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This Oneshot is dedicated to my best friend who is a mix of Beastboy and Cyborg and this is something he would do to me given the chance!

"I hate you!" A certain half-demoness yelled.

"You don't mean that." A small green changeling answered. "It was just a joke."
"And like all your jokes, it went too far!" The girl's eyes were starting to glow a ghostly white now. "But…Raven." The boy had failed to recognise the danger signs. Raven turned her eyes white and her hands glowing with black energy. "Eep?" The green teen said turning to run from the corridor. "Oh no you don't BB." Raven put out one hand surrounding the younger Titan and sticking him to the ceiling.
Loud clunking footsteps heralded the arrival of Cyborg who took in the situation at a glance. "Ok. What did he do this time?" Beastboy struggled against the dark magic that had bonded him to the ceiling while Raven answered. "He switched all my cloaks for pink ones. Then decided it would be funny to throw them into the lake." She hissed. "Hence my current attire." Cyborg took a closer look at Raven who was indeed wearing a pink cloak. "Whoa BB. Two things to say." The robot announced. "One you should know better and two…NICE ONE!" He shouted the last words while jumping up to high five Beastboy who grinned. "Cyborg!" Was the last thing he heard before darkness consumed his senses.

Moments later Cyborg found at Beastboy's side, on the ceiling. Beastboy was laughing uncontrollably and Raven was seething at both boys. Raven stood watching her 'prisoners' struggling against their 'bonds'. "Whoa. Rae you can't leave us here!" Cyborg called after her. "Watch me." She replied entering the living room.

"This is all your fault Beastboy."

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