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Ch. 19: Reunion: Team Chaotix! The Rise of Golden Charmy!

My eyes fluttered open. A feeling of euphoria overwhelmed me to shut my eyes again. I felt extremely light. Managing to sit up, I noticed my wounds were gone and was totally alone in a dark place. There was a bright light and something was coming out of it. I shielded my eyes since the figure was raising its arm towards me. Or was it his weapon? I couldn't really tell.

"Charmy Bee." He spoke in this deep voice, coated with an unfamilar accent. He poked at me with his finger. A bone finger that is. "I am the Grim Reaper."

I stared in absolute horror at him. Was it really my time? I was dead after all, but where would I go? "No, I don't wanna!" I screamed starting to fly away.

The Grim Reaper suddenly appeared in front of me. Looking aggrivated, he grabbed me by my wings, muttering something about my chances of getting in a Purgatory. I growled at him, ordering him to put me down.

"You are as bad as the ninja girl," he snapped.

"Tomo! Where is she?" I demanded.

"Not sure. I think she's with Vector and Espio."

Froze. Vector and Espio? They were here? I could see them? I stared up at him in utter shock. My eyes dilated, struggling out of his grasp. I stared at my feet, wondering if Vector and Espio knew what I had become: a Babylon Rogue, no longer a Chaotix.

The Grim Reaper gestured for me to follow him. "I won't take you anywhere yet, but the Chaotix requested to see you before their time here expires."

"You mean they knew I was gonna die?" I shouted, absolutely in shock.

"They knew once they got here. Espio is a smart one, but Vector cracked the code first."


"Figure of speech."

The skeleton and I went towards the light and walked into it. The light transported us to a room similar to the living room at the Chaotix Detective Agency. A crocodile was sitting on the couch while two purple chameleons bickered over something. In front of them was a screen with our names on it. The Grim Reaper whistled, gaing their attention.

The green crocodile leaped to his feet. "Charmy! It's me, Vector!"

Dashing over, I gave Vector the mightiest hug I could give. Tears streamed down my face. I thought I would never see them again! My comrades! My friends! My family! But all ripped away. Vector was crying, too, fearing that this was the last time he could see me.

"I-I thought I-I would nev-never see you again, Vector," I whimpered as we pulled away. I was still crying.

Espio approached us, patting me on the head. "Good job getting here. Got yourself killed."

"Hey!" I smirked, but Espio did as well. I hugged him as well.

Tomo sighed. "Idiots."

Espio glared at his older sister. Bluntly, he ignored her and looked away. Tomo waltzed over, placing her arm on Espio's shoulder. She was taller than him by an inch at least. He snarled at her, glaring at her. Drawing his large shuriken, Tomo retalited with her sword as they clashed.

Vector sighed, grabbing them by their coiled tails. They cried in outrage, demanding that Vector release them. Vector was happy to oblige, letting them drop on their faces. Needless to say, I laughed.

"No need for that," Espio seethed, brushing himself off.

"Well, quit fighting!" Vector ordered. "Or I'll eat both of you right now." He licked his chops, making them cringe with fear.

"Getting eaten ain't a good idea," I thought, sniggering at the chameleon sibling's fear.

The Grim Reaper ordered Vector and Espio to inform Tomo and I on the Rodrigo situation before leaving. "You have ten minutes," he added, leaving in the light.

"Ten minutes?" Tomo questioned, glancing at me.

"To see each other, one last time," Espio replied, misery coating his voice.

"What!" I shouted surprised. "That's the stupidest thing ever!"

Vector shrugged. "Sorry, but it is the only way. Also, we've got to tell you somethin' about the Babylon Rogues' history of how they came to Mobius."

Tomo and I stared at Vector. We looked at each other in shock. Tomo always speculated Bean was hiding something from Team Dynamite, and when asked about his past, Bean would clam up and stalk to his room. Storm wasn't really informative on how the Babylon Rogues started either. Perhaps this was a blessing in disguise.

Espio looked at the ground, holding out a scroll. He began to unravel, but stopped when Tomo held up her sword in defense. He snatched it, chucking it aside. She growled at him. His eyes were stone hard, like usual. Tomo instantly shut up, somehow. Finally, he was able to unravel the scroll.

