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The bullet ricocheted off the force field into a ceiling light. The ensuing pyrotechnics reminded Sue of 4th of July fireworks. The fan club president screeched to a stop. Although she didn't hear what the cop said because his back was to her, Sue had seen that he was going to shoot an unarmed girl and screamed at Caz. "Are you nuts? What the hell are you doing?"

"The guy who shot Johnny? Is a professional. Tolo said be on the lookout for anyone even a woman."

The three team members stared at the cop, then at the terrified girl, frozen in her tracks.

Reed broke the silence. "Well?"

"It's her!" Jessica pointed a shaking hand at the closed door. "The lab tech."

In unison they all looked towards 523. Reed turned back to Jessica. "What makes you say that?"

"It's her shoes. They're Manolo Blahniks!"

They all stared at her with blank expressions.

She couldn't understand why no one thought that was important. "Manolo Blahnik! The most expensive shoes ever made!" Again all she got was vacant looks. "NO LAB PERSON CAN AFFORD $15,000 SHOES!"

It finally sunk in and with Sue leading the way they exploded into Johnny's room. The woman had a syringe filled with a clear liquid poised less than a quarter inch away from a vein in Johnny's arm. She turned, the smile still painted on her face. "I'm almost done. Just give me another minute."

The grin melted off her face as the officer pointed his weapon at her. "Drop that."

"It's just his medicine."

"I said 'DROP IT'. Place your hands behind your back."

"What is this? I'm just doing my job."

Ben snarled, "Is this your sole source of income?"

"Yeah, I'm just like any other working stiff. Now, what's with the Vic Mackey impersonation?"

Jessica couldn't hold it in anymore. "Then how can you afford those shoes?"

The look was fleeting, but there just the same. The hesitation was miniscule but still noticeable. "These. They're imitation. Is that what this is all about? I'm under arrest for wearing imitation shoes?"

Before anyone could react, she flung the syringe at the officer, imbedding it in his chest. She mowed over him a split second later in her flight for the exit. He collapsed easily under her assault. But instead of clearing the door with ease, she bounced back into the room, landing on Johnny's bed. Dazed, she looked over at Sue who was wearing a bone chilling grin as she lowered her force field.

A low growl emanated from Ben's throat as he took a step toward the professional hitwoman. "Why?"

"I want my lawyer."

Ben hit the flimsy hospital food tray table and it splintered into tiny fragments. "Oh, I'll give you a lawyer."

Reed, who had been kneeling over the downed cop looked up at Ben. "Easy Ben. We don't want to give any lawyer a chance to get her off because of a technicality. Sue, get a doctor."

Reed really didn't need to say that as she was already out the door. He pulled the unplunged syringe from Caz's chest, hoping that whatever the drug was, not too much of it got into his system.


Johnny awoke to an annoying buzz. Detective Tolo was off to the side in a huddle with his three teammates.

"Ben, you were right. Johnny was a red-herring. She was a professional who was after the roommate of the girl that died in his arms. I spoke with the girl that had left. She said she got nervous when she found out one of the girls was the daughter of Russian Mafioso. That girl and the dead girl could have been twins. The hitwoman didn't even know she got the wrong one until we arrested her yesterday.

"When the media broadcasted that the gunman was after Johnny, little-miss-hitlady decided to try to hide her true target by going after him. She really didn't care if he died or not. At least until later. She got pissed at missing him so much and it became personal."

Ben noticed that the detective had a lot of answers. "Wow, she sure is singing like a canary."

"That's because we offered her protection against the guy that hired her if she opened up. In fact, she's willing to sing about several of her bosses for whom she had previous business. Could solve a few murders."

Johnny rubbed his wound. "Well at least this means I wasn't the reason that girl died. I was just in the wrong place. But damn, why did she have to go after me?"

Sue gave her brother a pained look. She knew how much that death had gnawed at him inside.

"So how did I get the hole in my back?" Ben tried to look over his shoulder. "Do ya think she was still trying for Johnny?"

"She was trying for you. Any of yous. But Johnny was the easiest target. Between Ben's thick hide and Sue's force field, she gave up and concentrated on Mr. Matchstick there.

Johnny pushed himself up into a sit. "Owwwww."

"You okay?"

"Sue, don't mother me. I'm alright." He pointed to the young woman that just entered his room. "I promised Jessica a pix with me, showing off my new scar."

"You sure no one's going to shoot at me again?" Jessica feigned hiding a smile.

"No way. You saved my life. I'd be dead now if it weren't for you. Say, how didya know about those shoes?"

"I was shopping online for prom shoes a few years back and found the perfect pair. They were $12,000. Needless to say I didn't get them, but I've kinda watched that brand, you know, wishful thinking.

"How's the cop?"

Sue looked at Jessica. "He's very lucky. It was a muscle relaxant. There was enough drug in that syringe to stop his heart ten times over. …or Johnny's. He did absorb a little of it, he was admitted and they're watching him. He's 2 doors down."

"And I'm lucky you saw him shoot at me." She shivered. "I can't believe he shot at me! I'm nobody."

Seeing her starting to stress from her narrow escape with death, Johnny patted the bed. "Come here. Let's get some pictures. Anyone remember to bring a camera?"