Author's Notes

Now fully edited and expanded to completely fit the Undying Friendship Series! This story was written for the Middle-earth Express Prompt Challenge at the aragornangst yahoo group. It is a multi-chapter story, each chapter based on a weeks prompt word.

In this story, Legolas is an adolescent of about 35 years of age, or equivalent to a 14 year old human.

Elvenking's Family

Thranduil - King of the Elves of Mirkwood

Laerwen – Deceased Queen

Faervel – Deceased Prince, killed during Last Alliance

Belthul – Eldest living son of Thranduil

Orthoron - Son

Anoriel - Daughter

Legolas - Son

Where Is It?

by Nieriel Raina

Part One

Prompt # 63: Siblings

Elvenking's Halls

Year 1093Third Age

It was a typical day in most ways, Legolas noted. Servants rushed to finish their morning chores. Several of the king's advisors stood chatting near the council room about the latest developments in the south. Ladies gossiped and giggled, as Belthul, the eldest son of the king, strode down a hallway with determination, completely unaware of their looks.

Legolas slipped through an archway, trying hard to remain out of sight. A call from behind him caused him to pick up his pace to a jog. Darting around a corner, Legolas nearly ran smack into Belthul. How did he get there? Legolas wondered, not for the first time thinking there were likely secret passages he had yet to discover in caverns.

His eldest brother quickly stepped back to avoid the collision and glared down at Legolas, who wished he could simply fade into the stone walls. Being caught was bad enough, but being caught by Belthul was torture. It was nearly as bad as being caught by his father.

"And just where are you going in such a hurry?" his brother asked in a tone too similar to Thranduil's voice. Legolas trembled at the sound, having heard it too many times in his short life. "Our father has been looking for you. He has myself, Orthoron and Anoriel looking for you as well! What did you do, little brother?"

Legolas swallowed hard and tried to think of a way to escape. He could not outrun Belthul, nor dodge him in the halls, as his recent attempt proved. Belthul was an good tracker, even over cold stone. Legolas would not be able to escape, and if he did not confess his deeds, Belthul would take him by the ear to their father... He shuddered again at the thought of that scenario. The king's study was not where he wished to spend any time today.

", you see..."

A sparkle of amusement began to twinkle in Belthul's green eyes, followed by a mischievous grin. His brother was much like their father, but he also retained a spark of their mother's humor. Legolas blinked back the unwanted moisture that came to his eyes any time unbidden thoughts of his mother came to mind.

"Tell me where you hid it, and I'll forget I found you." Belthul's smile grew.

A spark of temper, well known among those of the House of Oropher, welled up in Legolas's chest, bursting forth with outward defiance. "No! I will not share it! You have no idea how hard it was to sneak it out from under Ada's nose! I'd rather be punished for the next century, than tell you where it is!"

Belthul's eyes narrowed, the green going from bright to dark as all hint of amusement faded from his expression. "Indeed. Well then, that is probably what you are facing. But let us allow our father to decide, though I do think in this case you will be facing your king, rather than our father." And grabbing Legolas by the lobe of his right ear, Belthul drug his young brother in the direction of the king's study.

Legolas, never one to go without a fight no matter how futile, began to fight his brother's hold, but Belthul's grip was strong and he found himself dragged along, quite embarrassingly before staring lords and ladies, towards his father's formal study.

To Legolas's relief, Belthul was stopped in his tracks when someone threw a large tapestry over the older prince's head. He released Legolas with a yelp and began to struggle against the heavy, dusty material, but before the eldest prince could free himself, Legolas found himself dragged through a secret passage in the wall. Probably hidden by that tapestry, or used to be, Legolas thought as he found himself being dragged down an entirely different corridor, this time his only sister, Anoriel, who was looking quite upset herself.

"This is the last time I help you, Legolas!" she declared crossly, turning seemingly furious eyes upon him. But Legolas knew his sister too well. Had she not stepped into their mother's shoes when their mother had… He gulped, and pushed the thoughts away, refusing to think on them.

"You are not mad, my sister. You just wish you had thought of it and managed to get away with it." He pulled out of her grasp and crossed his arms over his chest, glaring at her through his loose, gold hair.

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Where is it?"

Legolas continued to glare. "Not telling."

"Our father is really angry." A sympathetic look, but a false one.


"I'll help you make it look like it escaped." She smiled conspiratorially at him.

He paused.

"And I'll confirm we found it in the woods together after I found you, and we, knowing our father's love for it, decided to bring it back."

A good plan, except… "It will never work, Anoriel. He already thinks I took it."

"Fine. I hope you like the dungeon. That is where he has been threatening to move your room...for the next century." She folded her arms and turned her nose upwards in a huff.

Legolas moaned softly under his breath. His father would not actually send him to the dungeons, would he? He bit his lower lip nervously, then came to a hasty decision.

"Fine. I will take you to it, but if Ada doesn't believe your story, I will tell him you were in on it from the beginning."

A cleared throat caused both of them to freeze. A deep voice spoke, low but conniving.

"I want in."

To Be Continued…