Chap 14

She sighed staring up at the white ceiling the horrible smell of medicine burning her nose, "How many times do I have to end up here?"

"Never again as long as you learn to stop being reckless"

"That's asking for too much", she pouted though not knowing the person who spoke she enjoyed the company. But curious she turned her head to be met with gleaming teal eyes making her frown even though a light blush was painted on her cheeks.

"You're stupid for doing that you know"

"Stupid for what?"

"For shielding me!"

"Is it stupid to protect those who are important to you?", he chuckled while thinking,

'Then I must be a complete idiot for protecting someone I love...'

"N-no but you shouldn't have done that", she blushed.

"Well if you got hurt much worse then I would have worried myself to death anyway"

"That's not possible...", she muttered growing brighter by the second.

He smirked at her, "Wanna bet?"

She smiled before frowning, "I'm supposed to be mad at you but..."

"Are you finding it hard to do?"

She chuckled, "You could say that…" this made him blush, before quickly looking away to the side so she couldn't see.

"Gaara you have a... Family right?"

"Yeah, I do but what does that have anything to d-"

"Then why'd you save me, what if you..."


"Yes, then it wouldn't have been worth it"

"You're wrong"


He smiled, "Maybe you've never really thought of this because you face danger almost all the time but Hinata if you we're to suddenly disappear from people's lives...Then you couldn't imagine how much we'd be affected"

"People would miss you too!"

"Yeah but they'd soon get ove-"

"I-I'd miss you...", she whispered quietly but loud enough that he heard, making him grip the sheets as he willed his racing heart to slow down.

"Hinata?", he dared to look at her but was stunned to find her head in her right hand muffling her words.

She looked up when he called her name, her eyes slightly wet.

"What's wrong, are you hurt?"

"Huh, oh it's n-nothing" she sniffed making him close his eyes, she truly was beautiful crying or not...


"Gaara?" he opened his eyes to find her standing right in front of him her right hand behind her back while her left stayed in its sling and her short patient gown barely reaching her knees, he blushed.


"Can you take off your clothes yourself or do you want me to do it?"

How cute, now she wanted him to take off his clothes...

"W-wait what, could you repeat that again?", he felt a nose bleed coming 'crap'

"Umm, okay take off your clothes?"

'So I did hear right!...'

"Are you gonna do it or not?"

"Of course not...", Neji would kill him for sure if he even found out they were sharing a room right now! Injured or not there's no way he'd be spared by an enraged Hyuuga.

"Okay, then I guess we'll have to do it the hard way"

"What do you mean-"

"Now if I remember correctly these flimsy patient gowns open from the back right?"

"Yeah, why?" his eyes widened all of a sudden as he felt warm hands skim his bareback slightly.

'She's fast...', he thought surprised.

"You gotta stay still for a bit kay"

"What are you going to do?", he looked over his shoulder at her, curious.

"Don't move! If you don't stay still this'll hurt more rather than benefit you..."

"I don't unders-", he sucked in his breath sharply at the sudden cold substance on his back from shock as well as pain.

"I'm sorry but if I told you what I was going to do then you wouldn't agree to it cause my ointment kinda stings a bit..."

"A bit?", he hissed through clenched teeth...

"Okay, then a lot but you'll get used to it" she smiled apolagetically.

They both looked at each other as the knob to their room turned slightly but before she could even get to her side it was slammed open, as two people came rushing in...



They both stopped in mid glomp when they saw the position the two were in then, just standing there with gaping mouths before their faces formed looks of anger, "What are you doing to Hina-hime/Nata!?"

Gaara gave them a glare, "Me?!"

"Yeah, you!"

"Yeah un!"

Tobi and Deidara made to tackle him but…

They both were pulled back by their ears, "Relax you two, I was just putting ointment on Gaara...So calm down" Hinata let go of their ears leaving the two rubbing them...

"Sorry...", they both said in unison.

"It's alright but you guys shouldn't jump to conclusions like that anymore cause that's how fights usually break out kay?" wagging her finger at them before she gave them a sweet smile, a mother would give two of her children.

They nodded cutely at the girl, blushes on their cheeks making the redhead on the other side of the room upset.

But he couldn't help but blush when the long haired girl then turned to him, with that accursed smile that made his stomach turn.

"Gaara do you feel it working?"

