Chapter One: Bundle of Joy

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School Project Arc: 1/3

Song Playing: Baby Doll

Theme 76: Baby

"Come on, Hiruma-kun. Why don't you hold her for a while?" Mamori suggested from her standing position.

Hiruma sneered at the bundle in her arms with disgust etched into every pore. "I ain't holding that damn thing."

"She's not a thing. She's a girl. Besides don't you want to hold your daughter?" The manager asked with a smile on her face and an amused twinkle in her eye. The trio started walking down to the field. "After all, she's as much mine as she is yours."

"Like hell she is!"

Mamori shook her head. "Now, how could you say such cruel things? That's no way to talk in front of her. Why don't you pick out the name? Maybe that'll help you become more attached."

"How about I sit it up on the pole in the end zone and use it as target practice?"

"Don't mind daddy." She adjusted her hold. "He's always like that. Too much football on the brain."

"Don't call me that! I ain't that thing's anything." Hiruma stormed on and Mamori picked up her pace.

The manager's grin got wider as their conversation continued. Similarly the quarterback's frown got deeper. "You really shouldn't say such things and if you're trying to lose me you're going to have to walk a whole lot faster than that."

"Dammit! How'd I ever get stuck with a crazy partner like you?"

Mamori smiled as she glanced down at the plastic baby they had received in class. For some reason or another Hiruma seemed particularly irked about this project and she was having quite the time teasing him about it. She never realized how much fun it was to rifle the infamous quarterback's feathers. "Look Hiruma, I think she has your eyes."

"Fucking manager!"