The Biography of Hiei and Botan : A Lover's Ballad

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Yusuke (demon): Life went on. Koenma ordered his men to find Hiei and Botan, but during the first sweep of the Three Worlds, the former Rekai Tentei was accompanying them. I remember going into his office, Kurama and Kuwabara beside me. He waved us close to his desk, now much bigger since he was now... the Leader of Rekai.

"Come closer!"

Kurama was silent, and I swear I could feel the sparks coming off of him.

"What is it, Koenma? You want us to find them, or what?"

Koenma looked over us, then ducked back down.

"Whatever you do, leave those two alone." His brown eyes were stone cold. To be honest, it was the most serious I had ever seen him. "Forces are at work that should not be disturbed. Hiei and Botan are my friends, our friends... and I want to respect them."

Kurama (kitsune): It was easy to steer the troops away from them. As the former Rekai Tentei, we were viewed as veterans who knew what we were doing. I was the scout, and not once did we ever contact the new Gods.

Not once.

The last day of the official "search", Yusuke, Kuwabara, and I were sitting on the edge of a hill, finding ourselves stationed in Whales. We were eating bread and cheese, our stomachs growling even as we nourished them.

"Do you think we'll ever see them again?"

Kuwabara talked with his mouth full, is small eyes looking out into the distance. I watched as Yusuke's shoulders hunched around his neck.

"Who knows. We can't track them anymore. Their energy is... everywhere."

I smirked with little humor lacing my lips.

"I believe many religious people say that 'God is always with us'." I sighed, my legs dangling over the hill. The spirits were getting restless behind us, wanting to go home and not chase after the God and Goddess any longer. "I believe that we may see them once more. Maybe not in the near future, but later."

George (ogre): After that Christmas, the Three Worlds stared at each other. Literally. Humans were face to face with demons. They stood, scared and awestruck, their breaths falling at the same rate.

I watched from the crumbling Rekai as their eyes settled on each other.

Mukuro (Elite Demon Ambassador): The light was brilliant. It left my body tingling and limp, my vision returning slowly. My eyes opened to see... humans. Ningens. I felt myself bristle, our two races completely exposed.

My following stared down the soft humans, our grotesque appearances appalling them. The light of the Savior faded, and we were left alone.

Notes from Botan's Journal (Goddess of Spirit and Light): I don't know where we were. I never asked. I didn't have the time.

Hiei wasted no time in kissing me, his hands hot from the flames dancing under his skin.


His voice was hoarse as he whispered that strained phrase. A phrase that I knew. A language that I was now fluent in. In fact, I knew every language that ever existed.

And so did he.

So he spoke in an array of languages, saying I love you over and over again. His hands were shaking as he skimmed them over my legs, sending chills up and down my spine. I could feel his desire, both in his aura and his flesh pressing into my thigh... yet he still held back. He still waited to make sure that I was okay with consummating the demon mating ritual.

All it took was me to gather my wits and grab his hands, kissing him softly for him to understand. I was ready.

Yusuke: I'm older now. Well, not old-old but old enough to feel time going by too fast. I'm a gym teacher at a local high school, Keiko the principal. I'm nice to the kids, and the outcasts and "wild-ones" seem to like me. I guess I really do attract them.

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a Tuesday, and we were outside playing soccer, the air warm and the grass green. I blew the whistle, herding all the kids back inside. It wasn't until I turned around that I saw one of my favorite students staring at the trees.

"Hey! Aamir!" The boy's face contorted, as if he were squinting as he faced me, his tanned face glowing in the sun. "What's up?"

Aamir was a new kid, his parents from the Middle East. I jogged over to the little slacker, his smile full of less mischief than usual.

"Aw, nothin'." He brushed himself off, some grass lingering on his baggy black pants. "Hey, are we getting a new kid or something?"

"No. Why?"

"Ah, no reason."

Koenma (spirit): I was visiting Ningenkai one day. I was walking down the streets of London when a homeless man grabbed my shirt. He pulled me down, alcohol on his breath.

"Please, some money, sir..."

I shook him off of me, tossing him a quid. Two steps later, I realized that it had been my Father.

Kurama: I own a flower shop now, but I sell all sorts of plants. Years passed and I finally found myself in a state of peace. Yusuke, Keiko, Kuwabara, and Yukina would stop by to say hello, and life was good.

I guess you could say that it started when I hired Deidre Kelly. She was nice enough, a seventeen year old that was visiting from England. She was a transfer student and her background was good enough.

