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Ch.1 Ramen Experience

Music and laughter filled the cool night air. It was Konoha's spring festival and everybody was invited. Many booths were set up in rows with games and challenges for kids, couples and ninja. On the opposite sides of those booths were many stands that spilled sweet smelling aromas of the various delicious foods they offered. A large field was reserved for 3-legged races, cake walks and many "Dunk-The-Hokage" pools. It may have been poor ninja forced into the job who then henge into the Hokage that took his place, but the people who attended had just as much fun dunking the innocent men. The clear sky shone bright with lines of paper lanterns scattered through out the festival grounds.

Naruto's face glistened with fresh sweat beads. Iruka and him sat on one of the many benches that outlined the race grounds. They sat untying themselves from the shackles that kept their legs bound. While Iruka undid the impossible knots Naruto began to unzip his jacket.

"Are you cold Iruka-sensei?"

"No, not at all. The cool air feels good after that race." Finally he dropped the small white rope that tied their legs together.

"Sorry we lost."

"It wasn't your fault Naruto."

Naruto laughed at his sweet teacher. If Naruto had listened to him and started out with the right foot perhaps they wouldn't have tripped and rolled down that hill earning them last place.

"Sure it was, but in my defense you should have said 'other left'." Blamed Naruto. They shared a laugh before standing up and walking into the crowded fair. Their shoulders touched and their fingers tickled each other with feather like touches as they shuffled through the many people in attendance.

"Are you hungry?" Naruto looked over at his teacher.

"Yeah. What did you have in mind?" Iruka's eyes met Naruto's curved eyes and now masked face. The blonde grinned as was obvious by his high cheeks. The look on his face screamed a sarcastic 'what do you think?!'

Iruka recognizing that grin laughed for even asking. "Okay ramen it is, but before we leave is there anything else you'd like to try?"

"No, today's been great! My wallet knows we tried all the games, and I am sure we rode all the rides. I have all the bruises to prove it." As an after thought he added "Iruka-sensei you sure do cling a lot and hard."

"I was protecting you!" Cried out an embarrassed Iruka.

"When was that? When you were screaming 'Oh my god! Naruto, don't let go!' or when you said 'Save me! We're all going to die!' ?" Naruto loved teasing his teacher. He never had learned to control his emotions and he still let his blood flow easily.

"Don't tease. I really thought that ride wasn't going to stop." They walked in silence towards the ramen stand.

"Thanks for coming with me. I really did have a good time Iruka-sensei."

Iruka placed a his arm around Naruto's shoulders in a reassuring manner. "Who else would I come with?"

"With a lover. Like normal people do." Naruto wrapped his arm around Iruka's waist and leaned into the sideways embrace.

"I don't have a lover, and even if I did, I'd rather spend today with you. After all we haven't had much time together since you became a jounin." Iruka released his hold on Naruto's shoulders. The embrace was slowly becoming more and more personal. Why did Naruto have to place his hand on Iruka's weakness? Naruto felt cold air replace where Iruka's warmth had been just seconds ago. Receiving his cue loud and clear Naruto removed his hand from Iruka's sensitive hips, but not before taking advantage of his hand placement. He slid his hand down the lower back of the older man sending tiny sparks down and up his spine.

Soon they were in the well known ramen bar, Ichiraku no Ramen.

"Oi, Naruto!" called the owner


"You're back already?"

Naruto nodded. "Piece of cake! Nobody can beat me. Especially not those clowns I was up against. I didn't need the team. I could have taken them out myself!" Naruto posed his flexed arms for the old man. As if just the muscles hiding underneath his t-shirt proved that he defeated a squad of jounin. The owner laughed good mannerly and took their orders.

After 2 bowls of ramen and plenty of reminiscing about old times Naruto and Iruka stood up to leave.

"My treat Iruka-sensei."

"Oh no, you've been paying for everything all day. Let me at least pay for dinner."

"Nonsense." Naruto grinned at his teacher as he pulled out a wad of bills and placed a few on the counter.