Vector started to read. "From what it says here, Rodrigo is actually a comrade of Stolen."

"Huh? But that's impossible! Stolen was the fourteenth leader! Jet is the eighteenth leader! Four generations apart can't be a good sign," I concluded.

Vector smiled down upon me. He rubbed my head, just like the golden days. Golden...I like that word. For some reason, golden always described it Espio's speculations. The crocodile nodded at my words.

"Charmy's has a point," Espio interpoded, taking me out of my thoughts. Espio never really complimented me. Weird. "but perhaps something was keeping him connected to this world."

"Correct. Rodrigo was connected to the Arks of the Cosmos. From what the scroll says, he attempted to assassinate the weilder of the Arks at the time, Stolen the Hawk. However, the demonic crow's attempt was foiled before he got the chance by Stolen and his comrades, Storm's and Wave's ancestors. They fought, setting off the full powers of the Arks of the Cosmos. They crash-landed on Mobius."

"So...they are aliens? Bean's an alien?" Tomo pondered, looking horrified. She slumped to her knees, suddenly too much to bear.

Espio knelt down to her, rubbing her back in gentle circles. "Sister, everything will be okay."

"...You sure, little brother?"


It was calming to see them like this. The Espio and Tomo I knew despised each other to no end, but this was completely different. The chameleons hugged each other, crying on each other's shoulders. It was inspiring. At times, I wished I had a sibling to talk with. Or at least a cousin. Jet and Bean should act more like Espio and Tomo. Death brings families apart, but both deaths bring them together again.

Tomo pulled herself away, suddenly embarassed. Espio blushed as well, rubbing his shoulder in awkwardness. The ninjas stood up, poised as always.

"Charmy, how have you been?" Vector asked.

"I'm fine. I met Storm."

"Storm the Albatross? Man, it has been years since I last heard that name! How's he been?"

"Storm got an almost girlfriend! She's a panda named Kiba!"

Vector frowned at that. "Hmph! No fair!"

"You are so selfish, Vector," Espio quipped.

"Shut up!"

Of course, they started to fight. Vector smacked Espio face into the floor, and Espio wrapped his hands around Vector's neck, trying to strangle him. Um, yeah, but they're already dead. Can't re-kill each other!

I noticed that a light gleamed back from the way I came in. My eyes darted over to it, nearly blinding me. We all shielded our eyes as the Grim Reaper appeared. In his hands was a scythe. I flinched, remembering Rodrigo's scythe. I am sure Tomo remembers well.

"Time's up," the skeleton stated with little emotion. "Choose your two."

"Two? For what?" Tomo asked.

"Going back to life."

Tomo and I gasped in shock, staring at the Grim Reaper like he just performed a magical deed. Espio looked away, closing his eyes. Vector crossed his arms, looking away. Tomo looked at her cousin.

"Espio, what does this mean?" she asked, not getting the message.

"It means...Vector and I decided to have you two go back to life," he explained. Before Tomo and I could object, Espio continued without stopping. "Team Dynamite still needs you Tomo. If you saw how hard Nack cried over you, well, you'd understand. And Charmy, Charmy..." He stopped, not wanting to say anymore.

Vector knelt down to my height, smiling his trademarked crooked smile. "The Babylon Rogues need your help. Alot of people do, kid. Only you can decide your destiny. Do you want to continue or let me or Espio live?"

I hugged him tightly, whispering. "I've chosen to continue, Guy-sensei."

"Good decision, Rock Lee." He hugged me back.

I walked over to Espio and hugged him as he did to me. Espio was miserable, I could tell. He gave me a red kunai knife for good luck.

"Well, I guess this is it," he muttered, patting my head.

"Yeah, later guys."

"Espio!" Tomo shouted seconds before we entered the light. She trembled, her whole body heaving. She gulped. "Don't think you are off the hook yet. When I die again, you and me are gonna have a fight to prove who is the better ninja."

"Of course," Espio jeered, laughing.

Tomo wiped her eyes, storming in front of the Grim Reaper and me. I looked over my shoulder at Vector and Espio, waving. They waved back, smiling and calling out their farewells. Their final words to me. I flew off into the darkness, smiling brightly.

"Did you have fun?" the Grim Reaper asked, sounding somewhat interested.

