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Chapter 15: I Promise

Mother Nature must have been mocking him. The sun was beating down on him and the group of people standing there. The clear blue sky, the same colour as his eyes. Ryuichi Sakuma stood with his five year-old children, facing the stone. The Priest closed the book he was reading from. Takeru was wearing a small black suit and tie. Hikari was wearing an equally dark dress. Standing next to him, Tohma Seguchi glanced at his friend. His head was down, hair covering his eyes, Tohma was kind of surprised he saw no tears falling. Earth was now being shovelled into the hole where the coffin lay.

"Daddy! Who are those men? What are they doing?" Takeru cried. Both children cried, "Mommy!"

Tohma saw the tears sliding down Ryuichi's cheeks, and felt the sadness well up in his own throat.

"Daddy, stop them! Mommy has songs to write! She has things to do!" Hikari yelled. She tried to run forwards, but her father's hand would not let go, "Daddy!"

Ryuichi crashed to his knees and pulled his children into a tight hug, "Mommy's gone, she can't come back. I want her back too. You're all I've got now."

"Daddy," Takeru whispered, "Please don't cry."

Tohma felt even worse watching this scene. He moved over and placed a hand on Ryuichi's shoulder, "It'll be okay Ryuichi. It'll be okay."

Ten Years Later

Hikari ran to her father's room, her long pink hair trailing behind her. When she reached the door, she felt Takeru grab her from behind.

"Dad! Takeru's being really-"

"I just wana borrow your hair straighteners! I need to get ready for my date with Koji-"

Hikari hit her younger brother into silence upon seeing her father. He was lying away from them on his bed, staring at a photograph of their mother. She checked the date on her watch.

"Takeru!" she warned in a whisper, "Mom died 10 years ago today, shut it!"

Outside, it was raining hard, and the wind was blowing strong. The window at the end of the room was sealed shut. Hikari slowly walked towards her father, "Dad?"

He jumped, startled and turned to face her. He had tear tracks down his cheeks and his eyes were red.

"Oh dad," she whispered and jumped on the bed to hug him. Ryuichi held onto as if she was the last thing he'd ever see. They both heard Takeru's bare feet on the wooden floor as he approached them. He didn't like seeing his father like this, neither did his sister.

Ryuichi smiled, he hadn't lost everything, he still had his children, and friends at N-G. The smile soon faded, as his longing for Shuichi came back. Ten Years, and he still couldn't move on with that aspect of his life.

Ryuichi lent into his daughter's shoulder, he had never told them about Shuichi really being a man, and couldn't bear to. He didn't know how the twins would react, if they wouldn't care, or hate him for keeping it a secret.

"I miss her so much," his whispered into Hikari's shoulder. He felt a hand on his shoulder, "Its okay dad. Please don't cry."

Ryuichi let go of his daughter to look at Takeru. Some had said he looked the spitting image of his father, but had Shuichi's eyes. Now more than ever, Ryuichi agreed. He reached out for him, but a blinding white light filled the room. They all shielded their eyes as it got brighter. When the light faded, Ryuichi lowered his arm to look at the source of the light.

"Shu- Shuichi?!" Ryuichi said in disbelief. The twins looked at each other, then the figure standing before them, "Mom?"

A gigantic smile found its way onto Ryuichi's face, and cried with joy as he jumped at the one he loved.

"Ryu- No – Don't-" Shuichi warned, but Ryuichi flew towards him, through him, and crashed on the floor behind him.

The twins just gaped at their mother. She was crouching down next to their father.

"Ryu, are you okay?" Shuichi asked. He put his hand forward to help him, but stopped halfway, remembering he couldn't. Ryuichi sat up and looked at him.

"Wha-" he started.

"I'm- I-, I'm dead Ryuichi, I- I shouldn't even be here," Shuichi tried to explain.

He heard movement behind him, he turned round to see his children walking towards him.

"Mom," they both whispered again. Ryuichi still sat on the floor, looking at the back of Shuichi. He was wearing a dress, and his hair was long like Hikari's. Shuichi so wanted to hug and kiss his children, but they had barely allowed this. Since he join the them, he'd learned the truth about Keiko, how her killing him was part of a punishment, for what he did not know.

"Hikari, Takeru, I'm sorry I wasn't there when you were growing up," he cried.

Tears fell from Hikari's eyes now, "Mom, its not your fault. Don't say that."

Takeru looked at Shuichi, his father was right, she was beautiful.

Ryuichi got up and walked around the front of his dead lover, "How- how can you be here if you're dead?"

He didn't like saying that word. It gave a horrible finality to Shuichi's life.

Shuichi chuckled, "Oh, well you see. When I died, I was given a choice. Ascend, or-"

He stopped, and Takeru asked, "Or what?"

"I don't know, but it's worse than this."

He smiled at them, "I've been trying to get the other's to let me come and see you for ages. They- they were very nasty about it."

He looked upwards, and heard them tell him his time was nearly up. He looked back to his family, "Listen, this isn't the end. We will see each other again, its not heaven, but its the next best thing. I'm sure you'll get the chance."

Ryuichi processed that information, that meant that when he was dead right?

Shuichi snapped his head to look at Ryuichi, "No Ryu, don't even think of doing that. The children need you now. I can wait for ever. And doing that won't help you getting in."

Ryuichi hung his head in shame for even thinking that, how could he be so selfish?

Shuichi would not see them like this again, in the form of a human. He took one last look, "I- I have to go now, but, we'll see each other again. I promise."

They nodded, as Shuichi's form turned into that light again, and vanished once more. Ryuichi looked at that spot, where Shuichi had stood. Now he knew that he would see his love again, (he held the twins close), life seemed bearable.

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