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The silver compact car cruised down the California highway, the breeze blowing through the passenger side window. The beauty occupying the seat pushed a loose blond strand behind her ear to stop it from blowing in her face. The cool air on her face soothed her thoughts. As she watched the beautiful sky, her mind drifted back to the phone conversation she had received a few nights before.

"She did what?!" Juuhachigou exclaimed as she sat up straight on the couch

"You heard me," Juunanagou responded without inflection in his tone. "She invited him to be her date to the weddings."

"Is she out of her mind?" Juu demanded.

"No," Jay said, unfazed by his sister's angry voice. "She probably just doesn't want to be the only single person among all those couples."

"Yeah right," Juu grunted, sitting back against the couch again. "We both know the real reason she invited him."

"Everything is not about you, Juu," was his only response.

"Maybe not but we both know this is," she retorted. "She wants me to make peace with him," she paused before continuing, "and you agree with her."

"I could careless if you make peace with Nijuu or not. That is our agreement," Jay answered, sounding as if he meant every word.

It was true. They did have an agreement on this subject. Each would deal with his or her relationship with their estranged father in their own way and the other would not question it. So far the arrangement had served them well and kept peace in their own relationship.

"I am sure planet Vegeta is a large place," Jay continued when she remained silent. "You probably won't even see him much."

"Maybe," she answered, doubtful she would be that lucky.

The conversation was pretty much dead after that bombshell. Juu quickly said good bye and got off the line. Even as she thought of it now, she could not believe her mother had done this.

Krillin glanced at his passenger and had to contain a sigh. It was obvious where her thoughts had wondered. Clearing his throat, he attempted to draw her out of the mood she was in. "It sure is beautiful out here. Just the kind of place you would expect Bulma Briefs to live, huh?"

When she simply nodded he could not hold in his sigh. He could see it was going to be a long couple of months. He completely understood his wife's position and also wondered what was going on in his mother-in-law's head to invite the one person her daughter truly despised on this trip. However, it was not the only surprising thing about the last couple of weeks.

He knew that if Bulma ever succeeded in wrangling Vegeta into marriage, she would throw one hell of a shindig. What he never could have imagined was that she would have a wedding literally designed for a princess and on another planet no less. The insanity of the situation was multiplied by the fact that the pair fully expected family and friends to clear their schedules for the next two months for the event. Crazier still was that most of those invited had done just that. It was madness but one could expect no less from Bulma and Vegeta.

Glancing down at the car's navigational system, he realized he was within a few miles of the couple's condo. The silence in the vehicle stretched on as he drove into the affluent neighborhood. Another two miles, two rights, and one left later, he pulled into the driveway of the beautiful white condominium. After double checking the address, he killed the engine. Opening the door he climbed out of the car and noticed another rental car parked on the left side of the driveway. Walking around to the trunk he raised the hatch even as he looked around to see his passenger climb out of the vehicle. He watched her shield her eyes from the sun as she examined the building before her. He lifted the two carry on bags from the trunk, capsulating one and tossing the other strap over his shoulder.

Closing the trunk back, he came to stand beside her. Reaching out he gave her hand a little squeeze causing her to frown down at him. "It's going to be all right," he said, giving her a smile.

She continued to frown for another split second before a small smile touched her lips. She nodded slightly then continued up to the door. "Be careful with that bag," was all she threw over her shoulder.

Chuckling, Krillin readjusted the strap and followed her up to the door. By the time he came to a stop behind her the door was flung open and an ecstatic Bulma practical attacked the surprised blond in a bear hug.

"What took you guys so long?!" she squeaked as she continued to squeeze her friend. "You were supposed to be here this morning. We've been waiting all day!"

"Our flight got delayed," Juu said, bringing her arms up to pat the woman on the back. "And you're cutting off my oxygen supply."

Bulma laughed as she held the other woman tight. "I've just missed you so-" Her eyes widened suddenly in surprised recognition and she pulled back, holding Juu at arms length with her hands still on her shoulders. She blinked once at Krillin over the blue eyed beauty's shoulder before looking at the woman again. "What the heck is that thing?!" she cried, looking pointedly at the blond's stomach.