"Huh? Yeah!"

"Good. Last thing." The Grim Reaper grabbed my forehead and charged me with some untapped power. I screamed and fell backwards. Tomo cried out my name, but was quiet after a few seconds.

When I woke up, I breathed a sharp breathe. I flew up to my feet, wondering what was going on. Somehow, Sonic turned super, along with...Jet?! He was known as Galaxy Jet. I smirked, flying up. I felt power flowing through me. I examined my new body through the kunai knife Espio gave me. My black fur changed into a bright yellow; my amber eyes to an icy blue; my stinger grew longer and sharper, and the honeybee badge I wore changed into a shield. The kunai knife Espio gave me transformed into a sword, surprising me. It was pretty heavy for someone my size, but with this unlocked power, it's just...incredible.

Sonic and Jet stared at me for a few seconds, as did Rodrigo. A simultoneous, "What the heck?!" endorsed around me with Rodrigo saying a really bad word. Jet pointed a shaky finger at me, murmuring a few words. Rodrigo smirked.

"Guess you were strong, whelp. Not anymore. I'm invinicible!"

I slashed my sword at him, creating a large cut on his forehead. "Not so much."

The others gathered below me. Bark was steadying Bean to his feet. Cream looked like she had seen a ghost. Storm grabbed Kiba's hand, dragging her to her feet. She stumbled into him, blushing.

"Is that Charmy?" Tails asked, hiding behind Knuckles slightly.

Hearing his question, I looked down at him, smiling warmly. "Nope. Golden Charmy."

"Nice name," Sonic complimented.


"Let's finish this creep off before any real damage is done," Jet proclaimed, getting into a fighting position.

Rodrigo growled and charged at Super Sonic. Sonic flew up and grabbed Rodrigo by his leg and spindashed into him. Rodrigo finched, falling towards the ground. Jet went after him. The hawk grabbed his leg and slammed both of his fists into his beak. I went in next. I made my shield shrink back into a badge before I attacked. I raised my sword, letting energy flood into it. However, it made my color dim! And that sucked!

Rodrigo used the power of the Ark on his ankle to blast Jet into Sonic with the force of gravity. I barely managed to dodge, but my helmet got sucked away. Of course, my helmet is my most prized possession. Vector gave it to me when I was just a little toddler. No one ever got away with harming my favorite thing and got away with it. Okay, maybe Espio did, but he's Espio. A ninja who could kill me in seconds.

The crow flew at me at amazing speeds. Without warning, he pulled out that scythe. I barely had seconds to pary with my sword. The scythe was suddenly amplified with gravity and blasted me away. I crashed into the ground, wincing in pain.

"Come on, kid!" Nack shouted. "You promised me you'd beat this guy, and you will!"

"That's right, I made a promise." I got up slowly as I thought. "If I lose, than my lose would be great. Vector or Espio should've came back to life, not me! But they couldn't do this. Vector told me only I could control my destiny, and I choose to live! I can do this!"

"I'll defeat you, Rodrigo," I bellowed, raising my sword at him. "For the ones you killed."

Rodrigo snickered. "Oh, really? How?"

I pointed at his right wrist. "Being a thief comes in handy."

I stole his right wrist Ark of the Cosmos when we collided with our weapons. Heh, I feel so giddy I can hardly contain myself! I placed it around my own wrist, hearing it make a clicking sound. I wondered if I would turn into that evil creature like how Jet turned into Shadow Jet. "Shadow Charmy" just doesn't fit.

"Just like me!" I heard Jet say, rubbing his chest feathers.

"If he was like you, the whole world would be destroyed," Sonic commented.

"Shut up, furball!" Jet screeched, leaping onto Sonic. Of course, they fight while I try to save everyone...

Bark shook his head. "Nerve of some people."

"I agree," Amy said, nodding her head. "but Sonic is so adorable when super!"

Seriously, does she ever realize the potential danger she's in? No wonder that lovestruck hedgehog gets captured by Eggman all the time.

Rodrigo's muscles twitched. His right arm seemped to lessen in color, than turn back into a vivid black. We both gasped. I figured it out: getting the Arks of the Cosmos away from him would drain all of his power. It was so simple, yet hard to accomplish. He wouldn't be that stupid, would he to let me steal his Arks?

