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Her Name is Rin – Speaking Lessons

He hadn't anticipated this.

Of all the things for her to do, he had not expected her to follow him. He had thought she would go back to the village, or at least follow him until they found another human settlement. Instead the child seemed perfectly content to trail along behind Jaken, stopping for a few seconds now and again to forage for food.

She was quiet, unusually so. He had already decided she was mute, but something seemed . . . off about it. It was as if she was forcing herself to be silent.

As they stopped for the night he decided: he would at least find out her name.

"Milord?" came Jaken's squeaky voice. "Why are we stopping?"

"The child requires rest." he said blandly. "Make a fire, Jaken. We shall have light for a while." The imp nodded and set about his chores. He took the opportunity to sit in front of the girl.

"Look at me."

Slowly she raised her hand, her entire body tensed. His eyes narrowed slightly as he realized she must have been battered on a regular basis. He would have to teach her not to be afraid. "You have been very quiet. Is there anything you wish to know?"

She considered for a moment, and suddenly pointed at him. He almost chuckled. Even without vocalizing her question, it was clear what she wanted.

"My name is Sesshoumaru. Say it."

She frowned then, and concentrated hard. He watched her mouth it silently several times. Without knowing it, he gave her a small nod, encouraging the girl. Sever fruitless tries, and then –

"She-shou-mah-ru." She repeated it again, a little faster this time. "Sesthoumaru."

To his surprise, he found himself smiling. It was a small smile, but it had been so long since he had felt like smiling. It felt foreign, but not uncomfortably so. Once again the girl pointed, this time at the imp building the fire.

"That is Jaken."

"Jah-ken. Jaken."

"Good." He nodded in satisfaction. "Now I have a question. What is your name?"

Once again the girl floundered. She struggled, but it was clear she could not remember how to make the sounds. Finally, she reached out and took his hand, firmly holding it palm-up. With one finger, she rapidly traced a pattern on his sensitive palm. His brow furrowed in confusion, and then comprehension crossed his face.

Quietly, he repeated the kanji to her.

Just as quietly, she repeated it back to him.

From his place by the fire, Jaken watched the exchange. It surprised him that his lord was taking such time with a human child. He watched as Sesshoumaru began teaching the girl basic words, how to say them. It was clear that she was bringing out his paternal instincts.

"It's a tree."


He snorted. "Close enough. That is a flower."

"Flower." She pointed at the small bloom next to her. "Dis one, Sesthoumaru?"


She once again repeated the word. Gently plucking the delicate blossom, she held it to her chest and smiled at him.

He found himself smiling back. "Your favorite."

She nodded and smiled again. "Fav-or-ite." She yawned suddenly, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hands. "Tired." She climbed into his lap and snuggled into the crook of his arm. "Night, Sesshoumaru."

He didn't say anything, too surprised by her actions to speak. What had he done to earn her trust? Nothing, as far as he knew. He didn't know what to do. His pride demanded he push her away; his newly awakened fatherly instincts refused to allow it.

His instincts won that battle.

Jaken glared at the girl in disgust. "What do we do with the brat, Sesshoumaru-sama?"


His servant blinked. "Milord?"

Sesshoumaru looked up from the child, his decision already made. "Her name is Rin."


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