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Category: Crossover

Anime(s)/Manga(s): Bleach/Inuyasha

Genre: Romance/Action/Comedy/Fantasy

Pairing: Kagome/Ukitake

Chapter Two

"There. Other than the scratch on your cheek, you're perfectly fine. And your brother is fine as well." Was spoken of Koutestu Isane, Fukutaicho of the fourth squad as she finished bandaging the scratch that Kagome unknowing received on her right cheek.

Isane had heard word about the girl who fought the hollow canine and was surprised to see her hardly injured, aside from the light scratch on her cheek. But was even more surprised to see her helping a tall, long silver-haired man to keep him from falling. In the way he carried himself with a stoic mask, he kinda reminded the older Kotetsu sister of Kuchiki-Taicho, except with longer and paler hair and golden eyes.

He was currently sitting on another bed with his wrists and ankles bandaged due to some burns that were caused by Kagome's Reiatsu Threads. But aside from being a little tired and worn from being purified out if his hollow state, he was fine. The girl, Higurashi Kagome insisted that he and the Taicho she protected should be looked over before her.

Ukitake-Taicho was being taken care of my Unohana-Taicho while Isane took care of Kagome and the silver haired male, who Kagome said was her aníki.

Kagome smiled at the Vice Captain, saying, "Arigatou-gozaimau." Sesshoumaru showed his thanks with a slight nod of his head with Isane giving a slight bow in return before leaving to report to her captain.

Once she was gone, Kagome turned to her aníki while sliding off the bed she was sitting on so she could sit next to him. As she sat next to him, she asked, "So how've you been? Last time I saw you was when we had finally defeated Naraku and I was dying while Inuyasha was taking me home to say my last goodbyes."

Sesshoumaru nodded before answering in his soft but monotone voice, "Yes. That was five centuries ago. As for your question, I had been doing well. During the centuries, after Naraku's demise, I had ruled my lands without fault until the humans started to develop weapons that could destroy demons easily. When that had happened, I started to blend in with the humans as demons started to dwindle in numbers. The stronger demons started to do the same as I to survive. In your era, I had developed my own company for computers and other useful pieces of technology. After your death, I gave your family financial support for the shrine and other needs. Six months after your death, your grandfather passed away in his sleep and his soul still lingers at the shrine. Your became depressed after losing you but was getting better with your brother's help, despite that he wasn't doing so well himself.

And before you ask how I died, I was shot when saving your younger brother, Souta. I was going to help him open an account when the bank was suddenly getting robbed. One of the robbers began to get nervous and was pointing his gun at Souta, threatening that if any of tried anything, he would shoot him but I was able to shield your brother. Unfortunately though… I didn't survive the shot. After dying, I still wandered the living world to watch over Souta and your mother. Your mother is slowly getting better and Souta is doing just fine, entering his first year of High school. It was only recently that I was somehow turned into that creature that I had become and somehow ended up in Soul Society… and I think you know the rest."

Kagome was a bit shocked but not really surprised to hear that Sesshoumaru had done so much for her family after her death. She couldn't help but blessed to have an older brother like him, adopted or not. Then she began to wonder what had happened to her friends in the Sengoku Jidai and voiced it to Sesshoumaru.

The former Taiyoukai became silent at the question Kagome asked about her friends and her adopted kit. He remembered that her human friends were fine and had lived long and happy lives a month after her death. Her kit had been taken under his care but was killed during the war for the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate. And Inuyasha… what was he supposed to tell her?

Seeing no other way around it, Sesshoumaru answered after a tired sounding sigh, "Your human friends, the Taijya and Houshi, mourned your death for a month before traveling to the Taijya's village to rebuild and start a family of their own. The both of them raise ten wonderful children and named their youngest daughter, who looked remarkably like you and Rin put together, after you. The Taijya and Houshi died of old age, both happy and without regrets.

"I took in your kit soon after hearing of your death and raised him to be an excellent fighter. He had mated with Rin once they had become of age for mating. They weren't together very long due to Rin dying during childbirth and had lost their only son soon after he was brought into the living world. He promised her that he would live as long as he could but unfortunately… he wasn't able to survive into the modern era due to being slain by mistake during the fall of the Tokugawa Shogunate. Despite that he was dying, he was happy that he would finally be able to see you and Rin once more."

The young miko was happy for Sango and Miroku living their lives the way they had planned but was saddened at the news about her Kit, Rin, and her would be grandson. Kagome didn't know about her grandson, but she was sure that she could be able to find them in Soul Society if they haven't been reborn yet… same with Sango and Miroku with their children.

'What about Inuyasha…?' For some reason, Kagome had a feeling that she wasn't going to like the news about what became of the hanyou after her death. She could feel it in the pit of her gut.

Knowing that his younger sister wanted to know what happened to his younger brother, Sesshoumaru continued, "As for Inuyasha… Kagome… due to his depression and guilt of not being able to save you or keep you safe from Naraku… he committed suicide three months after your death. After wondering for some time, he became a hollow. It was then that Kikyo had taken him to hell with her, despite what he had turned into."

It couldn't be… but Kagome knew that what Sesshoumaru had said was true. He had no reason to lie to her but that still did keep her from shedding a few silent tears for her hanyou. As the saying went, "no matter what, you could never forget your first love." And Inuyasha was the first she had ever fallen in love with.

After hearing her say that it couldn't be helped, Sesshoumaru lifted the young miko-Shinigami in training onto his lap and held, offering what comfort he could give.

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