The Gifted One

Chapter 1- Prologue

There is a place in the Ghost Zone with a very tall castle with a giant clock on the front. The castle is known to the residents of the Ghost Zone as the Hall of Time. There is a room in the Hall of Time that is always locked. The contents of this room are known only to one being.

There is another room in the Hall of Time. This room is the main room. It contains a wall lined with identical medallions, a big circular device that allows you to view any person at any time, a giant clock, and a thermos. This is no ordinary thermos, though. It is silver, green, and it contains the world's most evil and powerful ghost inside.

Dan Phantom had been trapped in the Fenton Thermos. He had almost gotten himself out, when he realized he had no plan and therefore would be easy to catch. He was thinking of his master plan.

Let's see, how about I do what I do best, wreak havoc. Then, as long as those 5 get destroyed, everything will be perfect.

He ginned evilly at his work and broke out of the thermos and found his way into the human world. But he couldn't start his chaos right away; he had to wait for the perfect opportunity.