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Summary – It was supposed to be my secret. But I guess that's a problem when your best friend is a psychic.

I twirl a strand of hair around one finger. My earlier resolve of finding out once and for all what Raven wanted from me has faded into a faintly glimmering resolve to wait it out. After all, I have all summer and then some.

The midday sun shines down into my room, illuminating my face and I beam into the sunbeams. There is no way I could feel down on a beautiful day like today. Feeling brave, I pick up my cell phone and hit the one button, waiting for my speed dial to do its job.

"Hey Chels, what's up?" From the tone of Raven's voice, I can tell she's going to pretend last night never happened.

"Wanna get some lunch?" I'm willing to pretend, for now.

"Sure," She sounds hesitant, "Can I bring a friend?"

A friend. That sounds ominous, "A friend?"

"Yeah. You'll love him. He's a riot."

Oh. That kind of friend, "Sure."

"Great! Where should we meet you?"

"How about the sandwich place just down the street from your house?" I hope she can't hear the disappointment in my voice. It makes me wish I had chosen to date Kendra. Kendra's still an option, I tell myself.

"Okay. See you in ten." She hangs up quickly.

I stare at the background of my phone – a picture of me and her, probably taken by Eddie if my memory is right, standing in front of her house, smiling up a storm. It was obviously taken before Raven figured out my secret.

As I stroll through the sunshine, I take the necessary precautions. I'm about to meet Raven's new boyfriend and it wouldn't be right to break down in a sandwich shop. By the time I go inside, I have a bright smile plastered on my face.

"Chels, I hope you don't mind, but I ordered already. Got you a nice veggie foot long."

"Thanks!" I exclaim. At least she got my order right.

"Oh, before I start ramblin' on and all, Mike, this is Chelsea. Chelsea, this is Mike." Raven gestures to a handsome young man who's standing beside her.

"Nice to meet you," I shake his hand enthusiastically. I kind of wonder if Raven can see how fake my act is.

"Likewise." He's tall, well-built, with an easy smile and curly brown hair. I have no chance against him.

"So, Rae, where'd you find him?" I ask, taking a seat.

"My dad hired him at the Chill Grill as a summer employee." She explains, her smile widening, "I've been hangin' down there a lot lately and we just got to talking and all."

"Yeah, Rae's a great talker." They laugh together, sharing a moment.

"When did you two start dating?" The hurt in my voice is hidden behind a wall or two of well-positioned curiosity.

"Dating? Whoa, no thanks." He stammers and I raise my eye brows.

Raven's face brightens slightly and I begin to wonder if this wasn't some trap set up for me to fall into. Did she want to see what I'd do if she brought a boy between us?

"Yeah, Chels, chillax! Mike's battin' for the other team." She soothes.

"Wait, so you and Raven…"

"Just friends." He confirms.

"Yeah, I knew that." I blush horribly, "I was just… teasing. Yeah, just teasing you guys."

"Uh-huh." Raven smiles, "Well, I'll go get the sandwiches."

"So," Mike gazes at me, "How long?"

"How long what?"

"How long have you loved her?"

"Pffff, what?" I over exaggerate my words, "Love, no. She's just my friend."

"I'm not stupid." He elbows me softly, "And… she told me about your little fling with her."

I sink into my seat, completely embarrassed, "She did?"

"Yeah, and I think that she shouldn't have taken her mom's advice so seriously. I mean, what's the point of relationships if you don't take risks?"

"She knows I'm still waiting for her. As far as I'm concerned, the ball's in her court."

He drums his fingers on the table, "Want some friendly advice from your friendly neighborhood gay man?"

I shrug, "Sure."

"Kiss her. Make her see what she's missing by being silly."

My response is cut off by Raven's return. We all dig into our sandwiches and I think carefully about his advice. I completely agree with his words, too. Life is about taking risks and standing up for what you believe in. And right now I believe in making a relationship work with Raven.

"Mike, can you give us a moment?" I ask, eyeing him. He nods and smirks – clearly he knows what I'm up to. Grabbing his soft drink, he heads to another table.

"What's this about, Chelsea?" Raven questions. She's across the table, so I motion for her to come closer, feigning having a secret to tell. Falling for the ruse, she leans in and I kiss her.

At first I'm afraid that she's going to pull back and be disgusted, but after a few seconds, she settles in and returns the affection. A shudder of relief courses through me. As we part, my blush flares up again.


"Why are you sorry? I'm the one who told Mike to tell you to kiss me." Raven's grin suddenly seems ten times as sinister.

"You what?" My jaw falls open.

"Yeah, well, I was doin' some thinking and decided, what the heck. We only live once, right? And I can't stand hurting you. I figure, well, I want to try again. And really try this time."

"Pinch me." I command. If this is a dream, it's cruel and I want to wake up.

"Um, ok?" She pinches me gently and I wince slightly.

So this isn't a dream. But it's too good to be true.

"Why won't I wake up?"

"Chels, this isn't a dream. I'm serious. And I'm sorry for doing this to you. My mom didn't mean to hurt you, either, I'm sure."

"But what about our friendship?"

"Life changes, Chels, and it's up to us to change with it." Raven comes close again, planting a second kiss on my startled face.

"Rae, I would have waited until forever for you, you know?" I pant out.

"Good thing I caught you now, though," she tweaks my nose, "I don't even want to know what you'll look like after forever."

"Does this mean…" I can't finish my statement.


Mike sits back down, beaming, "Ah, two lovebirds. My work here is done."

Winking at me, Raven pats his back, "Yeah, it's all thanks to you, Mike."

He nods, puffing his chest out, "All in a day's work, of course."

We clean up our mess and head down the street, back to Raven's. Mike leaves us at the base of Raven's driveway, heading back to the Chill Grill. Before we get into the house, Raven's face distorts; she's having a vision.

"Raven! What happened?" I tug on her arm impatiently as she snaps out of it.

A sly smile sneaks across her face, "I won't tell you, but I'm sure looking forward to it."

Somehow, I'm fine with not knowing what comes next. After all, when your best friend's a psychic, you're almost better off not knowing. If it's meant to happen, it will.

We're standing in front of her front door and I trail my fingers along her jaw, pulling her face towards me, placing a loving kiss on her lips. The door swings open, a shutter clicks, and Raven hollers loudly. I nearly burst out laughing – I hope Raven wasn't hoping to keep us a secret this time.

But then again, secrets were meant to be told.