This is what dreams are made of

"Oliver?" I whispered at the shadow that had just come into the room. Well, I damn well hope it's Oliver, because otherwise someone broke in. Very successfully too. I didn't hear a thing.

"You still awake?" Oliver replied, sitting down on the bed.

I nodded. "Duh. Obviously."

"I told you not to wait up," he said, as I fumbled around for the light switch.

"I know. But it was a thunderstorm, and I couldn't sleep, and I thought, hey, Oliver said he'd be back from his business trip, I'll wait up," I said, trying not to be too loud.

Oliver laughed. "Okay then."

"So, how was it?" I asked, sitting up, and drawing my legs to my chest. "I mean, did you get the story?"

"Yeah. I have to write it tomorrow, and give it to Phil on Monday," Oliver said. "How have you been? How are the kids?"

I smiled. "They're good. I'm good. Miley's invited us to a barbeque tomorrow. Apparently it's her and Jake's fifteen year anniversary."

"They got married in June," Oliver stated.

"I know! But apparently it's when they first started dating, or something weird like that," I waved my hand in the air. "Like it matters. But anyway, yeah. So we're going?"

Oliver looked at me. "You've already said we would."

I sighed. How the heck did he know? "Okay. Yes, I have, but I figured I'd do the polite thing, and ask you if you wanted to go."

"And if I said no?" he asked.

"If you said no, I'd drag you by your ear, all the way to the Ryan house, and force the barbequed food down your throat," I said, and then smiled sweetly at him.

Oliver rolled his eyes, and lay back on the bed.

"You do realise, you're getting the bed wet," I said, but I didn't really care.

He grinned at me, a twinkle in his eye.

"Oken... what are you planning?" I asked, knowing that look.

Before I could get away, he grabbed me, and pulled me close to him, getting my pyjamas wet.

"Now we're both wet," he laughed.

I wriggled away, and frowned at him. "That was so uncalled for."

Oliver just laughed, and I lay back down beside him.

"Can you believe that we act more like kids than our kids?" I asked him, as he ran his hand through my hair.

"I can believe it. I don't think Jay can," Oliver said.

Jay gets so mad at us. We'll begin a game of 'tag' in the street, and he'll be stood there, mortified. He's ten, but acts like he's older than us.

A rumble of thunder outside makes me jump.

"I thought the thunder had gone!" I said, and Oliver smiled.

"Obviously not."

A crash from outside made me jump again.

"Wow. That was some loud thunder," Oliver commented.

I rolled my eyes. "I don't think that was thunder, Ollie. Okay... you can come in!"

Two faces popped around the door, and Oliver looked up. "Hey guys!"

"Daddy... I'm scared," Marissa ran over to him, a familiar looking stuffed dog in her hands. Oliver lifted her up, onto the bed, and she pulled the covers up to her eyes.

Mae took her time walking to the bed. "'Rissa said she was scared, but she didn't want to come and see you guys alone..."

"Nu-uh!" Marissa denied.

"Yeah!" Mae defended.

I laughed. "You can come in too Mae."

She didn't turn the offer down. She was up and under the covers in seconds, snuggling in next to Marissa.

Marissa and Mae are twins; both five. 'Rissa is definitely the most girly, and Mae is the skater girl. I plan to teach her how to skateboard as soon as possible.

"So, how are you guys?" Oliver asked.

Marissa giggled. "Good. Are we going to see Callie tomorrow?"

Callie is Miley and Jake's daughter. She's four.

"Yeah," Oliver nodded, and Marissa squealed. Callie is her 'best friend in the whole world'. Apart from Mae, obviously.

Mae, who is laid next to Oliver wrinkled her nose. "Daddy, you're all wet."

I laughed. "Yeah. And he got me all wet too!"

"You liked it," Oliver said, sticking his tongue out at me.

I rolled my eyes. "Because I like nothing more than getting soaking wet in my pyjamas."

