfield Logan and his 'condition' right?"

God shot the saint an indignant look "Of course I know him, I created him you fool! What my son saw in you I'll never know."

"Err yes, well sir, he wasn't scheduled to go through 'that' time until he could handle all the problems it will cause."

"Your point?"

"That was supposed to happen sometime next January, when he was in a hibernation like state and it wouldn't affect him as much."

"Matthew" the Lord's voice held an accusative tone, "are you insinuating that I, the all powerful all knowing God, made a mistake?"

"Of course not!" he gasped. "I was just wondering why you chose to have it happen now…."

"Worry not Matthew, your doubt is forgiven. But know this, by having him go through it now, two of my children will find the happiness they so rightly deserve sooner than previously planned. As you know, their pasts were not the most pleasant, to say the least."

The saint nodded solemnly and excused himself.

"Now back to my thoughts. Why did I create the platypus? And why didn't I make the number after ten onety-one?"…

(back with Beast boy)

'It' was the one thing that he prayed would never happen despite Mento's warnings. 'It' was a side-effect of owning animal DNA, one that he prayed with every fiber of his being would not awaken.

Now to prevent the frustration of anyone who has not yet figured out what 'it' is, (although the fic title should give it away) I will now proceed to tell you what 'it' is. Simply put, it is…

His Mating Season.

I don't know how much of a hit this will be, but I'm really looking forward to writing this. And just to be clear, that little exchange between God and Matthew was not meant to offend/insult anybody. I don't think it'd be taken that way, but better safe than sorry. After all, God must appreciate humor or else there would be no such thing neh? I'm also sorry that there are A LOT of ruler thingies. This was kind of just an introduction to... well... introduce it :) There definitely won't be that many in the next chapters. Till then!

12/24/07- reedited because I reread this chapter and didn't like how it flowed. I think this is a good bit better. Still couldn't think of a good way to get rid of all the rulers, so I'm afraid they'll have to stay until I can figure something out.