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Love's Hiding Place

Written by SoRa-cHaN

PART ONE, Evil Returns:

The bright sun shone brightly in the cool blue sky. Not a single cloud in sight. Birds flew by happily as a light breeze picked up in the air. Sakura Kinomoto listened to the birds' happy singing. It was a happy day indeed.

Six years ago from today, Sakura captured the last card. The Void was gone and became the Hope. That day was the end of all of Sakura's card capturing, and most of all, she discovered Li's love for her.

From that day on, she and Li grew closer to each other. Everyday they spent together, thinking of each other, they fell in deeper love. Their hearts sang as they held hands and strolled down the park. Li now laughed at himself for pushing away the girl he loved most for so long.

Today was a day worth of celebrating. Since it was a day of big occasion, Tomoyo and Sakura held a party at a nearby restaurant which Touya and Yukito opened. They invited the old gang consisting of Li, Kero, Mei-Ling, Eriol, Spinel Sun, Touya, Yukito, and themselves of course.

Sakura beamed at the sign that hung in front of the cheery restaurant. It read "Touya's & Yukito's Finest!" The windows shined in the glistening sun for Sakura made Touya clean it… Once again Touya called her a monster as she yelled at him just to do it because she was busy. She giggled softly remembering the past few minutes. Though Sakura fought a lot with her brother, they still loved each other dearly.

"Hey," a soft voice said behind her.

She turned to see Li smiling. His brown hair shown in the light and his Chinese summer outfit blew about in the wind. Sakura's smile widened and gave him a hug. He returned the hug to Sakura and held her tight. Li stroked her hair and put Sakura down.

Li treasured Sakura. When they first met, he thought of her as an obstacle, but no longer. Instead his feelings from their friendship deepened into love. He loved everything about her. From Sakura's pretty face to her wide heart, head to toe. Li regretted living in China and only visiting her during summer. He wished he lived in Tomoeda, Japan instead in Hong Kong.

"Hey, I missed you," Sakura replied.

"So did I," Li stroked her face and held her hand.

Sakura smiled, "Come on, we're missing the fun!"

She dragged Li by the hand into the restaurant. The restaurant smelt of food. The sounds of dishes banging against each other rung as the sizzling sound of food cook made their mouth water. A trail of steam came from the kitchen along with the delicious scent of food.

The team chatted happily. It was a time of peace for all of them. The evil was gone and life had to continue. Eriol told of his days in Europe and Mei-ling and Tomoyo talked about the coolest new digital camera. Kero slept on an empty chair and Spinel Sun growled at him. Touya and Yukito cooked and everyone was delighted.

Sakura looked to Li who smiled brightly today instead of his normal frown. It was peaceful…just the way they liked it.


It was quite different for the Digidestined in the 'real world'. Today too was a day of celebration. The day when Apoclymon was defeated. But the teams had no party, no excitement. It was just another day in the duty of saving two worlds.

A year has gone by after the defeat of Arukenimon, and the rest of the evils that lurked in the Digital World. The Digidestined thought it was all over… how wrong they were… When a digimon was deleted, a new one was born, and evil is in everyone's heart. The only difference was how they reacted to it. If they went along with their evil nature they became a virus type.

All thought the virus that had lead to Cocomon's and Diaboromon's deaths were gone. It had just happened to be sleeping for a time being. Soon it found itself a new target inside another digiegg. The virus created a time warp causing it to go back…back before the beginning. It traveled to a digiegg, the digiegg of a creature half digimon and half human.

It was now the job of the chosen children to find the creature and to destroy it, hopefully killing the virus at last…


"Come on, guys! Time to show these guys what we're made of!" Taichi Kamiya called out.

A troop Garbagemon lashed out at them and fired their sludge.

"Eeeew! I'm not going through this again! Let's go Togemon!" Mimi cried.

"Right! NEEDLE SPRAY!!!"

A storm of needles flew in the air and shot their opponents. Garbagemon fell and deleted slowly. Soon another bunch would attack. Their angry faces grinned with devilish smiles.

"Ready, and fire!" their leader instructed as a chorus of shots were heard.

Sludge now rained from every corner. They were trapped.

"They're too many of them!" Yamato yelled as he tried to cover Sora.

Taichi grew sad as he watched Yamato protect her. Taichi had loved Sora all his life. They did everything together as little kids, and they were happy. Soon they began to grow up, and Taichi's feelings grew as well. Though he bore the heart of courage, he never had courage to actually tell Sora. Now his best friend, Yamato, had beat him to it, and Sora fell in love with him. He had waited too long.

