Chapter Sixty Seven: Wheels Spinning Round and Round

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The Confrontation Arc 2/3

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Son of a fucking bitch.

Hiruma was completely unaware of time passing as he sat alone in the clubroom. His head was overhauling, cogs and gears overheating with how hard they were working. Contacts, failure rates, worst case scenarios were clashing in a battle royal. All of them vying for attention but no matter how hard he tried his mind just kept looping around in circles. Going around and around and always ending up at the same thought.

Son of a fucking bitch!

He had anticipated this outcome. He had braced himself for it. Hell, he had already drafted out backup plans for his backup plans. What he had failed to take into account was just how much he gave a damn. He was more emotionally invested in this than he had initially anticipated and that had thrown a monkey wrench into everything. Because once he had come face to face with the actual physical reality that fucking dreadlocks wasn't going to back off all his careful planning had gone right out the window.

For one terrible moment his mind had gone blank with rage. For one brief instant he wasn't in complete control or himself. Then he was back to his ever calculating self, but that split second was enough to scare him utterly shitless.


He wasn't even aware that he had stood up until the chair crashed to the floor, startling him out of his thoughts. Snapped out of his own head he was startled to find just how badly he was taking this. His breathing was shallow, his hands were no longer trigger steady, and his insides felt like icy knots. Panic, his heart racing as he realized what his body was trying to tell him. He was panicking. Fuck. This was not good. This was really really not good.

Righting his chair, he sat back down and forced himself to calm down. This was bad. All wrong. He took deep breaths through his nose until he was able to think properly. This was not the time for panic. This was a time for planning. This was a time for action. If Hiruma Youichi was nothing else then he was a man of action. He closed his eyes and began to pull information from his mental vault. Slowly, methodically he began to piece together all his available resources into an intricate multi-level system whose sole purpose was keeping that fucking dreadlocked bastard the hell away from Anezaki.

The next time he opened his eyes his hands were rock steady and his breathing was unwavering. He would not lose.

He had a main plan that was followed by contingency plans which were supported by emergency plans. He had the money and the resources to do this. Failure was not an option. By the end of this that rat nest haired bastard was going be on his knees wishing he hadn't messed with his manager. Even if Hiruma had to take a bat to the dread's knees himself.

A week later he was forced to concede to an undeniable ugly truth.

He was rapidly running out of options.