Another clap of thunder rumbled from outside. Marissa squealed, and threw her head under the covers.

"It's a big storm tonight," Oliver said. "Let's hope it's over for this barbeque tomorrow. I mean, soggy sausages aren't all that appea - "

Oliver didn't get to finish his sentence, because a feeble knocking on the door echoed around the room.

"Who is it?" Marissa called, in a sing-song voice.

"Me," Brandon's voice called back. He's three years old, and is our youngest. So far.

I laughed. "Come in!"

Brandon ran into the room, and pulled himself up on the bed. "I don't like the thunder Mommy."

I picked him up in my arms, and hugged him. "I don't like the thunder either."

"How long will it take Jay and Holly?" Mae asked. "I bet they don't like the thunder either."

Oliver grinned. "I doubt it'll take them long. They just want to seem braver than everyone else. I wouldn't be surprised if they were waiting outside the door, choosing a good moment to come in."

"Aww man," Jay cried, slouching into the room. "How did you know?"

Holly giggled, and jumped into the bed. "Dad's psychic. Aren't you, Dad?"

"I sure am," Oliver said, as Jay walked over to the bed.

Holly is eight. Jason is ten.

"So, how are we all?" Oliver asked.

Jay crossed his legs and sat at our feet. "You spoke to us on the phone a few hours ago."

"I was in New York a few hours ago," Oliver said. "A lot can happen in a few hours."

An eruption of voices filled the air. Mae was telling Oliver about her last few hours, Marissa was doing the same. Holly was relating her evening, as was Jay.

"Mommy?" Brandon said, although you could barely hear him through the conversation.

"Uh-huh?" I asked, putting my head on his shoulder, and hugging him.

"What if the bed breaks?" he asked, looking at me with worried eyes. "Is it supposed to have all of these peoples in it?"

I laughed. "Brand, I hope the bed doesn't break. But if it does, me and you are taking your bed, okay?"

"Okay," he nodded.


"Lilly!" Miley opened the door, her arms wide. "Have you had a baby since I last saw you?"

I rolled my eyes. "Very funny. No. Not for three years."

Miley laughed. "Sorry. Had to check. What is it, five now?"

"Last time I checked," I smiled, and watched as Marissa and Mae raced past me, gone to find Callie. Holly and Jason were behind them, gone to find Abby and Sam. Abigail Ryan was nine; born nineteen months after Jason. Sam Ryan was seven.

"Anyway, come in. Daddy is here, as is Jackson and his two. Jake's mom and dad are around somewhere, and his little sister. Although she's twenty, so she isn't really little. And that's is. Small gathering," Miley said, as Oliver walked up the drive, Brandon running in front of him. I picked him up, and walked into the house.

We walked out into the back yard, where Jake was trying to work out how to use the barbeque. Miley's dad was talking animatedly to Jake's parents, and they were laughing about something. Holly, Jay, Abby and Sam were playing a running game of some sort. Mae, Callie and Marissa were playing with dolls. 'Rissa and Callie's were dressed in pink. Mae's was in baggy jeans and a baseball cap. I smiled at it all.

"I'm gonna go help Jake with the barbeque," Oliver said.

"Okay," I replied, and he kissed my cheek.

Seriously. Ten years ago, when I was twenty years old, and devoted to Jay and Oliver, I would've never guessed that in just ten years, I'd be here. In Miley's back yard. With five kids, and a husband.

What had Miley said to me? God, it was about fourteen years ago now...

Then you'll live happily ever after, in a house in Malibu, with five kids, and three dogs.

Seriously. If Miley's singing thing ever fails, she could go into one of those psychic services. You know, where you phone up, and they tell your future. Because she got mine pretty spot on.

Apart from the dogs.

I wonder if we pass a pet store on the drive home...

Awww... and that's it. I may do a sequel. I'm not totally sure, because I wouldn't know where to go from here! But, if any of you have any ideas, then I'll take them, because I got an amazing response, and if you want a sequel, I'll write it.