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"Sit down and quit squirming." With that, Durer slammed the boy's body back down to the chair. Guys' eye begin to fill up with tears as he feared that something bad will happen. Guildias is watching from the table and begin to smirk as the show was about to begin. The Blonde Guard brings up the dildo to the boy's entrance and jammed it in fiercely. Guys screamed in pain as his anus was stinging in pain as the blood begins to drawn out.

Durer started to move the toy in and out in a fast pace as he is trying to attempt to beat Guildias' time. The boy begins to moan in pain and pleasure at the same time as the toy is rubbing against his sweet spot forcefully. "Looks like you can't stand this, but I am sure you will get use to this sooner or later" Durer said as he loves to see the boy suffers this way. Durer started to thrust in faster and reached up to pinched one of his nipples. The boy was starting to feel numb as he couldn't feel his bottom and feels more in pain as the Guard's finger is rotating the pebble of flesh.

Few moments later, the boy was ready for release as he was moving his hips forward to follow the pace of the thrusting from the toy and tries to help out his swollen length. "Ughh...I'm...AAAH." Guys moaned as the boy released for the second time. The hot jism flew into the air and landed on the base of the toy and on his legs.

Once it was all over Guys leaned back and started to catch his breath. Durer stood and walked up to Guildias, who seemed to be enjoyed watching this.

"So...?" Durer asked as he was waiting for the result.

"Not bad, only about 6 minutes and 10 seconds. Looks like I win." Durer shrugged in frustration as he was so close to beat Guildias' record. Once Guildias collected the money he earned, the blonde young man helped Durer to untie Guys before lifting him up and threw him on the ground.

"I'm sorry I stole the dirty magazine, I promise to never steal it again...please let me go" Guys begged as his body trembles down and feels more pain ever before.

"Begging won't do it. Its time for you to face your punishment..." Guildias replied. With that Guildias undid his pants, spread the boy's buttocks, took out his swollen length, and forcefully began to thrusting into the Guys from behind.

Once the boy felt the length coming into his ass, he screamed in pain as it was one of the worst pain he ever felt since Guildias' manhood is big. Guildias ignored Guys' loud cries as he started to thrust in and out while the boy's rectum starts to bleed again. Suddenly Durer went in front of Guys, undid his pants, took out his cock, and shoved it into the boy's mouth without any warning. Guys could not stand the smell of Durer as his eyes started to water and muffling out his words. "That'll shut you up..." Durer moaned as he took hold of the boy's head with one of his hands and began riding his skull.

From the back, Guildias began to groan as he started to go faster with his pace while Guys' arms and legs are shaking from standing all fours too long. Guys' pain had faded away and replaced it with waves of pleasure as Guildias started to reach up in the front and started to stroke his shaft while his cock was rubbing against Guys' sweet spot.

For both Guildias and Durer, this punishment is very suitable for the boy as it would teach him one of these lessons that won't ever make him forget. Guys' however wished that this wouldn't happen as its probably the worst moment that he could ever think as he got raped and tormented by not one but two Sadistic men. He couldn't able to think anything worse from this type of situation.

Eventually, Durer was near climax as he took hold of Guys' head with both of his hands and moves his head very fast and ignoring the boy's muffled cries. He tilled his head back and released into the boy's uninviting mouth. When Guys felt the fluid coming in, the boy tried to swallow it all but failed as it both taste horrible and salty. Once Guys removed the swelling organ out of his mouth, the hot jism sprayed all over his weary face, neck, and chest while it landed on the floor.

Guildias was also firing his sperm inside the boy's anus while took a hard hold on the boy's cock as its contracting and massaging his organ from the inside. While ejaculating, the semen mixed with blood oozed out from the anus and lands on the back of Guys' thighs down to his legs. For Guys, he couldn't take anymore of this as he screamed out in orgasm while he cums all over the young man's hands.

Once it was all over with, Guildias took out his now soften length out of Guys' ass and redid his pants. The boy fell to ground and slowly shuts his eyes as he was completely out of energy.

"That take cares of that...don't you think?" Durer asked as he dusted off his uniform. When Durer looks at Guildias, he saw him covering up his face as a few tears rolling down his eyes and never he saw him that way before. "Sir, Are you ok?" Guildias was facing back to reality as he just heard of what the Guard was asking him.

"Whu?... Oh I'm ok. Sorry about that." Guildias respond as he got up and started heading out the door with a blank look on his face. Durer followed him behind, his thoughts were thinking about Guildias' mysterious behavior. "I think that kid learned his lesson." Durer muttered as his face turned wickedly while he looked back on the boy before closing the heavy doors.

Few hours later, Durer asked one of the Guards to go get Guys and returns him to his cell. The red-headed guard opened the door, walks towards the unconscious boy and kicked him which makes the boy rise up quickly.

"Wake up Kid! Its time to get back to your cell!" The guard commanded. With that the boy stood up and follows the Guard back to his cell. His mind thought that this will be one of the useful advice he could use in order to stay out of trouble by not stealing anymore things, or else it would haunt him back like what happened earlier before he came to this hellhole called Enzai.

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