Remus couldn't believe she was gone. By the time James had found him and they'd checked the Marauder's Map, she was nowhere to be seen. She was just gone. He felt sick in his stomach, he felt cold, he felt like he would never be happy again. He sat in the shack, waiting for the transformation, maybe he'd lose it. Maybe he'd let it take the reins, to go wild. But deep down he knew he wouldn't. It wasn't in his nature to lose control.

He sobbed again. How many times had he cried about her today? He loved her more than he could even put into words. He'd proposed to her without planning it, he'd just known what he wanted and she was it. He needed her.

He transformed but even the wolf was morose, even the wolf had loved her. Instead of tearing through shack, they howled sadly. They had needed her. She'd become something they could both hang on to. But now she was gone.

He wondered where she was, if she'd locked herself up somewhere so she wouldn't hurt some people, or if she was running free like she'd always wanted to, driven by her power and her energy. He howled again. Would he ever see her again? Would she ever want to see him again?