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Other than the clanking of silverware on china, the kitchen was silentt. A muffled "mmmm", or slurp occasionally accented the quiet. Sue broke the hush. "Ben, you never told us what kind of cook you are. This is fantastic!"

The three men stopped eating and looked at her. She blushed. "I didn't just say 'fantastic' did I?"

Ben washed down his mouthful with a metal pitcher of ice tea and smiled. "Hey, Suzie, if it fits…"

"So, where did you learn to cook?"

"My EX-fiancé and me took some cookin' classes together. And with my fantastic appetite now, I shouldn't expect you to cook for me all the time."

Johnny threw a roll at Ben. "Enough with the fantastic, already."

"Hey Hot-head, speaking of fantastic, didya hear?" Ben stuffed the roll into his mouth.

"Hear what?"

"Reed's bein' honored for that little science project he did last year. Black tie affair. We're all invited." Ben turned to Sue. "Looks like I'm gonna have to go find someone to make me a tux, huh?"

Before she could answer Johnny's eyes widened. "Gee, I do too."

Reed stopped with a forkful halfway to his mouth. "I thought you just bought one?"

"Uh, yeah! But it got torched within hours when I had to go chase that shiny fella. Remember?"

Reed tweaked an eyebrow as he remembered the incident.

"Hey Pebbles, we can go tux hunting tomorrow. Whatcha say?"

"Oh. yippee."

Johnny sat back and smirked at the sourness he heard in Ben's voice. "First thing in the morning, then. I know this great place down the Village."

"Village?" Ben glared at the Torch. "I ain't wearing no powder blue zoot-suit with lilac frills!"

The smirk widened into a huge smile. "Trust me. You'll look terrific!"


"Where the hell is this place?"

Before Johnny could answer Ben's question, a shrill scream pierced the air. They both shot a look in the direction it came from, ready for action.

Across the street, a pack of Catholic schoolgirls all in their matching uniforms, noticed their heartthrob, The Human Torch, and they let out a squeal of delight in unison.

Ever loving the attention, even if the fairer sex was a bit on the young side, Johnny shoved Ben through the door. "It's right here Big Fella. You get yourself all measured up while I keep the fans at bay." He turned and faced the mob. "Hi, girls!" His bright smile elicited another round of shrieks.

"Can I have your autograph, Johnny?" A teenybopper with curly blond hair batter her baby blues at him.

He looked at her wondering how one so young could be so interested in the opposite sex already. "Sure." He took the paper offered, but turned down the pen. "Don't need that." He placed his fingernail on the paper and started scribbling his name. The paper smoldered for a moment before he handed it back.

The young girl looked at his name burned into the paper. "Hey cool!" She turned, pushing through the crowd. "Lookit what I got!"

o o o

Ben stood in front of the mirror watching the salesman measure him. He tried to catch any fleeting glimpse from the gentleman regarding his feelings towards working on such a behemoth of a man. But, the tailor was all business. As far as he was concerned this was just another suit to make and more money in his pocket.

"Sir, will that be solid black with a satin lapel?"

"Whatever you make, make it conservative. I already stand out enough as it is."

"Very well, sir. Will you be needing the button shirt as well?"

"The whole kit-n-caboodle."

"As soon as I write up your order, you'll be all set. Will the walking flame also be coming in to be measured?"

If Ben had been drinking soda, there would have a spoot alert. He fought to hold in the laughter as he looked outside to see Johnny flaming up for a few seconds. "Yeah, he's next. Be good to him, he's a repeat customer."

The salesman gave Ben an odd look, then smiled. "Tell him to make sure he's completely out when he walks in here. I don't need a cinder to set my shop ablaze."

o o o

Finished with the original group of girls, Johnny looked up and noticed the crowd had quintupled in size to include people of all ages, from kids on bikes to old men with walkers. He just ate up the attention. The crowd had been egging him to flame-on. Not wanting to disappoint his fans, he obliged.

As he extinguished himself a deep sexy voice come from beside him. "Now that's what I call hot."

Although far from original anymore, actually pissing him off now, the voice was so sensual he couldn't help but smile when he turned. He paused and a smile grew. "That's nothing. You should see how hot I can really be!"

A gorgeous woman about his age with dark thick wavy hair, and crystalline green eyes stood a few feet away. She was tall, almost his height and took a few strides towards him. She tripped face first into the his arms. Johnny caught her easily. "Don't worry, women fall for me all the time." But his smile faded as he looked up to the crowd. "I think she's fainted."

After a pause a teen spoke up. "I don't think she's fainted."


The young man pointed to a small red stain. "I don't think she's fainted."

Johnny looked over her shoulder, down her back. "Ohmygod. Someone call 9-1-1!" He laid her down on the sidewalk, facedown. Blood oozed from a hole in the silk blouse she wore. He looked up just as Ben emerged from the store.

"What happened?"

Johnny shrugged and shook he head before blurting out, "Don't know. She walked towards me, tripped into my arms, then this."


The detective talking with Johnny, reminded him of Columbo, Kojak and Ben all rolled into one. He was built like a brick shithouse, wore a crumple overcoat and was bald. "You sayin she just took a couple of steps towards you, tripped and died in your arms?"

Johnny nodded.

He eyed the young hero. "So, I'm guessing you probably have a lot of enemies?"


"Well, I'm thinkin she just got in the way. That bullet was meant for you. You being a hero and all. You've probably pissed off some bad guys along the way." He scowled. "…or someone's husband."

"Now wait just a min…"

Ben stepped up to the detective. "There's no need to be unreasonable."

"I'm just stating a fact. Your buddy here's known to be quite social with the women. Maybe one of them was married. Can't ignore anything, especially this obvious. Anyway, here's my card if you think of anyone in particular who might've done this."

Ben looked at the card. "Detective Tolo?"

"You got a problem with that?"

"No. Just never heard of it."

"It's Italian."

"We'll call you if we think of anything. C'mon, Johnny, let's get outa here."




"Perfect!" The killer smiled at the headlines and continued with the rest of the article regarding the previous day's events:

A young woman, identified as

Kisie McCardle was caught

in the wrong place at the wrong

time yesterday. As she approached

the youngest member of the

Fantastic Four, she was hit with

an assassin's bullet meant for

the Human Torch. Police

investigation is continuing

to find her killer. A spokes

person for the Fantastic Four

has stated that the superheroes

will do everything within their power

to find the murderer.

Spoot alert. Spoot is when something is so funny that when a person drinking soda is exposed to said funny piece, they snort the soda out their nose.