Before the blushing woman could think of a retort another voice came up behind the aqua haired beauty. "What the heck is what thing?" ChiChi asked then stopped dead in her tracks when she laid eyes on the new arrivals. "Holy cow!" she exclaimed. "Juu! You're pregnant!" she informed her.

"Well, that should be obvious," Juu sniffed, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. "I wouldn't let myself get this big otherwise."

Bulma and ChiChi blinked at one another before attacking Juu in a double bear hug assault.

"This is so awesome!" Bulma exclaimed.

"I'm soooooo happy for you," ChiChi said at the same time.

Juu was once again caught off guard by the intrusion on her personal space and her irritation rose at the sound of Krillin's soft chuckling behind her. He was so going to be in for it later...

Once the barrage finally came to an end, Juu and Krillin were lead into the condo and upstairs where the living room awaited them. Both Bulma and ChiChi were still gushing over Juu's condition when Goku rounded the corner coming from the kitchen. Taking a bite from the apple in his hand, he asked, "Hey, is that Juu and K- WHOA!" He stopped in his stride to gap at the woman.

"Yes, I'm pregnant. It's been established, so you can close your mouth Goku," Juu said, rolling her eyes.

Seeing as his mouth was indeed open, Goku snapped it shut and stepped forward to slap Krillin on the back. "Looks like you've been busy, buddy."

Krillin chuckled as he scratched the back of his head. "Yeah..."

Taking Juu by the arm, ChiChi pulled her over to the sofa. "Now, you have to tell us what has been going on with you guys since the wedding."

"I think that should be obvious," Bulma chuckled, taking a seat in a chair across from the two girls.

"Please tell me we're not going to spend the next two months talking about my hump," Juu sighed.

"Sorry, girlie," Bulma chuckled. "You've got the most exciting news of us all so you're the focal point."

"Oh great," Juu said with little enthusiasm, drawing a laugh from everyone in the room.

"Hey Vegeta! There you are buddy!" Krillin's voice caused those gathered to turn their heads to the staircase. Dressed in jeans and a black tank top, the prince himself was descending from the third floor.

"What you been up to man?" Krillin continued as the taller man came to stop behind his fiance chair.

Vegeta gave the woman seated on the couch a cursory glance before turning back to Krillin. "Obviously not as much as you."

The group was chuckling even before Juu got out her groan. "Not you too. New topic. Now."

"Okay, okay. We'll stop," ChiChi chuckled.

"I can't believe we're really going to the Saiyan planet," Krillin said, redirecting the conversation before his wife snapped. "A royal wedding in a galaxy far far away? You guys can't do anything simple can you?" he finished on a chuckle.

Bulma tilted her head back to smile up at the man leaning over her chair. "Well, I'd say it's only natural someone should want to treat me like a princess on my special day."

"So, I guess the double wedding is off," Juu stated, giving Bulma a knowing look.

Bulma sighed dramatically. "Yeah, unfortunately, Argana said that would not be permitted." Anyone who did not know the truth would think the heiress was truly upset about the turn of events.

"It is too bad, but Lyneaxa has plans that will make up for it, she says," ChiChi spoke up. Though she too sounded upset about the change, secretly she never wanted to share her wedding day either but didn't want to hurt Bulma or her mother's feelings. "Both she and Bardock seemed ecstatic at the idea of Goku getting to have a 'true Saiyan' wedding," she continued. "Honestly, I'm kinda nervous about what they have planned. I mean, all the things I've heard about Saiyans so far sounds so...harsh."

Bulma nodded her understanding. "I told Argana the same thing but she assured me that nothing in the rituals is dangerous."

"Well, that's good to hear," ChiChi sighed in relief, reaching up to lightly pat her fiance's leg, who was sitting on the arm of the couch next to her.

"So what do you know about the wedding plans so far?" Juu continued the conversation.