Taichi shook of the thought and looked to Greymon standing over him. His orange skin was dripping with pinkish goo, as he held on tight to protect Taichi. He couldn't stand it anymore. Taichi got up from where he hid behind Greymon. His face was etched in anger.

"Greymon, digivolve!"

"Greymon digivolve to…METALGREYMON!"

The massive techno-dinosaur roared with a tremendous voice. He sneered and charged at the small troop below him.


The ferocious blast kicked the dirt up and wiped the evil creatures away. Their cries pierced the air and died down. The digimon de-digivolved back to their rookie forms, and the children came out of their hiding place.

"Welp, they're all gone!" Daisuke beamed proudly at their win.

He stood upright and looked across a long lake. Daisuke stretched his arms and legs. He looked into the water and saw fish swim about; all delighted the danger had passed.

"Why does this place look so familiar?" Jyou awed as looking at the beautiful scenery.

"Greetings, Digidestined!" a cheerful voice greeted.

They turned to see an old friend smiling. His wrinkles grew as his smile went from ear to ear. His blue and red cloak hung at his feet lightly dusting away the dirt bits.

"Gennai!" Koushiro cried happily.

"I thought you were like only a few years older than us…and he looked so cute too…" Miyako replied confused.

The old man (A/N: Digimon guy…um…digital human???) smiled and nodded. Gennai shoved his hands in his pockets and chuckled lightly.

"My dear Miyako. I was transformed by Azulomon to be young so I could travel your world and help you. Anyway, I was far older than you originally thought I was. I have seen the Digidestined since they were in diapers, and even the chosen ones before them." Gennai laughed lightly and sighed.

He looked over the horizon with a deep look etched into his face. The sun had begun to go down. The children hadn't noticed it had gotten so late.

"So pretty, isn't it?" Hikari awed.

"Yup," Daisuke agreed.

"Gennai?" Taichi asked.

His chocolate eyes looked away from the glowing orb in the sky and onto their adviser. Gennai looked to the older Taichi. Gennai smiled as he remembered the young Taichi who lead the first eight children. He was now all grown up.

"Hum? Have a question, Tai?" Gennai answered.

"Yeah…why are we here? Hasn't a year gone by since evil???"

Gennai nodded, "It's returned. And it's far more powerful than ever…so powerful, that we need help."

"Help? We already have two sets of Digidestined," Sora pointed out.

"Yes. We have also achieved the Ultimate level and we have a chance for 3 megas," Ken added.

"I understand. But it is stronger. Does the name Cocomon ring a bell?" Gennai asked.

Fear troubled their faces. Takeru and the others shivered at that name. It had been a tough battle against the virus digimon.

"W…what about it?" Takeru asked.

"Its returned. It placed its virus in many digieggs and caused the rebirth of the evil digimon again. But the worst is it has found a new way to get victims. It went to the past and took over a…somewhat different egg," Gennai replied.

"What kind of different egg?" Koushiro inquired, "Is it more complicated than a digiegg?"

"Yes. It is the egg of something that is half human, half digimon," Gennai answered.

"As in a hybrid cross between a human and digimon!?" Jyou exclaimed, "That wouldn't work. The egg wouldn't have even developed! Its genes would be all screwed!"

"No," Gennai silenced, "It has developed and the creature has grown."

"Okay, so how far back in time did it go?" Taichi asked.

"Back to December 12 years ago." Daisuke, Hikari, Takeru, and Miyako gasped.

"No way…we were probably only a few months old when it happened," Hikari acknowledged.

"And I wasn't even born yet…" Iori added.

"Are we supposed to go back in time and ask the little us to help us now???" Mimi asked.

"You are going to battle it in this time frame. But we will have to contact another parallel universe for someone with magic who can help us." Gennai pulled out another orb from his pocket, "Azulomon gave this to me. It holds the power of time and space. Are you guys ready?"

They shifted their eyes side-to-side wondering if they should do it. Soon all eyes were on their leader.

"Taichi?" Sora asked softly.

He looked to her with the same face she gave him. The face of question. Taichi wasn't sure if he should or not.

Daisuke saw how Taichi wondered and thought carefully. He could see that Taichi was lost and didn't know what to do. Daisuke remembered how he was like that on his first digimon battle. Taichi gave him his goggles. Daisuke thought carefully and removed his goggles. He examined them in the setting sun.

"Hey," Daisuke said almost in a whisper, "Here, you'll do what's right."

