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Summary: A little explanation and more weirdness.
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Dressed In White

Kim looked down at herself, frowning in confusion. A white tuxedo jacket in a heavy, soft material covered a white silk blouse. A cream colored cummerbund, with just a hint of light green, encircled her waist. Her pants were also white, silk from the feel of it. Just from the way the jacket and pants encased her body, she could tell they were tailored just for her. Soft leather shoes in a green so dark it was almost black covered her feet.

A faint murmuring dragged her attention away from her self examination. Her breath stopped for a moment when she realized she was standing at the front of some kind of church. Light poured in through the distant glass roof . Though she couldn't make out the details from her position, the windows seemed to contain scenes with figures that were very familiar.

She could hear Ron nervously whispering to Rufus to her left. Looking in his direction, she could see Rufus sitting on his right shoulder. They were dressed in identical purple tuxes with sun glasses and high-tops.

Turning her head slightly, she could see the pews on the right were full of people, none of whom she recognized. On the left she could see her father, mother, and Nana Possible. Behind them were her Uncle Slim and cousin Joss.

Filling out the rest of the rows were a lot of people she remembered helping over the years. At the head of each side, dressed up as ushers in the same dark green as her shoes, were the Tweebs, for once behaving themselves, Jim on the right and Tim on the left.

There was a rustle at the back of the church and a solemn song she didn't recognize started playing. Seconds later, a parade of familiar faces began walking up the center aisle.

Leading the way were Monique, Bonnie, Yori, and Dawn Summers, dressed in identical black leather mini-skirts and green silk blouses. Each carried some kind of medieval weapon. Dawn was armed with a small crossbow, metal fittings reflecting the light; Monique carried a small mace, gingerly held in front; Bonnie and Yori both carried spears, their silver metal tips glittering in the colored sunlight pouring in through the stained glass windows.

As they reached mid-way, Kim recognized half of the couple they were escorting. Mincing up the aisle, Doctor Drakken was dressed in a blue tuxedo so dark it seemed to absorb any light that came in contact with it. His movements exaggerated as if he were too close to a ticking bomb, he escorted a woman dressed in a dark green wedding dress, her identity barely concealed behind a veil.

Reaching the front, Monique stopped and moved to Tim's side. Following her example, Dawn turned and stood next to Jim. Stopping between the pews and Kim, Bonnie and Yuri turned to face each other, leaving room for Drakken and the person he was escorting to pass between them.

"Ladies and gentlebeings, we are gathered here to affirm the partnership between these two women," a soft, familiar voice said, her words echoing across the church as the green clad woman and Drakken came to a stop next to Kim.

"Partnership?" Kim blurted out, looking towards the voice, only slightly surprised to find out it was the blonde woman she'd been seeing in her more lucid dreams, Tara.

"Damn it, Possible!" an angry sounding Shego said, lifting her veil. "What'd you drag me into now!"

"Me? I didn't do anything," Kim said, looking around the church in search of a sympathetic face but everyone seemed to have turned into wax statues.

"Well, it wasn't me," Shego groused. "I'm working on my tan and suddenly I'm in an episode of 'I Married My Enemy' without the cameras or prize money."

Kim cautiously stepped back from the angry super-villain sidekick. "Why would I want to marry you?" she asked. "You're not exactly my type."


"What!" Shego said, turning back towards Tara.

"Take a seat."

Kim could tell it wasn't a suggestion but there weren't any chairs. "Umm, Tara?"

"Yes, Kim?" The blonde didn't appear surprised that Kim knew her name.


Tara silently waved a hand. Kim stared as their surroundings were replaced by a familiar looking fire, sand, and a star covered night sky, leaving only Kim, Shego, and Tara standing there. On the edges of the clearing Kim could sense something, almost like the feeling she got from another slayer being nearby, but rawer. She suspected it was Sineya but the First Slayer normally didn't hide when she appeared with Tara.

"Impressive. Not." Shego said, looking bored. "Now where are we?"

"Sit," Tara said, pointing at a log set back from the fire. "Both of you."

Kim gingerly sat at the end of the log, as far from Shego as possible. It wasn't that she was afraid of her, especially in a dream, but Shego in an obviously bad mood was someone to give space to. Lots of space.

Stepping between the log and the fire, Tara frowned at them. "This needs to end," she said.