"Well," Bulma started, excitedly leaning forward in her chair. "Argana says there are twenty seven designers working on my dress alone! Isn't that nuts?! Plus they're working on the deco-"

As the conversation turned noticeably feminine, Vegeta quickly lost interest and started out to the balcony. Krillin too found little interest in the different color options that the women were discussing and decided to follow his friend. One glance toward Goku told him the man echoed his sentiments. Krillin gave Juu's leg a gentle squeeze before standing and moving towards the double doors. After pecking the top of ChiChi's head, Goku followed the shorter man.

As they emerged from the condo each man paused briefly to rifle through the ice chest beside the door, Krillin grabbing a beer while Goku chose a sports drink. They then joined Vegeta at the rail to look over the scenery beyond.

"It sure is beautiful out here," Goku commented as he opened his bottle.

"That's for sure," Krillin responded as he popped the cap on his bottle. "This was a great idea Bulma had for the six of us to get together before our families show up tomorrow to meet the ship. Gives us some time to hang out before the big trip."

"I know," Goku piped up. "So how many people did Bulma convince to come along?"

"Total, around twenty," Vegeta answered as he swallowed from his soda bottle, never taking his eyes from the skyline.

Krillin chuckled. "Well, she always has been a fast talker."

"You know, the six of us all being together like this, it kinda feels like high school again," Goku said. A smile played on his lips as he silently reminisced.

Krillin shook his head as he bought his own bottle to his lips. "That's where you're wrong. This is nothing like high school. We're college graduates now. I mean we're getting old, man!" Taking another swig of his beer, Krillin sighed. "I'm going to be a father," he said in disbelief. "And you guys will be next. Trust me, after the wedding, that's when the baby talk starts and there's nothing you'll be able to do to stop it. Just watch."

Vegeta released a throaty chuckle as he looked at the shorter man. "That would only happen to some one who is afraid of his woman. Kakarot and I don't have that problem."

"Speak for yourself," Goku said, drawing a chuckle from Krillin and an eye roll from Vegeta.

Taking a drink as his chuckle died down, Krillin began staring at the skyline. "I mean it guys. High school is over. We're getting old." The statement held no malice, just an odd sense of wonder.

The three men were silent a moment as they considered their own thoughts before Goku finally spoke. "Well, I don't think getting old is so bad. As a matter of fact, I think we should celebrate it." Lifting his bottle, he smiled at his friends. "To getting old."

Smiling, Krillin raised his own bottle. "To getting old."

When a third bottle did not join theirs, Goku turned to Vegeta who was currently sipping from his drink. Feeling eyes on him, Vegeta met the other two mens gaze. "What?" he said after a moment.

"Come on, Vegeta," Goku said, nudging his friend.

Vegeta just frowned for a moment then sighed and raised his own bottle to the others. "To getting old," he muttered as the sun began setting in the distance beyond. As their bottle tapped and the sound of their mates' happy voices carried from inside, it was obvious that this was not only the end of an era but also the beginning of perhaps something even better. Only time would tell.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Smiling at her reflection in the mirror, Emily "Bunny" Briefs placed the last pin in her coif of blond hair. Now that her appearance was in order, she stood from the vanity and made her way across the plush suit to double check her bags before capsulating them. It probably had not been the smartest idea to unpack everything for just the seven day voyage. It was something her future son-in-law cursed about the night before as he and her daughter helped her stuff her items into bags. As far as she was concerned though, one never knew what outfit one might need on the spur of the moment, so she was perfectly justified. Now sure that everything was in order, she capsulated the items and tucked the little capsules in her pack. As she was placing the white container in her purse, a bell chimed through the loud speaker indicating an in coming announcement.

"Docking in fifteen minutes," the computerized voice informed the ship's inhabitants.

"Finally," she said cheerfully as she swung her purse over her shoulder.

Reaching the door, she paused briefly to look around the beautiful room one last time. Sighing happily, she pressed the button to open the steel doors and entered the hall. As the wife of the wealthiest man on the planet, and even now as his ex, Emily could say she'd lived in some truly opulent surroundings. However, the flag ship of Vegetasei's Royal Space Force was by far the most stunning place she ever rested her head. This ship, which was designed for the conveyance of the royal family, was sent to Earth just seven days before to pick up the planet's crowned prince and all those who accompanied him.

