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"Baby Project"

Chapter One: Murrue's Revenge

"…So, who can name all twelve sectors of the PLANTS?" Murrue Ramius, the kindest history teacher in the Archangel Academy, asked her sophomore class. She had been teaching in the school since it ever opened and cared for the students as if they were her own children. She had always had a soft spot for children like her students—which was a very wrong thing.

All her students could see it. Murrue loved them and didn't like to see them fail. If one of her students were caught breaking the school rules, she would immediately make an alibi for the student to the Principal. Murrue loved her students too much that they took advantage of it. They no longer started listening to her lessons or anything she says. And Murrue was to soft to do anything wrong.

"Class, who can answer my question?" Murrue tried once more in a louder voice to get the attention of her students, but they all just ignored her and went back to talking with each other or something. "Class?! Are you listening?!"

Murrue knew it was no use, but she had to at least try, right?

She glanced at the small clock on her front desk, there still was thirty minutes until the bell would ring. She then looked at her students who seemed to have forgotten her presence, she sighed sadly and gave up. She sat on her desk and waited until the time would pass and let her end the class.

The bell rang half an hour later, snapping Murrue from her boredom. "Class dismissed. Don't forget to read pages 120-125 for a quiz tomorrow. See you all tomorrow!"

But alas, the students ignored her. They were just walking out of the room and the door was slammed closed after the last student went out. Murrue groaned in frustration as she pulled her light brown hair.

"This CAN'T be happening to ME!"

            

"What's wrong, Murrue?" Andrew Waltfeld asked as he placed a mug of his special brew in front of Murrue.

"You look very troubled" Talia Gladys added with concern for her cousin. "Is it about Elsman, again?"

"No… Well… Elsman is part of it." Murrue sighed as her fellow colleagues looked at her with anticipation. "It's actually my whole class… They aren't paying attention to me anymore!"

"Finally, you realize it" Natarle Badgiruel said as she sat behind her desk in the faculty room. "Well, didn't you try to gain their attention?"

"I did… They won't listen. I was practically yelling, they still continued to ignore me. They even left my room without saying a good bye!"

"Then fail them." Djibril stated evilly "That's breaking a rule. They must show respect to their teacher. Then you have to fail them on their character grade and on their academic grade."

"But… That's a little bit too harsh!" Murrue argued "I don't want to see them fail!"

"Then how on earth would they respect you if you always make them pass?" Natarle raised her eyebrow.

"Murrue, you should join the Dark Side" Djibril suggested with an evil grin.

By Dark Side he was talking about the small group of teaching staff in the school. It was consisted of Djibril, Gilbert Durandal, Murata Azrael, Rau Le Creuset and Talia Gladys. The five of them made sure that the lives of their students were as miserable as ever.

"Thanks for the offer, Djibril, but I certainly don't want to torture my students. I just want their respect" Murrue said with a smile. "But… I just don't know how to have their respect… again"

"Murrue, you know very well that there is only one way" Andrew said making Murrue frown. "The only way for you to have their respect is to make them see that you're hard. Not a softie. That you have the guts to fail them. That way they would start paying attention to you."


            

Murrue got in the faculty room and slammed the door close, then she stomped towards the coffee table.

"What happened?" Mu La Flaga asked, he was taking his break drinking Andrew's coffee.

"I tried to be tough, I tried not to be a softie. I tried to mark an F on their stupid papers!" Murrue ranted as she poured herself coffee. "But I couldn't do it! I CAN'T! MU, I WANT THEM TO RESPECT ME!"

"Murrue, calm down" Mu said and let Murrue sit on the small couch in the middle of the room.

"Mu, what am I to do?" Murrue sighed "I can't fail them!"

"Hmm…" Mu seemed to be deep in thought. "How about you let someone grade them?"

"Mu, I'm their teacher, I can't…" Murrue trailed off then her face beamed happily and excitedly. She quickly got up and faced Mu, "You are brilliant!"

She embraced him and pecked him on the cheek before leaving the faculty room and to her car. Mu stared at the door as he held his cheek and drooled.

"She does dig me" He laughed.

            

Murrue ran out of her car and into the robotics store. She grinned at the lady on the counter, her old friend, Erica Simmons.

"Hey there, Murrue!" Erica greeted with a smile "What brings you in here this time of day? I mean, don't you have a class to teach?"

"Well… I'm here because of my class" Murrue smiled evilly "So… Erica, do you have baby robots?"

"Excuse me?" Erica raised her eyebrow at Murrue. "Baby? As in a human baby that cries and cries? The annoying little baby that is produced nine months after having sex?"

"Yes" Murrue nodded "Do you have some?"

"I do… But I don't see why you need it"

Murrue grinned "That's great! Um, can I order about… fifteen?"

