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Chapter 1

An Interesting Discovery

Kagome gazed at the clear water far below her while sitting atop her grassy perch. A loud splash erupted, and as she looked to the source, a streak of red bobbed to the surface of the slow river. "Ever since I taught him to doggy paddle, he can't resist the water." She thought while smiling to herself.

Inuyasha admired his surroundings, and then saw a moss covered rock jutting out of the water ten yards away. He swam toward it, but just as he reached the large boulder, the pesky necklace that grounded him to Kagome began to pulse a deep red. Water splashed his back, and he spun around to see a hand sink into the water. Inuyasha averted his gaze to where Kagome was sitting. Her lookout spot was empty. He barely had time to scramble on the rock, but a massive tug pulled him toward the deep, watery abyss.

Kagome closed her eyes to bask in the warm sun, but they snapped open to find herself being dragged toward the precipice of the small cliff. She searched for a handhold, but slid over the edge. Just before she plunged into the water, she caught a glimpse of Inuyasha being tugged under as well. The necklace was glowing a blood red, but what could that mean? Kagome threw her hand into the air to signal where she was, but slipped into unconsciousness, still slowly being dragged to the murky depths.

Inuyasha flailed in the water, but he was then roughly pulled under water.Desperately searching for Kagome, a green pleated skirt caught his eye, when he realized he was being dragged to it! "What is that stupid kid doing?!" He thought to himself, careful not to waste any precious breath. How long had he been down here? A plume of dust rose from the bottom of the river, and he swam toward it. Inuyasha's silver hair floated in front of his fading eyes, but he realized it was changing to a dark raven color. He reached for Kagome's hand, letting out a gasp as he realized just how cold her hand was. His lungs were filling with the water, slowly poisoning him. Inuyasha pulled her to the surface, his demon strength smoldering inside his now mortal body. He burst out of the water, inhaling the clean air that he longed for. He hoisted her onto his back, and began swimming toward the huge rock. Every limb burned, the familiar puppy ears atop his head slowly folding down to disappear entirely. A loud moan was heard from Kagome, giving him enough strength to clamber onto the rock. He placed his red jacket carefully on her soaked, slender frame, just before lying down and closing his eyes for the very last time.