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January 18th

Dear diary.

Today was a very unusual day. Even though I knew about it in the first place, the homecoming of Chief Swan's long-lost daughter, Isabella Swan, had a surprising outcome. Here in Forks, we don't get new students too often, but I have never seen anything like what I saw today. It was remarkable how quickly the tables turned. I suddenly lost all the attention I have worked so hard to get, because practically everything that was male and able to walk flocked around her like she was some sort of celebrity. In a way, she was, I guess.

Even Mike seemed to take a liking to her. I have been working for months trying to get him to notice me. Just when it seemed he was about to see I was actually there, Bella comes along and ruins everything. I don't understand this. I really don't. What does she have that I don't? She's got a bad sense of humor, has terrible balance and she's not even that pretty. She's just … average. Where's the appeal in that?

At least the Cullens didn't seem too interested in her. Well, Edward Cullen did look at her a couple of times during lunch, but I didn't see him talking to her once they got paired up in Biology, so I doubt there's anything going on there. The look on his face hinted that she had somehow injured him, so that's good. His siblings, especially Rosalie, seemed to feel the same way about her. That's even better. It appears that I'm not alone in the disliking of Bella