She'd never forgotten him. She'd never forgotten the way he smelled or the look in his eyes. She'd dream about him most nights. They'd be running together, the way she had always wanted to run with him. They'd fly through some forest, racing each other, shoulders brushing against each other. Sometimes they'd stop and he would nuzzle her or nip at her snout in affection.

She shook her head, running a hand through her hair. That would never happen. She needed to forget him, she told herself as she pulled on her clothes. She needed to forget about all of her feelings for him. She told herself this every time she dreamt about him over the last sixteen years. He'd probably forgotten her by now anyway. He'd probably moved on.

She looked down, (finally) the little Shi Tzu was sitting at her feet and staring at her, emitting a little whine every twenty seconds. It wagged it's tail and walked around in a circle. It needed to go out. She rolled her eyes and grabbed the leash, still thinking about him.

He'd be disgusted if he saw her now anyway. He'd been Dumbledore's since the beginning and she was currently in the employ of the Dark Lord. It wasn't that she necessarily agreed with his ideology, far from it, in fact, but they'd taken her in when she'd had nowhere else to go. They'd become her family, her friends, her life. To throw it all away now would not only mean misery, once again, but would probably also cost her her life.

She shook the thoughts away. She was what she was, and she would be until she died. And why was she even worrying about it? About him? She shook the thoughts out of her head, there was no use worrying about what he would think of her because she would never see him again. He was gone to her, she left him in the middle of the night sixteen years ago. She sighed as the Shi Tzu pulled her towards the dog run to do his business. Remus Lupin was dead to her, but she was still imagining his scent.