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Chapter 15

A Whole New Life

As Raimundo held up the lamp, the voices of Jack and Snoopy could be heard from inside, arguing. Let's tune in, shall we?

"Get your smelly butt out of my face, you mutt!" Jack shouted angrily.

"OH, SHUT UP ALREADY, YOU LOSER!!!!" Snoopy retorted.

"Don't you tell me to shut up, you flea-infested mongrel!"

"Allow me, dude," Glowworm666 said with a smirk as she takes the lamp. She puts a baseball cap on and winds up her arm like a pitcher. "1500 years in the Cave of Wonders outta shape you up…" And with that, the teen finally let go and throws the lamp out into the desert, making the sound of fireworks go off as it lands.

Rai and his gang of street rats smirked at this as Dash yells, "And don't come back, ya' jerk!" Then, they see the princesses walk towards them and takes their hands.

"Kim, I'm sorry for lying to you about being a prince," Rai apologized.

"And we're sorry for tricking you guys, too," Danny added.

The girls and Stitch nodded their heads as Kimiko said, "I understand why you guys did it."

"Well," Sora sighed, knowing their secret is out, "see ya'." The genies looked with sympathy in their eyes as the royals gave them confused looks.

"The law," Angel said, seeing the confusion.

"Ohh! That stupid law!" Kimiko said while they turned their back to their lovers. "It's not fair!" Lilo pouted, crossing her arms. They sadly turned back to the boys and Angel. "We love you," Kairi said sadly.

"Psst. Rai! You still have that last wish from Double D," Glowworm reminded her friend.

"Yes, Raimundo," Edd started in his formal way, "you can wish for you and your comrades to be royals again and then you can marry your girlfriends/boyfriend." Violet handed their lamp over to Rai and gave him a warm smile.

"But…what about your freedom?" Danny asked.

"Hey, it's only a lifetime of servitude…but this is love!" Violet exclaimed, pushing the kids/aliens together. Edd smiled sadly and said, "Rai, you will never find a girl," here he pointed to Kimiko, "like this in a thousand years. I have Hero (Glowworm somewhat pouted), Glowworm has Tas (here she lightened up), and Violet will have someone special when Glowworm666 finds that special someone for her (Violet just rolled her eyes). They are all special people to us and these girls and this alien are the best things to come into your lives! So, don't worry about us! We'll be fine! Just follow your heart." Dojo sniffled, trying to hold back tears.

"What he said," the girls mumbled.

Raimundo thought for a while…and decided. "Kimiko, I'm sorry, but I've got to stop pretending to be someone I'm not."

"…I understand," Kimiko nodded.

"What Rai said," Dash said while the others nodded. The others rolled their eyes, but nodded sadly.

"Double D, for my last wish…I wish for you, Glowworm, and Violet's freedom!"

"Royalty coming…" Edd gasped when he heard what Rai said. The genie girls looked shocked as well.

"What?!" the genies exclaimed simultaneously.

Sora smiled and said, "Dudes…you're free!"

Suddenly, the lamp lifted up the three genies. The magical chains that bounded the three shattered into a million pieces. The gang began to grow legs and they were put back down with the lamp falling to the ground, useless. Glowworm666 looks stunned as she picks up the lamp and looks at it.

"We're free?" she asked, not believing her dream was finally coming true.

Violet then smiles and shouts happily, "We're free!"

Edd, not being able to control his calm self, grabbed Rai's hands and said, "Come on, wish for something crazy! Like the Flying Dutchman or…or…a giant gummi ship! Try that! Say, 'Double D, I wish for a giant gummi ship'!

"Uh, I wish for a giant gummi ship?" Rai asked, confused.

"No way, shorty!" the genies exclaimed maniacally as they began to dance around.

"What about me?" asked a voice. In all the hubbub, no body noticed Haku had changed his form. He was now a 15 year old boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a white shirt over a blue shirt, blue shorts and brown sandals.

"Haku!" Chihiro exclaimed happily as she ran up to him and gave him a bear hug. "Wha?" everyone asked. "My curse is lifted as well," he said. "I'm no longer a dragon and will never be a dragon."

"Then who's gonna take us places?" Dash whined.


Everyone turned to see Dojo in his huge form, then he switched back to his small version. "Apparently, I still have the ability to turn into a huge Chinese dragon," Dojo shrugged.

"Yeah! We're free!" the genies said, forcing Haku to dance happily with them.

"They look happy," Roxas smiled.

"Good choice, Rai," Sora said, patting him on the back.

The genies began to pack suitcases. Glowworm666 said, mostly talking to herself, "We're off to see the world!"