"Fifteen?!" Erica gaped at the brunette in front of her as if she were an alien. "Fifteen human baby robots?! Are you insane?! But, yeah, you can have the fifteen. Send it to your address?"

"Much appreciated!" Murrue smiled "The school will pay for it. Um, place it under Maria Vernes"

"Understood" Erica nodded "The machines will arrive at your doorstep in the next twenty four hours"

"Thanks a lot, Erica"

            

The following week, Monday, Murrue walked in her class ten minutes late. Her class didn't mind at all, but when she entered, she got their attention. She was helped by th school janitor carry two large boxes in the room. Her students quieted up and looked at her in confusion and curiosity.

Murrue thanked the janitor and faced her students with a grin. "Sorry for being late, class, but I have something for all of you in these boxes!"

Her students began to grin happily, thinking that it was presents or something. After all, she did spoil them.

"Now, before I get to that, I want you all to listen good and well, understood?" Murrue smirked to herself when her students nodded obediently. "Good. When I call your names, you come up here and I'll hand you what I'm going to give you, understand?"

Again, her students nodded obediently like five year olds.

"First up, Dearka Elsman and Miriallia Haw" She called. Then a blonde guy and a brunette girl stood up and walked towards Murrue's table.

Murrue opened one of the large boxes, Dearka tried to peek what was inside but there were smaller boxes. Murrue handed one box to Dearka with a smile.

"You two, seat beside each other and don't open the box before I say so, okay?" Murrue instructed and the two obeyed. "Next, Yzak and Shiho"

Evil danced in Murrue's eyes as she saw her silver haired pupil glared at the brunette who glared back at him. She was going to love their reactions.


"You're going on a leave?!" Mu, Talia, Natarle and Andrew gasped.

"That's right, I'm going to take a month leave" Murrue grinned "But don't worry, I won't need a substitute. The Principal already said it was alright. Besides, I already know what to do to my students. I tell you, by the time I return, they would b stupid to NOT respect me!"

"What are you going to do?" Andrew asked out of curiosity.

"Oh, it'll be a surprise!" Murrue giggled "But here's a list of pairs for the project, see?"

Murrue showed them a small list of names being paired and their, except for Talia and Murrue, jaws dropped while Talia smirked proudly at Murrue. Natarle, Andrew and Mu were considered the Good Side group which of course, was the complete opposite of the Dark Side.

"You're pairing Elsman with Haw!" Mu gasped "That's! That's! That's crazy! Everyone knows they can't stand each other! He's a flirt and she's… She's a bookworm!"

"Not only them, but Joule and Hahnenfuss, too?!" Natarle added.

"The only good pair you have here is Yamato and Clyne!" Andrew sighed "What are you planning?"

"Something evil, I guess" Murrue laughed.

"You know, you can join the Dark Side now" Talia joked.


"Lastly, Zala and Athha" Murrue called and a blonde lass and a blue haired guy shot intense glares at each other that mostly everyone was frightened. Murrue handed them a box and they sat down beside each other and Murrue knew they were not liking it, not one bit.

"I have sad news, I'm going to be gone for one month" Murrue informed and her students paled. "But don't worry, you won't have a sub teacher." The class sighed. "But, I'm leaving you all with a month long project. And it's by pair, as you can see. You will have to work together to pass. Another thing about this project is that it's very tricky, you see… I'm not the one who will grade you. But your project will be the one to grade you." Her class looked at her confusedly. "You'll understand. Anyway, there are strict rules about this. You can't switch partners or else you fail. You and your partner must work on the project together or else you will fail. And if you will fail, you will repeat this year next year." Murrue said it so seriously that her students believed her. "Now, open your projects."

Each pair began to open the box, quickly. They were all excited to see what their project was. And when they saw what was in the box, their jaws dropped.

"In those boxes are robot babies" Murrue smirked "You and your partner must take care of your assigned baby for a month as if it's a real baby. There is a manual there in the box, just in case. That, my beloved students, is your extremely simple project. Work together on raising the baby or else fail and repeat this year next year. I'm not joking."

"By the way, for fun, you can change their eye color, skin color and hair color. But only once AND it has to look similar to you and your partner. I don't want to see your baby not having any resemblance to you or your partner. I don't want them to look ugly either, don't mess with the baby or else you will fail. You can also program it's gender—it's your choice if it's male or female. Instructions on those are on the manual. And again, class, I am NOT joking at all. Babies, turn on"

Then each and every robot baby snapped it's grey eyes open and began to cry like a real baby, using a real baby's voice and not a mechanical one. Murrue smirked at the baffled looks on her students faces, since they had no idea on how to take care of a baby—let alone work together in harmony. And those were the two most important things to pass the project.


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