Chapter 9- Epilogue

Weeks had passed since Dan had attacked. Most of Amity Park was back to normal. Everyone was wondering who the strange cloaked girl was and where she came from. Most of them thought of that girl as Danny Phantom's sidekick, or as an ally.

Tucker, of course, was real curious of her identity, because he wanted to ask her out. What he didn't know was that she was already going out with someone. His name was Danny Fenton.

That's right. Sam and Danny were together at last. It was a dream come true for the two of them. Not only were they together, they were fighting ghosts side by side. Sam customized her cloak with a white SM, which stood for Sam Mystic, not Sam Manson. She also added interior pockets for the thermos and Fenton Phones.

I shouldn't tell them yet, let them enjoy there freedom for a while longer, they will know in due time. Someone was watching them. A purple ghost with a clock in his torso turned off the projector, after the face of Dark Dan appeared for a brief second.