Title: True Evil
Rating: T, for graphic images
Genre: Angst/Horror
Pairings: Implied Chase/Wuya, very, very slightly implied Jack-Kim
Word Count: 353

Disclaimer: Fan fiction. Inspired by Lost In A Dark Wood's Challenges (ATLA)

His entire life, he had been picked on- teased- broken… almost killed on many separate occasions. No had believed in him, or his power. They had underestimated him, and that, that had been their fatal flaw. Perhaps if they had, they would have seen the danger. He may not have been an Elemental Warrior, but he was cunning and later, ruthless.

The utter dismissal of him and his creations had molded him into his current form. His evil grew to unthinkable size, and by the time the hated others had discovered that fact, it was too late. Nothing could change him back, not the sweet fire flower, not his good chi… he was beyond redemption. Beyond saving.

He had tricked, double-crossed, and stabbed his way into this reign in a way that Wuya would have been proud of. Pity she has to be disposed of so soon in the plan… but what better way to show them his deadly intentions? Or insure he would be the real master. Too long had he played the slave of the higher evil to show any compassion- even to his allies.

He had enjoyed their demise, the pain reflected in their eyes, the suffering at the hands of their assumed lackey… First the pretty kitten, with her tail and claws diced off… then the mime, forced to watch as his friends were slaughtered in front of him as his hands were bound. He was burned alive- never had Jack heard such a lovely scream… but Chase was the best of all. Fitting for his one-time hero.

He may have even fought to avenge his Wuya. What a fool, it had been child's play to taunt him into the beast he had become… and Jack had destroyed without mercy. Just the look on his face before the final blow- the whispered words that stung his heart like millions of pieces of broken glass… the last lunge of the lizard's fury, and the feeling of pure dark joy as the blood dribbled down his lips.

No longer did Jack remain in the shadow of evil- he was Evil.


A/N: As much as I wish Jack would join the monks, I can see Jack becoming a very great force of evil as well… as for what he said to Chase, you'll have to figure that out.

This was a freebie for you people to give an idea of what to expect. I'll be writing more challenges, so if there's something you want to challenge me to write (no slash), leave it in a REVIEW. (Hint hint).

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