He heard hissing from his back and dared to look but instead found no sign of injury whatsoever, "W-what is this?"

"Hmm, well my mom would put these on my wounds when I was little and I guess I found the recipe while cleaning out her stuff after she passed away and all...", she looked down blankly at the memory of her mother…

"Oh", he wanted to smack himself for even asking.

"Way to go you jerk", Deidara whispered harshly to him from the side.

"Yeah you made Hime sad..." Tobi right behind him.

The sound of running water in the bathroom attached to their room and it shutting off was heard as the opening of the door caught everyone's attention...

"Whoa, what the fuck! I mean haha what the heck! Is the whole gang here?"

"Hidan, I thought you were still sleeping?", Hinata smiled while Gaara just looked on dumbfounded at the new stranger.

'Where'd he come from?', he thought not remembering the new face.

"Yeah but I woke up at a bad time... I hate seeing you cry and all but I was in no place to do anything, so I just decided to wash up in the bathroom"

'That bastard made her cry?!', went through the blonde's head but he sighed and refrained from doing any damage as he caught sight of her content smile.

"Well then Hidan, what's up with you?" ,Deidara looked at him with a raised brow.

"Well Tayuya sure was a she-witch so yeah a few stitches here and there", the white haired Akatsuki member lifted up his gown showing a pair of black boxers with red clouds...

Gaara snickered, 'Not like I didn't see that coming'

"You got something to say?!", Hidan hissed at Gaara but flinched as the bandages on his chest began to drip once again with blood.

"Hidan-kun!", Hinata rushed to Hidan, quickly rushing him to the bathroom to clean out his wounds and re-bandage them...

A few minutes later and they were both out, Hidan looking like brand new though his eyes were watery while Hinata looked kinda regretful and embarrassed.

Gaara looked at her as she sat herself in the chair beside him before whispering, "Ointment?"

She only nodded with a weary smile.

'Thought so… Poor guy…'

Deidara looked somewhat shocked at the earlier markings but then shrugged, "I've had worse"

Hidan only flipped him off before sitting himself on his bed on the far side of the room by the window.

"I want one!" Tobi grinned pointing a finger to his right cheek, "From here to..." he then led his finger to the left side of his forehead, "To here!"

Hinata giggled while the rest just shook their heads in disapproval, 'Gah what an idiot...'

All was quiet when Sasori went in along with Itachi and Kisame, carrying a bouquet of daisies...

"Sasori-kun, Itachi-kun, Kisame-kun!", she ran up to them and hugged the living daylights out of the three but hugged them so hard she brought all three to the floor. Not finding the current position she was in odd she blushed her eyes focused on the bouquet of daisies, "Hey hey Sasori-kun are those umm maybe for me?"

He sighed getting up from under Kisame and Itachi before walking to Gaara handing the confused boy the flowers, "No, they're for Gaara..."

"Oh", Hinata pouted while bringing up one of her able arms and placing her head in the cupped hand to ponder...

Sasori snickered, "You know you're painfully gullible Nata" he snatched the bouquet from Gaara's hands earning him a nice 'fuck you' glare from said red head which Sasori ignored…

But he then gave Gaara the 'finger' while Hinata was distracted.

"Really they're for me?!", he threw it towards her but before he knew it he was already suffering from the bone crushing hug as the flowers were already placed in a vase with ice cold water...

Sasori chuckled, "You seem to be faster?..."

"Hmm? I'm not faster, you just got slower...", she let go and plopped down onto the floor grabbing her stomach as it growled, she blushed shushing and patting it.

Gaara stood up and stretched before crouching down to her level and poking her in the stomach, "Are you maybe hungry Hinata?"

She nodded embarrassed but before she could speak Sasori opened the window to their room and climbed up onto the frame of the window, "Come on Nata if you're as hungry as you say then let's all go out to eat, my treat"

"Hmm, is anywhere is fine? I'm just super hungry right now…"

He laughed, "Of course, wherever you like"

She climbed up with him and together they jumped from the fifth floor...

"Hinata!", Gaara rushed up to the window his eyes shut, scared to see the crumpled form of his-

"Hey you guys, aren't you coming?"

"What the-", he opened his eyes to see her in the giant oak tree by the Hospital her hand held out to them...

"So you guys wanna eat or not?", she called out once more.