Not that she wasn't good. Deidre is, how do you say... shy? She was a strawberry blonde with freckles and a pretty smile. Nothing really to worry about, besides the slight stutter, she was perfect for the job.

It was when I heard her giggle one day in the fall that I found myself intrigued. I peeked from behind a bunch of peonies to see Deidre gushing, her hands covering her face. My eyes shifted to see the start of hands. Whoever it was had long nails, and he took a daisy out of one of my bouquets and tucked it behind her ear.

That was just the beginning.


Mukuro: Fear rippled through the crowd of humans. Both sides were frightened. Who was going to make the first move? Was this what it was going to come down to? Were humans and demons still going to fight 'till the bitter end?


A short little girl ran through the crowd, sprinting to my arms. I saw her mother gasp, her name falling from her lips.

"Rose! Rose, get back!"

The child, Rose, jumped into my grasp. Her small pudgy fingers grabbed at my earrings that were a tribal design.

"Rose, that is your name?"

My voice seemed to ring in the air as both races waited for someone to make a move.

Hiei Jaganshi (God of Fire): She kissed me, and the feeling that washed over me was incredible. Words are not my strong suit, but so many buzzed in my head as I leaned in, taking her with my tongue.

You were always for me, Botan. She could hear me. I know she could. I'll never leave you, my mate.

We were in a secluded rip in space and time. Her back was on the soft grass, her pink eyes glazed over as her breaths became increasingly frantic. Wanting.

I kissed her lips, and in that moment, I knew that this was it. The time in life that I had unconsciously been waiting for since the day I was born. As I pulled the white sash that held her robes together, I smiled. A true smile.

I was in love. I, Hiei Jaganshi, am in love with Botan.

Yusuke: Aamir would take longer getting inside. He started taking care of his hair more, and he started to stop wearing such baggy clothes. It was the day that he straightened his dark hair that I had to pull him aside, a smirk spreading darkly across my face.

"Aamir, what's up with all this? You're straightening you hair now?"

The punk had his nose up in the air, his lower lip jutting out.

"What? I can't look good now, sir?"

"Not at all, my friend. I was just wondering why." Instead of answering, Aamir just looked away, blowing some bangs out of his face. "I don't believe it. You've met a girl!"

"Don't scream it, will 'ya?" He crossed his arms defiantly. "You sayin' I've never... been with a girl?"

I snickered, my eyebrows raising.

"I didn't say that. I just mean... you met someone special."

Aamir frowned, and we were both silent for a long silent. His eyes closed and when he opened them, I saw this shine that hadn't been there before.

"She is different." He turned to me, a sad smile on his face. "She's an old soul, just like me."

Kurama: When Deidre started wearing makeup, I had to intervene.

"Whoa, Deidre. What's the occasion?"

She smiled, her cheeks reddening.

"What? I have to be going somewhere if I fix myself up?"

"No, not at all." I quickly recovered, fixing some roses. "You look very nice."

She laughed softly.

"Well... thank you."

"You're welcome." She began to fix up a bouquet for a wedding that we were providing flowers for. "What's his name?"

Deidre's face caught on fire, her shoulders shooting up to her ears. She scuttled off, but not before muttering "K-Kaito".

Yukina (Koorime): Kuwabara and I are married now. Every once and a while, when Kazuma and I were walking out in the park with our two little girls, I would see this old man. He had dark hair, a beard, and a scar across his face.

Every time, I would look at him a little longer than I should have. He would always smile at my daughters, but never in a creepy or threatening manner.

One time, he got up, stretched, and walked past us. In that moment, when we were even with each other, I heard the unmistakable chuckle of Hiei Jaganshi. When I turned, hoping to see him, maybe even talk to my brother, all I got was a flock of pigeons flying away.


Keiko Urameshi (ningen): The Pope began to lessen his view of a vengeful God to that of an all loving God. When asked why, he said that two angels appeared to him in the light God, speaking to him of love and peace.

Mukuro: "Yeah, that's my name." She was playing with my earrings. I could feel my comrades gaping stares on me, their mouths hanging open. "What's your name, lady?"

I bounced her in my arms, smiling warmly at the child's mother.

"I'm Mukuro." I set her on the ground, ruffling her hair. "You have a beautiful name."

Notes from Botan's Journal: We had sex. Well, there's not use in beating around the bush, is there?