Taichi held the goggles in his hand. He looked to Daisuke in question.

"Go on, it's yours again." Daisuke smiled.

"Thanks!" Taichi placed the goggles over his blue headband.

Taichi breathed in deeply. The cool rush of air made him realize the confidence Daisuke had in him. He should have the same for himself.

"Okay, team! Together we'll squash that bug!" Taichi slapped the goggles onto his forehead and placed his hand over the orb, and Koushiro smiled as he boldly remembered that line.


"I'm so hungry…why do we have to cook???" Touya asked as his mouth watered.

"Because its our shop!" Yukito smiled brightly as he continued to wrap sushi.

Outside of the kitchen, the old team laughed and giggled as Kero let out a loud snore. There was a certain twinkle in their eyes. Everyone was happy. Smiles as bright as the sun.

Sakura smiled to Li and he smiled back.

"So…how has Hong Kong been?" Sakura asked.

"Good. How about here in Tomoeda?" Li replied.

"Okay, but lonely without you…"

Li smiled bashfully as a light blush came across his face, "Yeah, it has been lonely without some action. I somewhat wish that the were still cards to capture."

"Me too," Sakura smiled along, "After all, it's what brought us together."

Li leaned over to give Sakura a kiss. The chatter faded, and the people seemed to disappear. This was a special place for only them…until a certain 'cough' broke them away.

"Ahem! May I take your order please?" A waiter asked.

Tomoyo looked to Sakura and everyone looked to each other.

"Eek!? What's going on!?" Everyone's head snapped to Mei-Ling.

Her hand was shining with a bright light as tiny sparkles glittered around them. Soon they all began to glow; they shined with the power of the sun. Sakura looked over to the kitchen where the same light beamed.

"Touya!? Li!? What's happening!?" Sakura exclaimed as the light engulfed them all.

"Excuse me, order please???" the waiter asked, "Hello?"

The man opened his eyes and saw an empty table with empty chairs. He blinked in disbelief and rubbed his eyes.

"I could have sworn there was someone here…" he murmured.


Sakura groaned as she forced her eyes open. The image she saw was fuzzy and she blinked a couple times. She quickly took a gasp of air. Trees? Dirt? Where was the restaurant!?

"Sakura, are you okay!?" Tomoyo asked helping her up.

"Y-yeah…" she answered, "At least…I think so… Where are we???"

Sakura looked around and found everyone getting up from the floor. All their faces dumbfounded as they surveyed the area.

"A sunset?" Kero said, "I don't think I slept that long to miss the party."

Li looked around deep in thought. He didn't understand how they ended up here. He felt no magical presence beside his own and everyone else's. Li looked up to the pinkish sky and the cotton candy clouds.

Sakura held on tight to the key around her neck and felt safe as the cards we safely tucked in her purse.

"Greetings, visitors!" a voice said.

They all turned to see an old man smiling at them and behind them, and a group of kids such as themselves. They all stood there looking at each other with confusion. Everyone was silent. Li broke the silence.

"Who are you, and where are we?" he demanded.

Taichi walked up to the boy his same age. They stood as they looked at each other directly in the eye.

"We are the Digidestined and we have summoned you to the Digital World," Taichi answered.

"W…why? Have there been sightings of clow cards?" Sakura asked.

The Digidestined looked at each other, puzzled. Gennai spoke up.

"No. We have transported you from your world into this one for help. Please help us save two worlds and possibly soon yours from destruction once our world is gone."

"Destruction?" Eriol asked, "From what?"

The clow card team's head's were all spinning. They had no clue of what was going on. Two worlds? Another world? Their world?

"Destruction from an evil virus that will be our destruction if we do not do something about it," Koushiro replied, "But to lessen the confusion, we will introduce ourselves starting with our leader."

"Hi! My name is Taichi Kamiya, but if you like you can call me Tai! And we are the Digidestined! This is my digimon partner Agumon."

"I am Yamato Ishida! We came from Odaiba, Japan, which is the city right next to Tokyo. By the way, no autographs, please. Oh, and this is Gabumon."

"Hello, nice to see you all! My name is Sora Takenouchi, and my partner is Biyomon! We became the Digidestined as we received our digivices from the sky."

"Hi, I am Koushiro Izzumi! And my digital monster's partner is Tentomon! The Digidestined are the saviors of the Digital World."

"Hi-de-o!!! *wink* I'm Mimi Tachikawa! The Digital World is full of creatures known as Digimon! Such as Palmon here!"

"Hey, my name is Jyou Kido and this here is Gomamon! Our digital adventures started when we were about eight years old."