"You're lucky to have such a nice student. Aren't you Iruka-sensei?" The owner of the bar offered.

"Very lucky indeed."

They stepped out into the street where the cool air seemed to slowly be replaced by a tolerable heat.

"Thanks Naruto. Today was definitely the best night and the most fun I've had in a while."

"I could say the same thing, but its not over yet is it?"

"Well, I'm dropping you off at home now. Aren't I? Or did you have something else in mind?" Iruka sure hoped so. He loved his student and it had been a long time since it had been 'the Iruka and Naruto show'. Lately it was Naruto and Kakashi. He supposed the new jounin had a lot more to talk about with Kakashi now a days than with his old academy teacher.

"Lest go swimming!" yelled out the excited blonde.

"Huh? Swimming? At this hour?"

"Yeah lets go! It'll be fun. We can hang out for a little while longer there."

"But I don't even have clothes to change into. Neither do you now that I think about it."

"Well, we could just jump in naked. Like on missions." A slight blush crept up to Iruka's face.

"What? I won't make fun." Naruto chuckled realizing the problem wasn't his sensei's clothes. "I won't tell a soul about..." Teased Naruto as he pointed with his chin at Iruka's crotch.

"Oh, are you trying to say I'm small?!" shouted an all too irritated Iruka a bit too loudly into the night. This caused two girls to giggle and walk the other way. Naruto didn't think Iruka could get any redder.

"I didn't say anything of the sort. Afraid or are you really hiding something Iruka-sensei?" Naruto's devilish grin spread on his face. His eyes narrowed above his mask into tiny slits of pure evil. Naruto spread his thumb and index finger into an inch measurement and laughed. Iruka took one good swing at Naruto's face, which the blonde easily dodged.

"Naruto!" Iruka took off running behind the younger man.

Naruto ran fast enough to be only fingers away from Iruka's grasp. He lured Iruka straight into the park with the clear blue lake in the center of it. Naruto jumped the fence and kicked off his boots and removed his headband. He ran closer to the lake and pulled off his vest and shirt.

"Naruto stop striping!" Naruto turned and started running backwards while removing his pants. "You can't catch me!" the blonde stuck out his tongue and turned removing his last article of clothing. He immediately jumped into the cool water.

"Come on in Iruka-sensei." Naruto splashed a bit more. "The water is fine."

Iruka stood on the small deck Naruto had just jumped off of.

"I'm not going in there."

"Oh come on!"

"No its late. You shouldn't have jumped either."

"Strip. I won't look." Insisted Naruto.

"I'll sit here near you." Iruka kicked off his boots and rolled up his pants letting his legs dangle into the water. There was a reason he didn't want to stand naked next to his student.

Naruto groaned a bit, but then it hit him. The best idea he'd ever had hatched in his mind. He wrapped his fingers around Iruka's ankles and tugged.

"Naruto.." Warned Iruka

"Yes..." That grin and those eyes again.

"Don't you dare pu--ah!"

Just when Naruto thought he'd gotten Iruka he was wrong. Iruka stood on the water being held up by a protective layer of chakra.

"I knew you'd try to do that." Iruka ran deeper in to the lake with Naruto still clinging on to his feet.

"So, I had chakra ready just in case you actually went through with it."

"Well, you thought of everything didn't you?"

"I'm still your teacher, Naruto." beamed Iruka quite proudly.

Suddenly he felt two sharp pokes on either leg. A loud splash followed an uproar of giggles and laughter.

"Naruto! What did you do!?" Eventually Iruka's laughter joined Naruto's.

"I hit two spots that block chakra from traveling down to the feet." Naruto shined and buffed his invisible badge.

"I'm glad you learned something worthwhile, but now I'm all wet."

"I told you to strip." Offered Naruto innocently.

"True." Iruka walked out of the water feeling a bit weighed down by all the wet clothes. He removed his vest revealing that his shirt clung close to his body. Naruto couldn't keep from staring. Yes, that was his teacher, his brother, and friend, but sometimes things change. They can. Can't they? Iruka stood completely naked only covered by the dark shadows of the night.