It hurt, but pain only ebbed away to pleasure of becoming one with Hiei. For a blissful fall, we were both in pure euphoria. He held me in his arms, and I felt secure. I could spend the rest of time in his arms, our legs entwined.

After a while, I'm not sure how long, he kisses my forehead. He's smiling. I feel as if my entire body just blossomed, seeing that gorgeous curl on his lips. I did that.

I am loved.

Pope Benedict XVI (Spiritual Head of the Roman Catholic Church): It was a Sunday, just after mass, when my camerlengo rushed into my quarters, his face flushed and his robes billowing.

"Your Holiness, something is happening in the main hall!"

I got up, my knees cracking as my aged body tried to hastily keep up with my youthful companion. We both hurried to the "main hall" which is really our personal chapel. The doors were closed, but inside we could hear this strange... sound... like a choir of angels singing.

"What has happened?"

The camerlengo turned to me, his chest heaving.

"Sisters have fainted... some not coming out."

My heart fluttered, and I silently cursed my old body.

"Then we must retrieve them." I motioned for him to move to the side. "I'll go in."

"But your Holiness—"

"Call the Swiss Guard if I do not return. I will deal with this disturbance."

His lower lip trembled, and it struck a chord deep within me. The camerlengo was not a boy, but a man. This... whatever was inside the chapel... had disturbed him so greatly when he had not looked upon it. I frowned and shoved the doors open, my robes blowing back as I stepped inside.

Koenma: After Hiei and Botan overthrew my Father... I didn't know what to expect. Was the entire world going to be reset? Were they going to come for me next? Maybe they would forcefully install peace or go public with their infinite knowledge. The possibilities were great and held equally colossal consequences.

A year passed.

Another. A few more.

At first I thought that Hiei and Botan were living in solitude. But then... I started to notice things. The Pope began to turn in teachings more about love than damnation. He would meet more frequently with other representatives from varoius religions, and he was rarely without a smile.

The President of the United States began a full task force to reenforce the good feelings between America and the rest of the world. In fact, an aged Jon Stewart remarked at the end of 2010 that it was the first truly inspirational president that America had seen in a long time.

At a new year's party at the now passed on Genkai's temple, I recall how I sighed at the turn of the new year. Kurama looked over at me and raised his eyebrows.

"Why are you not celebrating, Koenma?"

I turned to him, smiling a bit.

"It's not that I'm sad... it's just..." I looked at the flashing images of all the happy people in Time Square, streamers stuck in their hair as they jumped up and down. "These years... though they've been great and harmonious years... I—"

My voice cut out as a large hot bubble formed in my throat. I turned away, a bit ashamed of my slip in royal finesse. I missed my ferry girl. I wanted her back. It seemed that it was no big deal when she left with her lover Hiei. Everyone just kind of shrugged and went on. But I wanted her back. Didn't anyone care? Why wasn't anyone questioning? How long did Hiei and Botan love each other? How long did they detatch themselves from us and begin to find companionship in each other?

How long had I been in the dark?

"We all miss them, Koenma." The kitsune moved closer to me, stepping into the light. The bright bulb made the dark rings under his eyes more noticeable along with his protruding cheek bones. I sniffed, wiping my eyes with the back of my sleeves. "Grief... grief is a strange thing." He motioned to all the party members, Yusuke, Kuwabara, Yukina, Shizuru, Keiko, him, and myself. "Our hearts weigh us down everyday, but we know we have to keep going forward. Yusuke involves himself with his students, as well as Keiko. Yukina and Kuwabara share their hearts with each other... and Shizuru shares mine."

Pain throbbed in my skull, a constant lull over my thoughts.

"I know... it's just... I wish I could have just seen her one last time... just to say... goodbye."

A small smile dashed across my good friend's face, but it may have only been a shadow.

"As do I." The noises of our friends drew us out of our fog, but only slightly. I turned to him, and with a great squeeze to my heart I saw that his eyes were leaking modest tears. "I think your thoughts everyday, and they used to consume me." He yawned, causally wiping his face. "But... I've come to terms that Hiei and Botan are... beyond what they used to be. However, I'm still certain that I will see them before my time is up."

George: It didn't surprise me when Mukuro was elected Elite Ambassador of the Demon Race by both the demons and the humans in a landslide.

Yusuke: Times changed. Demons went to schools with human children. Naturally, some were accepting and some were not.

At one of our dances, Aamir actually showed up. I had to do a double-take. He was all dressed up, in a tuxedo and everything. Some of the girls were eyeing him up and down, their mouths open in awe.

