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"Hmph…Filthy little urchins…" said a man with sleeked back hair and a scar across his face. He had his foot firmly planted on a small boy, pressing it into him little by little.

The little boy whimpered.

"Stop it!!!" the little boy's older brother shouted. He was being held back by the man's body guards. "We won't steal from you again! Just let us go!" The boys were homeless, no parents, all they had was each other, the older boy just couldn't bare losing his baby brother.

"Oh I don't think so…" the man said with a wicked grin. "You stole from me and now I'm going to steal from you…" with that the mans stepped down even harder.

The little boy cried out in pain.

The older boy glared. He then wriggled and managed to twist himself free. He then ran up to the man and slugged him hard in the stomach. When the man staggered back he reached down and helped his little brother up, they then ran away as fast as they could.

"Sir! Are you okay!?" asked one of his guards.

The man suddenly grinned. "Go after them, and bring them back…I have plans for those two…"

-10 Years Later…-

"There's one of the bastards! After him! Don't let him escape!"

Luffy ran as hard as he could. How could they have messed up so bad? Looking back behind him he saw his pursuers pull out guns.


Luffy fell helplessly from the rooftop.

"Luffy…!?" Ace said in shock.

"Ace? What happened?" spoke a voice from Ace's earpiece.

"I think Luffy's hurt!" Ace said with slight panic.

"Leave him."


"I said leave him!"

"I can't! He's my brother!" Ace protested.

Suddenly, more gunshots were heard.

Ace paled at the sound.

"It's too late for him…return now…or I'll kill you myself…"

Ace gave a sigh. "But what if Luffy's alive?"

""He should return on his own then…but if he's captured…..Then may God have mercy on his pathetic soul…I'll send you to kill him…"

Ace's eyes widened. "…………No…"

"Then you better hope he has been killed…Now return!"

Ace growled lowly and began to head off. 'Luffy…….please be alive…please just come back…'


Luffy held his side as he agonizingly walked down the damp alleyway. He gritted his teeth as he felt the pain throb. The pain made his vision blur and his head spin. Finally he couldn't go on any further, leaning against a near by dumpster he slowly slid to the ground. The pain throbbed even more. Finally, Luffy slowly passed out.

-The next day…-

Shanks was walking out of his apartment with a bag of trash. He headed down the alleyway, stopping at the dumpster he noticed some cardboard sloppily piled next to it. "Huh…?" Shanks blinked, there was something odd. Crouching down a little, his eyes widened at what he saw. A scrawny, bloody hand. To say that the red haired man freaked out, would be a terrible understatement, curses and shouts flew about in a wild flurry as he waved his arms about like a chicken that was set ablaze.


Shanks sat in the waiting room of the local hospital, he was still a little shaken by what he had saw.

Suddenly a doctor walked up to him.

"How's the kid?" Shanks asked anxiously.

The doctor gave a sigh. "He's fine now…but we had a hell of a time with him…He's awake now, but he doesn't seem to remember who he is…"

Shanks raised an eyebrow. "Amnesia?"

The doctor nodded. "He seems to have hit his head on something…he must've done that while running from who ever was shooting at him…"

Shanks then frowned. "Yeah…but who could've been shooting at him?"

"Don't know…He doesn't either…" The doctor said shaking his head. "He's awake right now if you want to talk to him…He's a nice enough kid…has one hell of an apatite…"

Although Shanks couldn't quite explain why, he now found himself sitting in a room with a lanky kid with messy black hair, big curious eyes, and the most confused look on his face. "Uh…hi…"

"……Hi…" The boy said, not quite making eye contact with Shanks, he looked like a little kid that was caught sneaking cookies from a cookie jar.

Shanks couldn't help but give a small laugh, for some reason the kid was just really cute.

The boy finally looked at him, even if only out of curiosity, it was a start none the less.

"…My name's Shanks." the red head said with a warm smile.

The boy began to feel more comfortable. "The doctor said that I have a bracelet with a name on it…they think it's mine…so I guess my name is Luffy…"

Shanks suddenly broke out into a laugh. "That's an odd name!"

Luffy pouted and gave a huff. "Well I like it…"

Shanks soon settled down. "Okay, okay, I'm sorry…" Shanks then glanced at the boy's wrist, he could see the bracelet, it was an odd looking thing, and looked like it couldn't be taken off very easily. But something about it did seem a little fimilar, but he couldn't quite place his finger on it.

Luffy couldn't help but smile around this man, for some reason, he just felt really happy. "Thanks for helping me…"

"No problem kid…" Shanks said with a laugh. "So…did they tell you when your family is coming for you?"

"……….No…They can't get a proper I.D. on me…since I don't know my full name…"

Shanks blinked. "Well 'Luffy' isn't a very common name…so it shouldn't be that hard…."

"That's what they said too…so they're going to put me in foster care…" Luffy looked worried as he said this.

Shanks couldn't really blame him, the kid had already been through hell.

-Later that week…-

Luffy watched in awe as the buildings passed by the car window.

Shanks had no idea what possessed him to offer to take care of the kid. He glanced over to the curious bundle of energy sitting next to him. 'It wouldn't be too long before they find this kid's family, right? And he shouldn't be much trouble…right?'


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