"Hi, I'm Takeru Takaishi, and my brother is Yamato! My Digimon is Patamon, and by gaining energy they can digivolve to a new stage."

"Hello, my name is Hikari Kamiya, and my brother is Taichi! Gatomon's the name of my digimon! We save the digital world from evil beings."

"Wuzzzzup!? I'm Daisuke Motimiya! And this here is Veemon! If he does anything disrespectful, he's young… *sweat drop* our adventure started just last year!"

"Hi, I'm Miyako! The digital world has its kicks, so I hope you stay around for them!"

"Ahem! Miyako!!!"

"Oh, and this is Hawkmon! Sorry…"

"I'm Iori Hida and this is Armadilomon! We get to the digital world using a computer."

"Hello, nice to make your acquaintance. My name is Ken Ichijouchi and my digimon partner is Wormmon. The creatures here in the Digital world could be good or bad."

The Digidestined smiled to them, their faces bright and happy.

The Clow group (A/N: So no one gets confuzzed between the teams, the Digidestined are called the Digidestined n the CCS characters are call the Clow Group, okie dokie???) looked at each other.

"Digimon??? As in Digital?" Tomoyo asked.

The Digidestined nodded.

"Yes, and this is the Digital World!" the old digi-human replied, "And I am Gennai."

Mei-ling looked around and saw the beauty of the Digiworld. She gasped a breath of awe as a sparkle flew by her. Mei-ling's dark hair blew in the breeze slowly and gently.

"How amazing…if this is the 'Digital World', does that mean everything is digital?" she asked.

"Exactly. Now you are catching on. Everything in the digital world is alive yet it's made out of data. Even ourselves as long as we are in this world." Koushiro replied.

Li nodded, absorbing the information as well as the shock from that they were ripped out of their world into this one.

Sakura saw Li's serious look. She studied him as his deep brown eyes lay on the ground thoughtfully. She smiled.

"Well, since we know your names, you should know ours!" Sakura said in an up-beat tone to brighten the mood, "My name is Sakura Kinomoto, and I'm 16 years old. We came from Tomoeda, Japan and I'm a Card Captor!"

Sakura looked to Li as he stood there thinking… What if they are enemies? he thought. Sakura lightly jabbed him in the stomach. Li blinked and lightly blushed.

"I'm Li Syaoran. I'm from Hong Kong and I too am I Card Captor and a descendant of Clow Reed."

"Hello! I'm Tomoyo Daidouji! I am one of the Card Captor's guardians! I film the battles and make movies!"

"And I'm Eriol! I am Clow Reed's reincarnated self! I live in Europe and I help the Card Captors!"

"I'm Touya Kinomoto, Sakura's older sister. My friend and I have a restaurant in Tomoeda. Visit us sometime! Oh, and don't mess with the little monster…"

Sakura growled to Touya as he laughed.

"I'm Yukito, Touya's friend! I am Yue's human form, the guardian of the moon, and complete opposite of Ceroberus, also known as Kero. Yue is one of the Clow Book's guardians."

"I'm Kero, and my true form is Ceroberus, the sun guardian. I guard the Clow Book along with Yue. I may be small, but my true form is waaaaaayyyy bigger!"

"I am Spinel Sun, and my master is Eriol. I am similar to Kero though I look somewhat different and do not guard the Clow as he does. My true form is a panther with wings."

"My name is Mei-Ling Li and I'm Li's cousin. I too am a guardian of the Card Captors. I also live in Hong Kong and Li and I visited Tomoeda 'cause it was the anniversary of the last battle we were in."

The Digidestined looked to each other, slowly trying to understand what they had learned.

"Clow Book? Card Captures?" Ken inquired, "I've never heard of them…"

Li stepped forward. He stood straight as his hair lightly blew about. He reminded them of Taichi. His heart of courage beat within him, as it did within Taichi.

"I'll explain," he replied, "If you explain to us about your story."

Taichi gave the same lopsided grin he has all his life. His pearly whites glew in the light as he nodded.

"Alright, deal!" Taichi said as Li smiled back and nodded.

"The Clow Cards were created by my relative long ago named Clow Reed. Clow Reed is reincarnated within Eriol. The Clow Cards were sealed in the Book of Clow which Kero and Yue protected. Yue's human form is Yukito. Sakura broke the book's seal as she opened it 6 years ago, and the cards scattered. As a descendant, I had to get them back, yet the clow had chosen Sakura. We fought at first over them, but now we are in love and get along well. As we captured them, we discovered people very close to us had magic. Such as her best friend Tomoyo. She guards and protects the chosen one by the Clow. You can say we met by fate," Li explained.