"Yeah yeah, hold your horses Gaki we're coming", Kisame hopped on into the tree but ruffled the girl's hair as he passed.

"Un thanks for the invite Nata, we could always count on you!", he quickly kissed her on the cheek before jumping off the window and landing on the ground beside his danna.

She blushed at what happened before smiling towards the next one to jump, "How about you Tobi-kun?"

"Well if you're going then, you could count me in Hime"

He hugged her before jumping off the tree as well joining the rest.

She giggled but then eeped as the next person passed, quickly bringing her hands in front of her and held her gown in place but didn't dare tie it in the back, in fear of dropping the gown itself, "Hidan-kun!"

"Sorry didn't mean to Hinata-chan!", he hollered from the bottom as he snapped pictures with a disposable camera, the others crowding around him to get a closer look.

Sasori with his back turned to them only sighed in disapproval but had taken a few pictures as well on his cell…


Hinata blushed as she felt a slight breeze and not because of the opening from the back but something or someone else...

"Here Nata let me help you with that", she shivered as she felt their finger slide down her bare back before they tied her gown tightly.

"T-hank you, Itachi-kun", he only nodded, kissed her on the forehead and hopped on down.

"Ahem well last but not least... Gaara, you coming?"

He shook his head to keep himself from thinking of ways to obliterate the Akatsuki and looked at her, grabbing his hand she pulled him onto the unsteady branch making him stumble but she steadied him.

'I should be the one who catches her when she stumbles...' he blushed in embarrassment but she just let it by as she got into a piggybacking position using her able arm, "Hop on"

"Wait what, shouldn't we just climb down... It's much safer…"

She smirked and quickly backed up, catching him in a messy piggy back though still one nonetheless...

"Hinata please don't I'm begging you!", he tightened his grip around her shoulders.

"Hold on!"

"It's nice to be outside the hospital huh Gaara?"

"Hmm?... Oh yeah it's nice"

"And look I see a drive-thru!"

"Yeah me too, what are you getting?"

"I think I'll get-"

"Hey you two, change of plans!", Kisame looked over his shoulder as he said this while holding down a snicker.

"What kind of change in plans Kisame-kun?", she crossed her fingers 'I hope we still get to eat'

"Well before we eat, you guys are supposed to get a new change of clothes"

She looked down at her short breezy gown and blushed before Gaara and her quickly caught up to them.

Sasori raised a brow at how ridiculous the both of them looked but sighed, "Nata, you can handle shopping on your own right?"

She smiled nodding, he handed her some money then eyed Gaara, "And you?"

"Yes I'll be fine"

After giving both of them money, Sasori looked at the time at a nearby shop and told them to meet at McDonald's at 2:15 pm it already being 1:30 pm... They then left the two alone, Akatsuki each looking back and giving Gaara a glare and a rasberry on Tobi's part...

"Umm Gaara-kun, do you think you could walk on your own now?", she blushed as she looked at him over her shoulder.

"Huh? Oh yeah sorry Hinata!", he got of her back his face as red as his hair, embarrassed that he had been on her back the whole walk there.

"It's all right Gaara", she looked at the deep nail marks on her shoulders, "It's my fault"

"I should've given you a warning before jumping off like that"

He chuckled but sweat dropped, "Yeah I guess since it was pretty high up... But still I shouldn't have spaced out like that, you must be tired..."

"Oh, not really you're not that heavy", she grinned flexing her good arm.

"I wasn-...", he looked at her with disbelief but then thought, 'Riiight it's an assasin thing...'

"Well we should get going, Sasori-kun won't be pleased if we're late you know", she giggled nervously.

'He doesn't like having to wait'

"Okay then I guess I'll see you later", Gaara saw her turn to leave but he grabbed her hand quickly earning him a confused look from her.

"Hinata well I uuh, just wanted to say thanks... Thanks for everything", he blushed before letting go and heading his own way but waved back at her...

She waved and walked away as well but couldn't help wondering why she expected something more after that...

'Like a hug or...kiss...'

She blushed before shaking her head and punching herself lightly on the head, 'Bad Hinata, how could you even think of something like that!'

'Hmm, how about a glomp or a smooch?...'

"No,stop stop stop...", she could be heard all the way down the sidewalk as she constantly bonked herself on the head...

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