Title: Centerfold

Pair: GuildiasXGuysXDurer (LE GASP!)

Rating: M

Length: 2-3 chapters

Disclamer: I do not own ANY characters, Langmaor did.

Lets Git-R-Done!!!


It was another regular routine day for Guildias as he walked through the Main Corridor of the Prison as he just finished with his Detective work for the day and it was time to visit Guys for one of his weekly 'Sessions'. He had hoped that the boy will not defy him again as he did many times before, otherwise there will be hell to pay. The last time he had 'sessions' with him, Guys could not able to walk right for the rest of the day as he did something that did not pleased him. But before he visit Guys, he had to go to his office to grab a few things for his 'personal business'.

Moments later when Guildias had finally reached to his office, he opened the door and sees Durer on the other side of the room standing by the desk.

"Good evening Sir."

"Hello Durer, I am here to check on Guys but first I have to..." but before Guildias had finished his sentence, Durer interrupted.

"That is what I need to talk to you about."

"What did he do this time?" Guildias asked

"Apparently, one of the Guards told me that he stole his Dirty Magazines recently just to read them. I just found out couple a minutes ago." Guildias' thin eyebrow raised as he was pretty surprised that the boy would do such a thing. At first he was pissed off for Guys to break the rules, but he had other ideas of what to do with him.

"Really?" Guildias asked in a Sarcastic way.

"Yes, but don't worry I will take care of that right away" Durer said as he was smiling Devilishly

"Actually, I will be taking care of that. But since you witnessed it, I can use a little help."Durer gave him an evil smile as he stared to walk out the door.
"I would be delighted to help you out anytime. I will meet you too in the torture room." Once Durer left Guildias was just standing there, getting stuff that he needed, and left the office with a wicked smile on his face.


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