"Whoa, Aamir, you sure fixed yourself up real nice."

He waved me away, his eyes scanning the crowd.

"Ah, it's nothing."

I joined him in his search, though I was not as educated as who I was looking for.

"Who are we looking for?"

"Just a girl, sir."

"Does she go to our school?"


"Well, what's she look like?"

My little rebel sighed, a sly grin spreading across his lips.

"She's got dark, dark hair. She's on the short side... but that sarcastic humor... it will get me every single time." I frowned a bit... old memories stirring up in my dusty brain. "And those crimson eyes... they'd stop any man's heart."

Kurama: The bell rang in the store one day. I had sent Deidre to the basement for some more ribbons, so I stuck my head up from behind my precious batch of peonies.

"Hello. May I help you?"

My eyes landed on a teenage boy. He was... well for one thing, he was tall. He smiled at me, his rosy cheeks glowing as he nodded.

"Actually, you could. As it turns out, I need some peonies."

I returned his smile, getting up onto my feet, dusting off my knees.

"You've come to the right place then. Peonies happen to be one of my favorites." Placing my hand on the boy's shoulder, I led him to my greenhouse. "The best are kept in an impeccable climate. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, I'm afraid." I jogged ahead, letting my love for plants getting the best of me. "Now, what can I interest you in? The yellow are popular during this time of year..." I trailed off, turning. I had lost the boy, his eyes seduced by the pink and lavender hues. I smiled, shaking my head to myself. "Ah... those..."

He turned to me, his very airy persona gone, his eyes now full of a raw emotion that I could only describe as a boy's love for his mother. His fists were clenched and he panted with desperation.

"Can I have some of those? Please, for mother's day... it would mean the world her—"

I touched his shoulders, trying to calm the frantic boy.

"Yes, yes, please, calm yourself." I looked at the peonies, my lips curled in a nostalgic twitch. "They were bred by me... so they are a bit pricey..."

"Money doesn't matter."

I raised my eyebrows.

"Okay." I began to take some of the flowers out of their holders. "How many?"

"A dozen."


"Yes, please. But only of pink and lavender."


Pope Benedict XVI: All the candles were blazing. The voices... the voices of angels rang loud. The doors were blown shut behind me, but I did not flinch. Out of the corner, I could see the Sisters unconscious on the floor. I held up my hands, my eyes flashing as I let my voice ring out over all the chaos.

"Stop! Stop this madness!"

I coughed as the candles all moved together, creating one large flame. My mind seemed to twist as the fireball throbbed and pulsed... and vanished to reveal... a man. It was madness. Then I turned to the basin of Holy Water, which was now rippling. The water began to rise, and a hand came out of the basin. Then an arm. A shoulder. A head.

My heart almost stopped when an entire woman clothed in white robes rose up from the basin, her long blue hair flowing around her. She saw the male, his body still smelling of flame and ash. Her mouth curled as she shook herself, as if recovering from chills.

"Sheesh. I will never get used to that."

"You're telling me."

They both turned to me simultaneously. I shut my eyes and held my breath, praying that my heart did not give out. When my eyes opened, the two... angels were still standing before me, the fire taming man helping the woman out of the basin, her feet firmly planted atop of the water.

"Who... who are you?"

The woman smiled down at me, the man smirking. They both spoke, as if they were one.

"We are Gods, your Holiness. We've come to... meet with you."

Koenma: Though Botan might have left us... I still see her. In every flower, in every sunrise, I see my best friend. Each breath I take... I know that she's with me. Though she might not be present, she was somewhere and that alone was a comfort to me.

Yusuke: A group of girls screamed, and the dance floor seemed to clear as a swarm of butterflies seemed to materialize out of nowhere. Aamir and I were transfixed as the insects fluttered and began to come together. In rapid beatings of their wings, a girl appeared.

Just appeared. Like magic.


In that moment, Aamir's blood drained from his face. Some of our students were already fainted, but others began to join them when this girl stepped forward, clothed in a red dress. Her eyes pierced through mine, but soon shifted to my young friend.

He knew now, as I do. As she stepped, on the air, not on the ground, towards us, I wanted to run up and hug her. Her hair was long and dark, slipping down her chest as she looked up into Aamir's eyes. She takes after her Father...

"This is who I am."

Aamir, known to be calm and cool in all situations, trembled, his lips flopping up and down.

"O-O-Oh, G-God..." He fell down to his knees, shaking like a leaf on a tree. "I'm so s-sorry..."