"Alright, I have come up with an itinerary of the places we'll go to," Edd said, pulling out a piece of paper and ignoring the girls' moans. "First, we'll hit Egypt."

"Then Hawaii!" Violet said, reading the paper.

"And then, Paris! And London and Australia!" Glowworm began to rant happily. They then noticed Rai and his pals looking very sad, especially Raimundo. The genies, knowing what he was thinking, came over to him.

"Guys…I'm going to miss you," Rai said, hugging the genies.

"Hey, don't worry! We'll write!" Glowworm said.

"We'll miss you all…Raimundo, Sora, Roxas, Dashiell, Daniel, and Angel. You too, Dojo Kanojo Cho," Edd added.

"Take care, little bro!" Violet said, rumpling his hair.

"Whatever…" he muttered.

"And no matter what anyone says…" Glowworm666 said.

"You'll always be royalty to us!" they all finished off.

Master Fung, who was watching this, came to Rai and said, "They are right, Raimundo. You and your friends have proven yourselves worthy. You have learned much from you're journey and you have proven that it does not matter where you are from or how much wealth you have, but how much you care for each other."

Everyone looked at him with bemused faces and they were all speechless until Dash said, "Where do you get all this stuff?"

"I have a desk calendar," Fung replied.

"Master Fung…what are you saying exactly?" Kimiko asked her master.

Fung smiled as he said, "I'm still the King so I have come up with a new law. The Princess and her friends may choose to marry whoever deem worthy."

Kimiko, Kairi, Namine, June, Lilo, Chihiro, and Stitch grinned and pointed to their true loves. "Them! We choose them!"

"Booyah!" the boys shouted as they hugged their girlfriends while Stitch and Angel hugged each other and purred happily.

"I knew this would end happily," Dojo boasted. "Really, I'm serious! This is how I PICTURED it!"

"Sure it is," Dash said, then muttered, "freak" under his breath. Dojo heard and the two started to wrestle.

"Oh, yeah! We get the girls and beat the baddie in the end!" Sora grinned. The lovers were about to kiss when the genies came and hugged them. Glowworm666 was wearing a tropical tank top, blue shorts, and blue sandals. Violet was wearing a hula skirt, a red top, a red headband, and brown sandals. Edd was wearing a funky golf shirt, carrying golf clubs, and wearing a goofy hat instead of his regular sock.

"Oh, we just wanna say…come here, you lovebirds!" Glowworm666 said, squeezing them tighter.

"Group hug! Big group hug everybody!" Violet said, tears in her eyes.

"We'll miss you all, friends!" Edd, getting ahead of himself again, took Dojo from his wrestling match and kissed him on the lips. When he realized what he was doing, he dropped Dojo and screamed, "Good Lord, germs, germs, germs!" Everybody laughed at this.

The genies let everybody go and flew up into the air. "Well, we have to blow this popsicle stand. See ya'!" Glowworm666 laughed as she took off.

"Have fun, ya' crazy love-doves!" Violet added with a smile and she left as well.

"So long, Kohaku River!" Edd waved and he was off as well.

Everyone waved to their friends as they watched them take off.

Later that night, fireworks were exploding into the night sky. Rai, Sora, Roxas, Danny, Dash, Angel, and Haku were with Kimiko, Kairi, Namine, Juniper, Lilo, Stitch, and Chihiro at last. They were singing their last song as they flew on Dojo.

Rai and his gang: A whole new world

Kimiko and her pals: A whole new life

All: For you and me!

Chorus: A Whole New World!

The couples finally kissed as Dojo flew off in the moonlight. Suddenly, the moon, a constellation, and a cloud started to laugh uncontrollably. Just then, the film is 'grabbed off the projector and Glowworm, Violet, and Edd appear with big grins on their faces.

"Made ya' look. Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha!" Glowworm666 laughed in a courage the Cowardly Dog way (If you've seen the show you'll know what I mean).

The three genies drop the film back to normal with a normal moon.

The scene switches back to Eddy, clay, and Omi.

"And there's ya' story!" Eddy said, looking at Clay and Omi's awed faces.

"Wanna hear it again? Only $0.25 each!" Eddy asks.

"Nah, we better get home," Clay said, getting up, stretching, and walking away. "Let's go, little partner."

"Good-bye, honest store clerk!" Omi waved and walked away.

"Suckers," Eddy said, looking at his money and laughing. Just then, a Yin-Yang bird flew down and scooped Eddy's money in its mouth and flew away.

"MY MONEY!!!!" Eddy exclaimed in horror. He started to chase the bird, screaming, "I hate birds!"

Kuzco was left alone. Sighing, he walked the opposite way of Eddy and muttered, "Wonder what else is on?"

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