"Not shy are you Iruka?"

"Not at all. Not in front of you. You're Naruto why would I hide?"

"What does that mean?" Asked Naruto defensively.

"That you wouldn't make fun or tease me." After a quick thought he added "At least not seriously."

"Of course. So you trust me. Good."

Naruto began to regret suggesting the naked midnight swim as Iruka walked closer and closer to the edge of the lake. He'd hung his clothes to dry and was ready to jump right back in. Naruto began backing up every time Iruka got close.

"Naruto is something wrong?" Iruka noticed the younger man was no longer laughing not even smiling.


"Well you were extremely excited three minutes ago, and now you're avoiding me."

I'm not avoiding you. I'm just trying to keep myself from taking you right here. Iruka-sensei if you only knew how many times per mission you crawl into my mind. If I could I'd take you right here and now, but I'm just your little student Naruto.

Iruka was finally able to close the distance between them. "Earth to Naruto!" He got a bit too close. Both men opened their eyes wide when they felt the initial contact of two very ready erections.

"Sorry!" The color left Iruka's face quickly.

Naruto almost passed out of blood loss when he felt Iruka brush up so softly against him.

"Gosh Iruka-sensei why don't you just sit on my lap?" Teased Naruto. He'd regained his confidence after feeling his teacher was just as aroused.

"Am I interrupting something?" A low voice came from behind them.

"Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto looked around for the location the voice was coming from. Up in the trees.

"Hello." Kakashi fell slowly to the ground landing without a sound.

"What are you doing here?" Iruka took a seat next to Naruto on the rocky bottom of the lake.

"I was just wondering what lucky couple was out here making all the noise." Kakashi eyed Iruka suspiciously and smirked. He too loved teasing the chunin.

"Ok well now that you found out that, can you go?" Naruto wanted this time alone with Iruka more than he wanted ramen on long missions. Kakashi knew how bad he had it for the teacher. The only reason they had been spending so much time together lately was to talk about Iruka.

"Sure." He added "Lovers." under his breath. Kakashi turned to leave but before he was completely out of range he called back. "You know Iruka if he were two years younger that would be illegal."

Before Iruka exploded in anger Naruto grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to his seat.

"Don't let that bother you, Iruka-sensei. Kakashi was just teasing."

"It doesn't... much. I just don't want him spreading rumors about town. I'm a teacher parents need to trust me not to seduce their children."

"Did you seduce me?"

How I wish that you would.

"Well, no of course not, but that wouldn't stop Kakashi-san from spreading rumors."

"He wouldn't do that. Really I know him." Plus I'd hurt him bad if he ruined your reputation.

"Well you certainly do spend enough time with him to know him better than I." There was a bit more jealousy in that sentence than he had originally intended.

"You have nothing to worry about Iruka-sensei. You're still number one." Naruto casually pulled the teacher close with a rough hug. "

By the way what time is it Iruka-sensei?"

"Umm." He checked his water proof watch. "1:37. The time passed so quickly."

"That it did. Well, I should be getting home."

"Do you have a mission tomorrow Naruto?"

"No, but I'm bound to get one soon."

They both walked out in silence and dressed on opposite sides of a tree. Naruto was dying to sneak a peek, but he knew better by now. He had gotten lucky today with all the close contact he wasn't going to push it.

"I'll walk you home." Naruto lead the way to Iruka's apartment. The dark sky was full of stars. The streets were empty now. Naruto had a strong compulsion to grab Iruka's hand every time it brushed against his.

"Well, here we are." Iruka reached for his keys and unlocked his door.

"See you tomorrow Naruto. Thanks again for today."

Naruto couldn't help himself he slipped his hand into the teachers loose pants and onto his teacher's hip. He wrapped his fingers lightly from behind and moved into a hug by wrapping his arms around Iruka's midsection.

"Goodnight Iruka."

"Sensei" whispered Iruka almost breathlessly.

"Iruka-sensei." Naruto released his teacher and without another word fled to his apartment jumping rooftop to rooftop away from Iruka who stood still frozen to the spot.