Chap 1.

She glanced at her cousin nervously, clutching the backpack around her shoulders. She felt his hand on her shoulder, looking at him she heard him sigh "I know this is your first day, but you've got to calm down. Also don't even think about running, uncle told me if you did he wouldn't mail you your allowance for a month"

She pouted and slumped her shoulders. He chuckled "Come on it can't be that bad you might make new friends" she frowned "It's not that easy you know, you've been here longer than me I'm just starting. And can you cut the stupid calm down stuff, it's a freakn' boarding school, seriously who are you kidding?"

"That's true but that doesn't make it any different, uncle already had your stuff dropped off at your dorm room. So you shouldn't be complaining you're lucky I'm even escorting you there."

She tied her long ebony hair into a low ponytail like her cousin's and stuffed her hands into her hoodie,while her baggy jeans brushed against the sidewalk. She then looked towards the sky "Why do you guys have to wear stupid uniforms anyway, you know I hate skirts"

"Well at least you're not going to wear that hoodie anymore, do you now how many girls would kill for your body. You won't even be getting your uniform until today, so you won't wear it until tomorrow" the girl blushed at this and stuttered out "Well I-I like m-my hoodie and my body isn't something to be proud of." she then scoffed "You boys are just perverts anyway"

Neji scowled"We are not!" she giggled and stared at him "Yeah right, I see the way you look at that one girl, what was her name? I think her name was... Tenten, yeah! That's her" Hinata then nudged his arm "Why don't you just ask her out nii-san, before someone else does" He glared at his younger cousin "Shut up, I-I don't like Ten-chan" she grinned all a bit to evilly "So it's 'Ten-chan' now,ne Nii-san?"

He blushed a darker shade of red before facing the other way "W-were just friends o-okay!" she shrugged "Whatever" . He groaned she'd never let him live this down.

She froze as the school came to view. Neji stopped and looked back at his cousin "What's wrong Hinata?" she looked at him eyes wide before she yelled pointing at the school "W-what the hell do you mean 'what's wrong?' this place is HUGE!" he seemed unfazed by this and kept on walking only answering with a simple "So?" She fumed before running after him.

She dug through her backpack searching for her schedule, succesfully pulling out a crumpled a piece of trash she uncrumpled it and looked through it before shoving it into her cousin's arms. "Ne nii-san, how do you read this thing?" he sighed brushing a strand of hair from his face. "Let's see it says you have"

"1.English with Kurenai Rm 12

2.History with Kakashi Rm 23

3.Gym with Gai in the gym" Hinata could've sworn she saw her cousin twitch at the name, but didn't dwell on it. class with Tsunade Rm 5

5. Life science with Ero-... I mean Jiraiya Rm 30" now he was blushing? 'Wonder what's wrong with Neji?'

6.Art with Kabuto and Orochimaru Rm 2

7.Algebra II with Asuma Rm 10"

"Thanks Neji-nii-san I don't know what I'd do without you" she smiled at him, they continued walking until they reached the gates of Konoha High, the boarding school for both boys and girls.

As they entered the campus Hinata had her mouth agape as she stared at the dozens of Cherry blossom trees lined up all the way to school's entrace, what really surprised her was the giant fountain in the center. In her excitement she ran forward when she got there she stuck her hand in feeling the cool water.

She looked over her shoulder and called out to her cousin "Ne nii-san, is this really where we'll be staying?" when she recieved a nod she grinned and balanced herself on the stone structure of the fountain careful not to fall into the water, all the while thinking to herself 'I just might get used to this place'.

Jumping off she landed beside her cousin a confident grin now on her face. "Nii-san race you to the doors?" he then dawned a similar look "You bet".

Lining up with each other they got ready. "On the count of three" they said in unison




Hinata lunged forward only to fall flat on her face and to hear her cousin laughing a few yards from her. 'K-kuso! H-he tripped me!' She charged forward a playful smile on her face "Neji you bastard, get back here! You dirty cheater!" She could only hear him laugh harder, but she only smirked as she closed in on him.

Thinking of a little payback, she ran with a bit more speed only to leap on her cousin's back and hopping from there to his head, she hopped off just in time to see her cousin stumble before eating dirt.

Still running forward she let out a giggle before making it to the steps of the school, looking behind her she didn't watch her step causing her to loose her footing she braced herself for the fall, but when she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her instead of the ground, she was just confused.

When she looked up, the first thing she noticed was a crop of blonde spiky hair and a set of deep blue eyes. She couldn't help but blush when he tightened his grip on her waist before placing her on the ground.

He gave her a grin "You really beat the ground with Neji, congrats! Hey, you look new here. What's your name?" she blushed a darker shade of pink before realizing something 'Crap! Whatever happend to nii-san?' turning quickly she came face to face with a very dirty, but most importantly a very angry Neji Hyuuga.

She turned white as a sheet before hesitantly asking "S-should I r-run?" he smiled which only creeped her out more "You've got ti'll the count of five"

"W-wait I didn't get your name!" Naruto could only watch as she ran with amazing speed only to skid when she came to a turn. 'Oh well' sighing he turned to Neji only to laugh at the big red mark on his forehead, but he quickly shut up as the Hyuuga glared at him.

"You didn't see anything, right Uzumaki?" hissed the older Hyuuga he could only nod as the Hyuuga stalked off to his room muttering things about "stupid cousins" and other things that can't be mentioned.

Naruto let a terrifyingly evil grin stretch across his face ' Wait ti'll Kiba hears about this'.


Hahaha,I don't know why but I felt like writing this...guess I was bored. Well another sad attempt at a story, hope it was good. Also reviews are appreciated! Sorry if I confused you guys with the classes, anyways she has Cooking with Tsunade in room 5.