"If I got one than I may be able to get the other ones." My mind raced with proposals of ideas, but all came to short when Rodrigo flew towards me, slightly slower than usual.

I smirked, realizing I had the advantage. I dodged left and right as Rodrigo swung his scythe rapidly. He was using his left arm, making me realize he was left handed. I paried with my sword, easily knocking him backwards. Blood was gushing down his forehead from the slice I gave him previously. I spun over him and stabbed him with my stinger multiple times. Finally, I was able to pin him down. Rage got the better of me. What I did was something that a six-year-old would never do: I sliced Rodrigo's head off, taking the Master Ark with it.

"OH, CRAP!" I screamed, flying away.

"Whooo!" a voice from behind us shouted. We all turned around. Tomo stood there, making a visor with her hand. "Not bad, kid."

"Tomo's alive!" each Dynamite member shouted in shock.


Nack raced over to her and hugged her tightly, making sure his head was between those things on her chest. Seriously, what's the big deal about that butt on her chest? Okay, it might be soft, but still! Who cares? Anyway, Nack was hugging her tightly, but his face was streaked with oncoming tears.

Tomo blushed, brushing Nack's head gently through his setston. "Um, Nack? I'm fine."

"You suck so hard." Nack pulled away, adjusting his hat.

"How'd you two come back anyway?" Bean asked.

Tomo explained the whole story to everyone. Cream ran over and hugged me. The rabbit sobbed fervently, whimpering her apology for letting me die. I hugged her back, reverting to my normal form. The sword turned back into the red kunai Espio gave me. I guess the power that the Grim Reaper unlocked withen me finally came out. Boy, am I happy about that! Cue weird anime smiling face.

I smiled over at Tomo who gave me a peace sign. She returned to talking to her comrades about death's experiences. Which still kind of sucks.

Sonic and Jet turned back to normal. Wave hugged Jet tightly, kissing him, and Amy rushed over to her hero, tackling him to the ground. Cream released me, blushing as she wiped the last of her salty tears. Cheese came over and sat on her head. waving to me happily.

Storm ran over and wrapped me in his arms, suffocating me. "Man, kid! I am so proud of you, I can barely contain myself!"

"Air," I muttered weakly, face turning blue.

The albatross smiled, letting me go. Kiba hugged me, too, kissing my forehead.

"Such bravery can go unnoticed," she said, giving me my helmet.

Beaming with bliss, I snatched the helmet and placed it over my head. I noticed that Kiba was holding Storm's hand. Immediately, I made that "Oooh" sound they made when Cream hugged me at Eggman's place.

Without warning, Babylon Garden make to collapse around us. All the technology was being crushed under steel bars and other heavy objects. All of us dashed towards the exit on our Gears. Jet and Sonic turned back into the normal forms once they got out of Babylon Garden. Split seconds later as we landed on the roof top of MeteoTech, Babylon Garden was in ruins.

Jet stared on forlonely. "Well, I guess this world still has its charm."

"Yeah, sure does, Jet," Wave said, leaning against him.

"Guess we should make our own ways," Knuckles said, riding off on his Gear. "I'll tell Mighty and Ray you said 'hey', Charmy." With that, he and Team Sonic vanished into the setting sun.

Team Dynamite re-charged their own Gears. Bean gave Jet one final flip of his middle finger before they set off. However, Nack came back and forced me to open my palm. He reached into his holster and pulled out a pair of...blue and yellow headphones?

"I found Vector's old headphones from three years ago," he explained. "Thought you might like them."

"Thank you, Nack."

Nack shrugged. "Least I could do. Bye."

"Hurry up, slowass!" Bark shouted. "I'll get to get the Wii first when we got home!"

"Screw you, fatass!"

With that, they were gone as well. Haha, they said ass twice.

Kiba looked at the sun. "And this is how I lost my eye sight."

"Blindy," Wave coughed.

"Shut up!"

The boys and I laughed at Wave and Kiba as they started to scream and fight. Storm picked me up over his shoulders, worried that I was tired. I explained to them what happened when I died. Storm gasped when I mentioned Vector. Jet seemed cringe around the Grim Reaper parts. Maybe he was scared of death, too? Everyone is, no one wants to die.

And that's a fact.


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