"Not my dream," Shego grumbled.

"I didn't invite you," Kim added.

"Not the dreams," Tara told them. "They are a gift from Sineya."

"Who's Sineya?" Shego asked.

"Her!" Kim said, pointing at the woman who'd suddenly appeared between them on the log.

"She can have her dreams back. I don't need them." Shego said, waving a glowing hand at her.

"She finds you amusing," Tara said, gracefully sitting on the sand in front of them.

"Good for her," Shego muttered. "Don't expect me to ask for any fashion tips. That look is so stone age."

Tara sighed. "You're like the worst of Buffy and Faith combined."

"You said something had to end." Kim said.

"There's a prophecy. Or two."

Kim looked at her in surprise. She'd learned enough about being a slayer to know that a prophecy was not a good thing.

"So?" Shego said, making a big production of yawning.

"They can be rather fluid. The first one could be about the two of you. You do have that comet connection."

"Comet connection?" Kim glanced at Shego so see if she understood what Tara was talking about.

"A coincidence," Shego said, getting up from the log.

"Maybe," Tara said. "But it fits the first prophecy."

"What's the connection?" Kim asked again. Shego seemed to be in her own world, somewhere far away.

"You were born the same day the comet appeared," Tara said, watching Shego.

"Oh." Kim thought for a moment. "And this prophecy? What does it say about us?"

"The wording doesn't really matter," Tara said.

"Two foes, daughters of the comet, yada, yada..." Shego said.

"You knew about this?" Kim asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Superstitious nonsense." Shego said, wandering back to the fire. Her back turned towards Kim, she started tossing small plasma balls into the fire.

"What's the rest of it?" Kim asked them.

"It doesn't matter," Tara repeated. "It's no longer accurate."

"And the second one?" Kim waited for one of them to say something.

"Standard end of the world prophecy," Tara said. "Self sacrifice, the whole nine yard. The two prophecies go together. You've managed to escape the first one so the second no longer refers to the two of you."

"But it'll still happen? The world will still end?" Kim asked. "Shouldn't we be trying to stop it?"

"You'll be part of it, just not the way the Powers That Be wanted, or when." Tara smiled at Sineya as if she'd said something funny, though Kim hadn't heard her say anything. "But..."

"But what?" Kim asked.

"The Powers may be too fond of manipulating slayers but they are correct. There is a definite connection between you two. There's the potential for more between you than occasional sparing partners. These shared dreams should have shown you that. But you need to do something about it if you don't want them to continue trying to meddle in your lives."

"What, kiss and make up?" Shego asked sarcastically. "Have an orgy so a bunch of voyeuristic beings who like to play god can watch?"

"That's one approach," Tara said. Kim caught her winking at Shego. "But whatever you do, Sineya thought it would be better if it were your own idea and not an idea planted by them."

"Aren't they in charge?" Kim asked, trying not to blush at Shego's suggestion, vaguely remembering something she'd been told.

"Willow broke their direct ties to all new slayers several years ago. They can only whisper in the back of your mind now; feeding you suggestions."

"Do we want to know what they wanted us to do as part of this prophecy?" Kim asked.

"No." Tara told them. "No," she repeated firmly at Kim's raised eyebrow.

"So what happens now?" Kim asked.

"You both go back and get on with your lives. And you take Sineya's advice."

"That's it?"

"That's enough," Shego said, dragging Kim to her feet. "Send her home. Now!" she told Tara. "She'll keep us here all night with her attempts to understand this crap if you don't."

"Shego! Don't you care?" Kim whined.

"I care that when I wake up I'll probably have sunburn because of you." Shego told her.

"You won't burn," Kim protested. "You play with hot plasma."

"Not the same," Shego said.

"Don't forget to write," Tara told them with a grin, tossing a handful of sparkling dust in their direction.

"Ugh! I hate majorly weird dreams like that," Kim grumbled, reflexively rubbing her arm where Shego had been gripping it just before the end. "And why do I have to get along better with her! She's a crabby, anti-social, sexy, and violent bad girl deluxe."

Rolling over, Kim slipped out of bed and headed to her shower, idly wondering where Shego was that she get some sun so early in the morning.

"Why are we here girl?" Monique asked, looking around.