The girl smiled, still hovering. She bent down, taking his chin into her hands.

"You have nothing to apologize for." She kissed his forehead lightly, her hands running through his hair. "I've asked nothing of you."


"Sh. Come on, get up." She smirked. "As you would say, 'While you're down there...'"

Aamir let out a breathless laugh. He stood up, smiling as he kissed her lightly, a bit shyly.

"You look so sexy in that dress, Chihiro."

I suppose that he was about to turn to me, to tell me about her, introduce her to me, but I had already walked away. I already knew, and deep down, it would hurt too much to hear it from her.

Christ... Hiei's daughter...

Kurama: The boy paid in full. He turned to leave when I heard a small voice call out.


No stutter Deidre had returned. I turned to her, and then back to the boy. He turned, beaming at her.

"Bingo!" My heart slowed as my blood turned to ice. Goose-bumps rose on my skin as I studied Kaito closely. "I just dropped by to get my mom some flowers." He showed them to Deidre, smiling like he was the happiest fool on the planet. "Aren't they somethin'?"

Her eyes widened as she twisted a blonde curl around her finger.

"Wow! Mr. Shuiichi rarely lets people buy those peonies!"

Kaito turned to me, his eyes wide.

"It appears that I owe you another 'thank you'."

I waved my hand weakly, a shaky smile on my face.

"Please..." I sniffed, trying not to cry. "J-Just... tell your Mother and Father that... it was my pleasure."

I held my head up high as understanding washed over the boy's face. An immortal boy with powers that one could only dream of. He nodded, his comedic mirth gone.

"I will." He turned to leave, but then stopped, his hand holding the door open. "They speak very highly of you. You are still my Father's closest friend."

Kaito turned to me, smiling, before bursting into a flock of white doves, flying away. I just had time to catch the falling Deidre, her limp body in my arms as I watched the birds fly away. They have a son. I grinned, a loud burst of laughter coming from me as I pulled Deidre into a tight embrace. They have a son!

Notes from Botan's Journal: "I love you." We were staring at the stars, the grass cool on our backs. "I want you to know that, Botan. I love you."

I smiled, turning to look at him.

"I know. You told me." He growled, making me shiver with the molten images that flashed before my eyes. "I'm just teasing." With a sigh, I roll back to stare at the sky. "If I never met you... I'd... I don't know what would have happened to me... but it wouldn't have been good." His arm tugged me close. "I love you for helping me, not leaving me alone... and being you."

He kissed me. He began to make marks down my neck and chest, but this time, he took it slow. The ferocity was gone. All that was left was pure, raw emotion, and we made love that night, under the stars.

At that point, I knew that it didn't matter what happened to us. As long as he was by my side, we could do anything.

Hiei Jaganshi: At first, when I was young and before I had even met Yusuke, I had not wanted children. I felt that I could not be a good Father because of all the sins that I have fallen to. But when Botan told me that she was going to be the Mother of my children, my heart almost burst. I felt as though my chest had been opened up, the infinite sky filling me up. It was euphoric, even more so when the child turned out to be twins. Kaito and Chihiro.

"They will love." Botan and I were sitting on the edge of the Great Wall of China, our feet dangling over the edge. "You know they will." Clouds puffed from my mouth. "When they do..."

"Their immortality will be... passed ."

For the first time in my life, I felt like crying. Yet, tears would not come.


"We've eaten the apple. Our immorality is a curse just as much as it is a blessing." My mate turned to me, her eyes glittering. "We were meant to walk the Three Worlds until the end of Time."

I kissed her temple, trying not to worry.

"I love you."

"As do I."

The sun rose, sending sparkles over the grass that was dotted with dew.

"This is just another adventure, isn't it?" I turned to the former ferry girl, now Goddess. "To think that I thought working for Mukuro would get me out of these fool-hardy missions."

A warmth flooded my entire body as she grinned. I made her do that.

"Shame, isn't it?"

Rekai History Expert (spirit): The world woke to the harmonious laughter of the God and Goddess. A tenor and a soprano. Hiei had been right. It would be a long haul ahead, but they had each other. Demons and humans learned to coexist, harmony was found, and all seemed to sway.

It was similar to cattails in a marsh, or a pair of cold yet beautiful stars in a faraway galaxy. They were just two beautiful beings, so close and yet so far, still managing to find each other in the end.

Hiei and Botan walk, their hands forever entwined, as the world turns around them.

Love... for us all... is immortal.

The End


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