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Chapter 5

"I'm tired, I think I'll go upstairs and go to sleep." Danny said.

"Goodnight sweetie, and don't worry!" Maddie called after him as he went up. After he got into bed, Danny realized that there was no way he was going to be able to sleep when he was so nervous and worried.

"I should try to think about something else." Danny thought as he tossed and turned and twisted his covers. He began to imagine what would happen if characters from one of his favorite shows, "The Fairly OddParents," ever came to life. He began to make it into a bit of a role play in his mind and because he was worn out from the adventure in the Ghost Zone, he was soon asleep. That didn't last very long though, because he woke up in the middle of night from a nightmare where he was 6 inches tall again and Vlad was his normal height. Danny continued the role play in his mind and he eventually went back to sleep. This time he didn't dream and he woke up to find the sun just starting to rise. He looked out his window and watched the color of the sky change from soft purple and pink to its normal blue color. Then when he saw it was 7:30 am, he decided to go downstairs. Just as he was about to leave his room his cell phone started to ring.

"Hello." Danny said as he answered the phone.

"Hi Danny! Did I wake you up?" It was Sam.

"No, I've been awake for about an hour and a half."

"Poor thing, I'd imagine by now you'd be a nervous wreck."

"You have no idea."

"Danny, calm down. We can do it. I mean, I have a good idea that will totally let us win."

When Danny heard these words, he got much happier. "Really, what is it?"

"Just wait, you'll see. Hey, I called to see if I could come over now, is it okay?" Sam asked.

"Sure, I'll be waiting, but Sam, don't ring the doorbell, you'll wake everyone up."

"Wait, no one else is awake?" Sam asked confused.

"Well, I'm actually not sure, they may have gone downstairs, but since I woke up I didn't hear anyone else."

"Well, okay. Bye Danny, see you in a few minutes."

"Bye Sam." Danny hung up the phone and slipped it into his pocket. Then he went downstairs and waited by the door for Sam to arrive. He was trying to figure out what her strategy was, until he saw Sam come up his porch. He opened the front door and let her in.

"Good morning Danny."

"Hi Sam."

"So, is anyone else awake?"

"I still haven't checked. Let's go downstairs." So the two of them went into the kitchen to get to the basement stairs. On the table, there was a note that read

"Today, 12:00pm." There was no signature, but Danny and Sam both knew that it was probably left by Vlad.

"Great, now we know when they'll be here." Danny said almost relieved.

"I don't know Danny, this seems like a trick." Sam pointed out. She was probably right too; Vlad wouldn't just give him all the details.

"Yeah, I guess so." The two of them left the note and went down to the lab. To there surprise, both Jazz and Dani were already there.

"When did you guys get up?" Danny asked confused.

"At about 7:00, you were awake, but you seemed lost in your thoughts, so we stayed quiet and left you alone." Dani answered.

"Actually, I wanted to say good morning, but Dani said it would be best to leave you alone." Jazz added.

"Thanks guys." Danny told them. "Where are mom and dad?"

"They're still up stairs, but they aren't asleep anymore." Jazz answered.

"Hey did you two see the note on the table?" Dani asked.

"Yeah, but I doubt it's true." Sam said. Then the doorbell rang and the kids downstairs heard Maddie and Jack greet Tucker. Then they all came downstairs.

"Hey Tuck." Danny said. Everyone else said hello as well, and then the room got quiet. Danny became aware of the silence, but didn't know what to say and was positive that his mouth wouldn't allow him to speak. He could feel himself start to sweat and he started to feel claustrophobic, even though he was in a fairly large basement. Sam and Dani also looked a bit pale, Jazz was biting her fingernails, Tucker was doing nothing, including not looking at his PDA and looked deep in thought, and Danny's parents were also quiet and looked tense. No one had anything to say, because there was nothing that could be said at the moment. Then an alarm went off. It gave out a warning "Ghost invasion alert."

"That's our cue." Danny said. Sam activated the communicators, Danny and Dani transformed into there ghost forms, and the door knocked. Jazz opened it and saw that Valerie had arrived just in time. Then the portal was forced open from the inside and almost 100 ghosts escaped. Some of them went behind Danny, meaning they were on his side, and the other went to the other end of the basement. Then Vlad and the Fright Knight came out of the portal. The doors closed and Danny looked at his competition. Skulker, Technus, Vlad, the Fright Knight, the Lunch Lady, Walker, Desiree, plus about 30 others were all there. On his side, he had his family, Dani, Sam, Tucker, Valerie, Ember, Klemper, Youngblood and his parrot, Poindexter, Dora, Wulf, the Box Ghost, even Johnny 13, his shadow, and Kitty were there. The humans on his side were all covered in weapons and everyone started attacking. The Fenton ghost neutralizer worked wonderfully and many ghosts on the other side fell down knocked out. Unfortunately, Vlad's side was still winning. Sam saw this and decided to put her plan into action.

"I wish that Desiree and everyone else in Vlad's army came to fight for this side and that they helped us and didn't turn on us." She said loudly and clearly. Danny was relived, and he thought he saw Vlad mutter "Darn…" under his breath. Soon, the number of people fighting was down to 2, Vlad and Danny. Everyone else had been attacked by Vlad, even Maddie, who took a blow that was supposed to his Danny and missed.

"Yes, just as I planned." Vlad said.

"Hold on, you went through all this just so that you could fight me?" Danny asked confused.

"Of course, I wanted to see if you could pull together an army and you did, but I was always only going to fight you." Vlad answered. He looked around at everyone that Danny had got and until his eye caught one person.

"Ah, Danielle, so nice to see you again." He said menacingly. At that Dani tightened up.

"Oh, shut up you giant fruit loop!" She yelled at him. She wanted to get up and fight, but Sam, who was next to her, held her back because Dani was covered in bruises and scratches and cuts. She was also a bit weak. Plus, this was Danny's fight. Dani understood and she leaned against the wall again, but she gave Vlad an ugly look as well.

"Danielle, I thought I had taught you some manners, apparently I was wrong." Vlad told her.

"I have manners, but you don't deserve to see them." Dani replied. Vlad got a bit angry at this comment and turned toward Dani.

"So, how were you able tooo…?" Vlad started to ask, but he was cut off when he got attacked with a plasma blast from Danny. He turned his attention back toward Danny. He shot a plasma blast, but Danny formed a force field and it bounced off. Then Danny took a very deep breath.

"Ghostly wail," Sam whispered lightly under her breath and only Dani heard her, but she ignored her. Sam was right, Danny used the Ghostly Wail and Vlad was temporarily blown off his feet. Jack sucked Vlad in the Fenton thermos and everyone cheered. Then all the ghosts returned home, but not before they made sure Danny knew they were no longer allies.

"So, it's all over." Tucker said as the door to the portal closed and no ghosts remained.

"Yes, it is." Danny said full of relief. "It's all over."

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