The Final Battle

Chapter 1

Danny, Sam, and Tucker were sitting down in Danny's room, playing "Sonic Riders" on his Nintendo GameCube. So far, Danny was in the lead, followed closely by Sam and Tucker. They continued to race until Shadow the Hedgehog had crossed the finish line, followed by Sonic in second and Tails in third, with the rest of the characters coming up after them.

"YES!!!" Sam exclaimed. She was playing as Shadow; Danny as Sonic and Tucker was playing as Tails.

"Darn, I lost again." Tucker whined.

"Well, maybe if you stopped using your turbo and running out of air, you won't lose next time." Danny said.

They were about to start a new game, when Vlad Plasmius entered Danny's bedroom.

"You're probably busy with your precious video games, so I'll keep this short. I have teamed up with the Fright Knight and we have formed a great army. We will attack you in exactly 3 days. I'm telling you this because I want you to be able to fight a good fight. I mean, what fun is it to beat you in 5 seconds. Take my advice, be prepared." Vlad said this very quickly, then he left before anyone had the chance to say anything.

"Guys, did my mind play a trick on me, or did Vlad just come and tell me that he, the Fright Knight, and a huge army are going to attack me in 3 days?" Danny asked.

"No, your mind wasn't playing tricks on you. He really did say that. And he probably meant it too, which means we need to come up with a way to defeat them and quick." Sam said.

"Why don't we form an army of our own?" Tucker asked. "We can use weapons, Danny, you can use your powers, and we'll get all the ghosts that we befriended to help."

"That's not a bad idea, we can ask Wulf and Dora to help." Sam said.

"And if we find Dani, she'll probably help us too." Danny said. "Let's do it!"

"There are a few problems with that idea. Wulf is in Walker's prison and Walker is probably helping Vlad. Plus, we don't know where Dani is and even if we find her, she can't use her powers anymore, she'll melt, remember?" Sam pointed out.

"Well, we can use our human advantage to get Wulf out of the prison." Tucker said.

"That still leaves finding and curing Dani." Danny said.

"Wait, I think I know how to find her. She is your clone, right Danny?"

Danny started to nod, trying to see where Sam was going with this.

"And she does share a lot of the same thoughts and opinions as you, right?"

Danny nodded again starting to see where this was going.

"If you could escape to anywhere on this planet, where would it be?"

"Well, I'd go to New York City. The people, the sights, it sounds so awesome. Why'd do ask?"

"Well, since you guys think the same way, I figured that she's probably where ever you'd most like to be."

"Good thinking Sam. But if we do find her, how will we stabilize her?" Tucker asked.

"Well, I've been thinking about that, and I think I should ask for mom and dad's help."

"Hold on, you want to tell your parents about your secret." Tucker and Sam asked in awe.

"Well, they can help us with gear and stuff. Plus, I hate it when they hunt me and how they think all ghosts are bad. I say we find Dani and I'll tell them my secret so they can help us stabilize her." Danny said.

"She must be important to you if you must be willing to give up your secret." Tucker said.

"Well, yeah, she's kind of like a little sister too me." Danny said.

"Maybe your parents aren't the only ones you should tell your secret too." Sam told Danny. He was confused; he wasn't sure who she was talking about until…

"No way, I told myself I wouldn't tell her; imagine how she'll react."

"Danny, Valerie is a powerful ghost hunter, she sees you fighting those other guys, she'll join them, and it'll be even harder to defeat them. But if she's on your side, that'll be an advantage. Plus, she probably won't go after you anymore."

"Your right. I guess I have to tell her sometime and the sooner the better. She'll definitely help out a lot if she joins us." Danny said in a seldom tone.

"So let's figure this out. We get Wulf and Dora from the Ghost Zone, find Dani and try to stabilize her by telling your parents your secret and hoping they'll help, then we'll tell Valerie who you really are and hope she helps us." Tucker recapped.

"Basically, yeah." Sam and Danny said in unison.

"So which are we doing first?" Sam asked.

"Well, I suppose we should go tell my parents the truth first, find Dani, get there help to stabilize her, and ask for the Specter Speeder so that we can go get Wulf and Dora, then go ask Valerie's help. Then we should try to find more people to help." Danny answered in a bit of a worried tone. He felt nervous, this wasn't exactly a surefire plan and there was no way he could fight Vlad's army with only 9 people helping him. Sam read the expression on his face, put her arm on her shoulder and said "Don't worry; this will work out, okay?"

Danny was about to contradict her, but he looked up at her face first and saw that she was also a bit tense and worried, so instead he smiled, hoping that it would comfort her a bit. That smile relived Sam slightly, because she knew that Danny was less tense if he still knew how to smile.