A rare frown crossed the woman's face as she continued down the hall. Despite the fact that they'd all gathered for a pair of weddings, the atmosphere had not been completely cheerful. Many of those gathered there were obviously uncomfortable with the people they would be spending the next two months with. Emily had to admit that she was among that group. She had not seen her ex-husband since their daughter's graduation last year. Then, as well as now, being in his presence was extremely awkward and even depressing. There was a longing for days long gone that always broke her heart when she was near Dr. John Briefs. Despite this, she knew that they would never be together again simply because he would never change.

Sighing, Emily shook her head to erase the sad memories that plagued her at the moment. Replacing her normal cheerful smile, she continued down the hall until she reached the strangely marked door she was looking for. Pressing a button on the control panel, Emily entered the room to find the other twenty members of her party all ready waiting to depart the ship. There was Goku and his family in addition to ChiChi and hers. Krillin's father and grandfather had also chosen to come along. Finally was Juuhachigou's mother, brother, and, oddly enough, her father. Only the closest people to the two couples had been invited on the cross galaxy trip and this was the sum of them.

"There you are! Everyone else has been here like twenty minutes, Mom!"

Smiling brightly, Emily hurried to her daughter's side near a large door which would allow them to exit the ship upon landing. "I'm sorry dear. I still had so much packing to do even after all your help."

A grunt came from her daughter's opposite side. "I told you it was ridiculous to unpack so much for just the voyage over," Vegeta critisized.

Emily completely ignored the young man's brusque tone. "Well, good morning Vegeta! Don't you look handsome! Your mother will be so proud."

A shadow of a blush touched the young prince's cheeks causing him to huff and turn his head, completely ignoring the presence of the laughing women.

Bulma continued to chuckle at the exchange before turning back to her mother. "I can't believe how excited I am to finally see planet Vegeta. Do you think its as beautiful as Earth?"

"Well, I can't imagine any place being as beautiful as home but I guess we'll know soon," Emily answered.

A familiar bell chimed even before she finished speaking. "Attention most honored guests. We have completed our docking. Please stand by to disembark," the computer told them in clipped Japanese.

"I guess I'll get to know very soon," Bulma said as the rest of the excited wedding party began gathering at the door which would soon open as a ramp.

Ten minutes passed before the door began to open, revealing a bustling loading dock. When the ramp finally came to rest on the ground below, the group marveled at the sight of fourteen large men in heavy armor and standing in two rows marching toward the ship. All over six feet tall with wild arrangements of bushy black hair and stern, battle harden faces, they were intimidating to say the least. When the line leaders reached the foot of the ramp they stopped abruptly, faced one another then took four steps each backwards. The twelve warriors behind them followed this example leaving a clear path to the ramp.

All eyes turned to the woman standing at the opposite end of the path. The beautiful raven-haired woman began walking towards them, a smile lighting her face and eyes. The soft fabric of her dark blue skirt contrasted the white and gold decorative saiyan armor plate that covered her torso. A thick gold necklace hung from her neck, the pendant bearing the crest of the royal House of Vegeta. Flanking her on both sides were two very young dark haired girls, no more than three or four years of age, each dressed in a similar manner to the woman next to them with their hands clasped properly in front of them.

"Argana," Emily muttered in awe. "She looks so beautiful."

Beside her, Bulma could only nod.

Stopping at the foot of the ramp, the queen gazed at the gawking group standing at the top of it. "My friends, welcome to my home." The smile she offered them softened as her eyes focused on an obsidian pair so similar to her own. Raising her gloved hands, she cleared her throat before speaking. "My son."

There was silence among those gathered on the ship as they watched the scene unfold. Vegeta held her gaze for moments that seemed like hours before approaching the ramp and descending it. His eyes never wavered from hers as he come to a stop before her. A few more seconds passed before a slow smile began spreading across his face.

"Mother," he said simply in greeting.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

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