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Ch. 9 Ramen Nights Forever

"Hey old man, have you seen Iruka-sensei?" Naruto had checked all the seats and around the shop for Iruka, but he was nowhere to be found.

"Naruto!" The man behind the counter raised up a deliver box and handed it to Naruto. "You're on time. Iruka-sensei said you'd be picking this up."

Naruto grabbed the box hastily and asked where it was to be delivered.

"Iruka left a note for me to attach to the box. Its on the top." He pointed and quickly left to take another customer's order.

Naruto walked away and picked the note off the top of the ramen box. "Not another clue!" He opened up the note expecting to see a map to a labyrinth where he'd have to fight off man eating beasts all to get to another clue, which would lead him to another. "A never ending cycle." He whispered discouraged out loud. A smile slipped onto his face as he read the next note.

Hey Naruto,

There was a reason for all the clues. I'll let you in on it when you make it here.

Where is here? Go to the lake in the park. I'll be waiting.

Naruto stuffed the note in his pocket and started running to the lake.

As soon as he got near the entrance he could hear people laughing and talking. Iruka's voice was clear amongst the others. He distinctly also heard Kakashi's chuckle. Naruto climbed over the gate and made his way to the lake. When everyone saw him coming they remained silent. Iruka walked up to him and gave him a kiss on his dusty lips.

"Hi, Iruka." He whispered still confused as to why there were more than two people on their date.

"Hey, Naruto. I hope you don't mind I invited your friends." Iruka took the box from Naruto and looked back at the small group that had gathered. Sasuke was there with Neji. Both looked cool, calm and a bit cold, but they wore a sincere smile as Naruto's eyes passed over them. Kakashi was sitting next to Sakura. When he looked at the pink haired girl she smiled and waved. Kakashi saluted him and gave him a wink.

He'd known all along. Thought Naruto.

At the other end of the long table he noticed Anko. He remembered her well from his younger days. She always seemed to be around Iruka. She was already eating. Next to her was a handsome man Naruto had often seen with Iruka. Genma.

Naruto was still confused.

"I don't mind at all. What's going on?" Naruto handed Iruka the sad looking flowers still staring at all the people sitting and waiting.

"I just wanted everyone to know that you were mine now." Iruka took his hand and started walking towards the end of the table where there were still two spots without bowls. Iruka removed the food and served it up for the both of them.

"Don't you say hello?" Sasuke called out.

"Sorry, hi everyone." Naruto gave a still confused wave. He was increasingly nervous by the second. "You lied Kakashi." He gave his teacher a fake cold look and a smile.

"I didn't. You can't prove it."

"Hi Sakura-chan." Naruto nodded in her direction.

"Hey, Naruto. Excited?" Neji elbowed Sakura in the ribs which made her cough and lose all breath.

"Excited?" Naruto looked at her and then at Iruka.

"Ruki, what's going on?" He whispered.

"Well, I was going to wait 'til after dinner, but seeing as how you wouldn't be celebrating all night I'll do it now." Iruka stood up and everyone turned to look at Naruto.

Why is everyone smiling?

"Naruto, I've been in love with you for a very long time. I've known you for an even longer time." Iruka fumbled with his pants pocket as he spoke. "Now I know we haven't been together all that long, but I'm still hoping you'll accept this." Iruka removed a small box from his pants and opened it up in front of Naruto.

"Shouldn't you be on one knee or something?" Whispered Naruto in Iruka's ear.

"Maybe someday." He answered back in a whisper.

"Naruto, will you accept this teacher's modest promise ring, here in front of all of our friends?" Iruka removed the ring and held Naruto's hand. Iruka's steady hand failed him at that moment. Naruto's hand was trembling as Iruka tried to steady his own and place the ring on his finger.

"Of course." Naruto pushed his finger into the ring Iruka held and pushed himself onto the older man. They shared a sweet passionate kiss which would have turned into more if it weren't for their friends all cheering and clapping.

"Lets eat!" Yelled out Kakashi. The conversations resumed at the table allowing Iruka and Naruto some private time.

"Its beautiful. Thank you." Naruto placed his arms around Iruka and held him close. "So, someday huh?"

"Yeah, if you want." Iruka kissed Naruto's soft covered lips once more.

"Its all going by so fast, but I still wish time would move faster." Naruto moved his hands down to Iruka's waist.

"Don't rush it, Naruto. Our time will come soon enough." Naruto leaned in and kissed Iruka's hand. He took it and held it softly between his fingers. Together, hand in hand, they made their way back to their friends who were expecting them.

It was there, surrounded by laughter and friends, that they shared another ramen night.

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