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Life couldn't get nay better for huh? Her village was haunted. Not by the dead, but b y memories. They killed her. She was afraid to go anywhere's where they had gone together. She couldn't revisit any place where his memory existed.

Ever since her left her six years ago, she always was cautious of where she went. She vowed to become stronger to bring him back. It's been too long in her book. She had expected to have him back sooner.

She was 19 now, and still Sasuke hadn't come back. She hated herself for thinking he would return to their village one day, even if it was because he came back because he had no where else to go. Even if he didn't come back for her. He would be back right?

But yes, she hated herself for thinking he would return. Everyone else seemed to have moved on. Her rival for his heart Ino had moved and was dating Shikamaru. If Ino could get over him, couldn't she?

Naruto, Sasuke's ex-best friend and rival even seemed to have found it hopeless. As determined as he had been, that flame had died down to a small pile of hot coal, no longer the magnificent flame that burned with determination.

So why was she still stuck on him? Why did she have to dwell in the past? Her anger towards Sasuke had turned on herself over the years. She felt weak. She felt stupid. She felt like she had no purpose. She wanted to die.

More than once had she draw the razor sharp kunai across her skin to relieve her pain and hatred. The scars were still visible, but barely. She made a promise to stop after Rock Lee, who had been sent by Tsunade to check up on her, had found her in the act of cutting herself, and cried to her to stop the wretched act. He literally cried too. He started to beat himself down, saying how he promised to protect her and he couldn't. She felt crushed.

She just wanted to change. She…she didn't want to be herself anymore. There was nothing special about her. She had nothing to live for. He left her, she wasn't worthy of someone she loved. He basically told her to just stay out of his way. He reminded her of that all the time when he was still here.

Everyday on her walk to the hospital she would take the long way, to avoid having to walk by the Uchiha complex.

Her attitude had changed dramatically as well as her looks.

She was no longer the pink haired girl.

Not too long ago, maybe a month or so, Ino had made a comment to her. IT rang through her head all the time. "Are you growing your hair long for Sasuke Sakura?"

That day Sakrua when home and cut off her hair with her kunai. She didn't even bother to have it fixed and evened out. After she cut it, she stood staring in the mirror for half an hour. Her hair was too pink. To bright. It was too much of a happy color. She wasn't happy anymore.

She needed a darker color. She found one. So now, instead of being the bubbly pink haired girl, she was the depressed brunette.

But the memories continued to haunt her. She knew she couldn't stay in the village too much longer. She hated the sad looks everyone kept giving her. It made her hate them as well as herself. She had to leave. Go to a place where no one knew her.

"I need to leave here Tsunade." Those were the words she announced to her beloved shishou.

The blonde didn't seem shocked at all either. She expected some kind of angry look, but she received an understanding one instead.

"You can't stand it here huh? The memories hurt don't they?" She was amazed by how her teacher just hit the nail on the head. But she shouldn't right? Tsunade left the village for similar reasons. And just because Sasuke wasn't dead, or so they know, doesn't mean he still wasn't around.

"I get why you want to leave, and I can't really stop you. I'm just curious as to why you are talking to me about it instead of just getting up and leaving like most shinobi do when they decided it's time to go."

It was true that most shinobi just up and left. But she had a reason to tell her master. "I don't want to be marked as a missing nin." She replied and brushed a piece of dark hair form her eyes. "I don't want to have ANBU looking for me, only because I don't want to be found."

Tsunade nodded. That was understandable as well. She was smart to come talk to the Hokage before she left.

"When are you leaving?" Tsunade asked. The brunette in front of her seemed to be in thought.


"Do you even know where you're going to go? You need to have some sort of plan before you bail out. You might be a ninja, but that doesn't mean everything will be handed to you."

She understood this. Nothing was ever handed to anyone. Especially ninja. "I know that."

Tsunade didn't say anything for a long time. "Go to Suna."


"Go to Suna." Tsunade repeated. "I own a small apartment there for when I go there. I want to know that you have a roof over your head and I also want to know where you'll be. Even if you don't want to have anyone know where you are, I want to keep track of you. Just to see how your doing."

She nodded. Tsunade flashed her a small smile. "I care for you, and this is your decision. I'm not your mother but I'm the closest thing you have since you lost your biological mother." She found her eyes wondering to the floor as a frown stayed etched on her face.

So someone did care for here huh? Someone besides Naruto and Lee.

"Now, are you going to stay there as a shinobi or a citizen?" Tsunade asked. She had suspected Sakura would work in the hospital. It would be the best place for her and it would be easier for Tsunade to stay in contact with her.

"Citizen." She mumbled. Tsunade's face darkened the tiniest bit.

With a sigh she began to speak. "I spent so much time, so many years training you, and you're not going to even use it? Why don't you work in the hospital?"

"I just want some time away from the normal life I have been leading. I want to do something different for a bit, then maybe I'll go talk to the hospital staff about getting a job there."

That was reasonable. Tsunade bent down and opened a drawer in her desk. She shuffled through various papers and brushed away one of her sake bottles she managed to sneak in. She would deal with that bottle later. She would definitely need it.

"You've been in the Kazekage's tower right?" Tsunade asked. The brunette nodded. "Good. You need to go in and talk with Gaara and get your registration papers. Then, after everything is settled, my apartment is actually right next to the Kazekage's tower. It's about three buildings down on the right, the tallest one you can't miss it." Tsunade held up a small golden key that glittered in the light as she handed it off.

"It's number 7. If anyone asks why your going in there, tell them I lent the place to your. If they think you're trying to break in, tell them your not. And if they don't believe you, sock 'em one! 'Course that would just make them really think you're breaking in. You'll figure it out."

"Thank's Tsunade-sama."

Tsunade looked at the girl in front of her long and hard. She had changed so much. Honestly, the Hokage wanted the happy little girl she used to be with her pink hair and bubbly personality. Maybe this move would be for the better. Maybe it would bring back the Sakura she loved. Not the depressed, chocolate girl haired girl.

Tsunade stood up from her desk and advance over to Sakura, enveloping her in a hug. "Anything for you Sakura."

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