"I see," Sora answered, "And…are the any more cards left?"

"No," Sakura said, "We've captured them all. And today celebrates the day when we caught the last one."

"Coincidence?" Ken asked the Digidestined.

The Clow group looked to them.

"What is?" Tomoyo asked.

"Well," Taichi began, "Our adventure started 8 years ago when a Digiegg came out of my computer. It was what made us the Digidestined by destiny. As the chosen children we had to save our world and this world from colliding and perishing into evil. On this same day…we, the first set of Digidestined, saved both worlds by destroying Apoclymon."

"Oh…so, isn't ironic how it's the anniversary for both groups in two different worlds? Maybe this is fate too?" Yukito said, thinking out loud.

"But you said first set? Are there more of you?" Mei-Ling asked.

"Yes, many, many more. Hundreds to be correct. But we are the first chosen ones. Taichi, Yamato, Mimi, Koushiro, Jyou, Takeru, Hikari, and I are the first chosen ones. Daisuke, Miyako, Iori, and Ken are the second team. Everyone becomes a Digidestined as long as they have had contact with one in the real world," Sora said.

"Real world?" Eriol questioned, "So many things to learn…are you saying our world isn't real and so are we?"

"No, she didn't mean that. We call our world the real world because we only know of this world and our own," Yamato backed Sora up.

The two teams nodded as they started to slowly grasp each other's story.

"Okay, now that's settled, why are we exactly here?" Kero asked, "I mean, Clow never mentioned anything about parallel universes, and this getting confusing."

Taichi sighed…it was more complicated than he thought.

"Excuse me…" Gennai replied, "I shall clarify the situation. We had thought the evil was over, but a new crisis has come, and we cannot defeat it ourselves. So we summoned others from another world to help us…that is…if you are willing to."

Sakura looked to the others and smiled. Her hair glistened with the last drop of light as it fully went down.

"You got us for the job!" she smiled and agreed.

"Thank you," Hikari smiled back to her.

Li on the other hand had something else on his mind and placed his hand on Sakura's shoulder firmly. She looked back at him with a look of confusion.

"What?" she asked.

"What if they are an enemy?" Li pondered…he couldn't be sure.

Sakura looked back at Taichi. He grinned and he had a glint of hope in his eyes.

"All right, guys! And we're on our way!!! We'll set camp here!" Taichi called out in happiness.



Her dark chestnut hair fell over her face as she stumbled onto the hard, cold ground. A bit of blood glittered down the edge of her lips. She raised her gloved hand and wiped it off as she looked to her towering father.

Her father's red eyes glared at her. Even his horns looked sharper and larger than usual. Her breath quivered as he looked onto her with disgust.

"You! You were supposed to prevent them from coming to the digital world!!!" her father yelled, "Your heart is too happy, and good. Have you forgotten that you are my daughter and are evil!?"

"No, sir…" she answered meekly.

"Now go, and destroy them!!! And take this…"

His large hands outstretched before her. Within his clawed hands was a shining crystal. Its light twinkled within her chestnut eyes.

"This crystal is your power and life…without it you shall die. Understood?" he said in his deep dark voice.


"Yes, what!?" he snapped.

"Um…uh…" she stuttered.

"Yes, master!!! You treat me with reverence! Got it!? Have I not taken care of you!? You should know by now…"

His hand rose in the air and slapped her again. She fell harder against the ground and skinned her knees.

"I am sorry, master…"

She took the crystal and walked away. She picked up her cloak, which hung on the door's entrance. Her soft chestnut eyes looked back to her father with little tears. I'll make you proud of me, father… And maybe one day I could feel what love is… she thought as she turned her back.

Back within the castle, Myotismon appeared from the shadows. His ghastly form hung eerily in the darkness. Bats screech as they whirled around him.

"You are a fool, Devimon. You know your daughter is weak. She is half good! You balanced the evil within her with the crests…you'll never learn. You are foolish, Devimon! She'll never be one of us." he sneered.

Devimon snapped his head back with an angry look, "Listen. This is her first mission. If she fails, we scrap her."

A smile grew long Myotismon's blood red lips. His fangs glew in the light. He licked them tasting left over blood.


A whirlwind of bats blew about as he went away…a cool rush of wind blew by. Devimon's eyes turned into little slits. He hoped that his daughter would not fail.

TBC…To Be Continued…

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