"Because Shego asked for my help and I asked you to come with." Kim murmured. She really hoped no one who knew her parents had seen her enter the store.

"She's a big girl. Can't she just come here herself?"

Kim shrugged, attempting to appear nonchalant. "It's a family thing."

"Her family? 'Cause if it's yours there's something you've forgotten to tell me," Monique said gesturing at the displays of leather clothes.

"It's not what it looks like," Kim whispered.

"We're in the most exclusive leather boutique in Go City," Monique whispered back. "You could buy everything in a Club Banana for the price of a glove here."

"They sell other things," Kim protested as they approached a discretely positioned oak desk near the back.

"Can I help you, Miss?" asked a voice from behind them.

Kim tried not to laugh at Monique's involuntary squeak. Not everyone had slayer hearing. She'd heard the soft footsteps behind them almost as soon as they'd entered the store. Turning around, Kim found herself looking up at a tall man, the store lights reflecting off of his bald head and his 'Manager' tag. He couldn't have been much older than her father, she thought, though he made her feel short, Buffy Summers short.

"We're here to pick up a package for a Miss Go," Kim said, using the smooth, low voice she'd recently discovered worked almost as well as the puppy dog pout in getting her what she wanted when she wanted to appear more mature than the pout made her look. "She said you'd have it waiting."

"Miss Go?" he said, his voice seeming to pause before he said 'Go'.

Kim wondered about the faint, closed off look that briefly appeared on his face. She really hoped he knew what she was talking about. Shego was in for it if she'd sent them on a wild goose chase. Taking a slow, deep breath, Kim counted to ten. "Locker 314." she added firmly. "Please and thank you."

Nodding, he silently turned around and headed to the back. Kim and Monique followed him, stopping at a desk in the back while he left the room through a nearby door.

There was a slight snorting sound to her right as they waited for him to return. "What?" Kim asked, looking at Monique.

"Where did you learn that one?" Monique shook her head. "Locker 314," she said in a deep voice, attempting to sound like Kim. "Lethal." She smirked.

Kim shrugged before answering, "The pout's lost its punch. Even Ron is immune now. Thought I'd try something less kiddie-pop."

"That voice is def'ntly the thing girl," Monique told her. "They'll be lining up like nerds for some Indy-lovin."

"Here you go Miss," the manager said, handing Kim a small metal box the size of her old Kimmunicator before she could respond to Monique's gibe.

"A green box?" Monique said, eagerly reaching for it. "What's in it?"

"She wouldn't tell me. She just said it was family stuff," Kim said.

"So... what are you waiting for?" Monique asked, her hands twitching as if aching to grab the box. "Let's see what's in it."

"I can't do that!" Kim protested "Shego will kill me."

"You can take her," Monique said in a low voice. "You've got that whole mystical warrior thing going for you."

"So does Ron and he can't beat her," Kim reminded her.

"That boy needs some serious help. Just be glad Yuri took him off your hands. Now open it up."

Kim looked over at the store manager, who'd been silently watching them argue, to see if he would object. His silence wasn't a yes or no. Shrugging, Kim looked at the box, trying to find the opening. Other than a small indentation on one side it was smooth and featureless. "Any ideas?"

"Press on that?" Monique leaned over and pointed at the indentation.

"Okay," Kim said. Holding it like a garage remote, she pressed down with her thumb. A low cascade of notes erupted from the box as a line appeared along its circumference. Kim carefully pulled it apart to reveal its contents.

"What is it?" Monique asked eagerly.

"Jewelry. And a picture." Kim looked down at a pair of earrings and a slim ring that seemed to glow with a faint green light.

"Huh." She reached for the box to get a closer look.

"I don't think we should touch them," Kim said. It was bad enough that they'd opened it in the first place, she thought.

"Who's that? Shego's BFF?" Monique asked.

The manager reached over and took the box from Kim before she could object. "That is Miss Sarah," he told them, closing the box and returning it to Kim.

Before Kim could ask him how he knew her, a loud familiar voice came from the front of the store.

"Uncle Aiden! Are you here?"

"Yes, Hego," he answered with a long suffering sigh that Kim only caught because of her enhanced hearing.

"Kim Possible!" Hego blurted out in surprise as he reached the back of the store.

"Hey, Hego."

"Shhh!" He said making a silencing motion.

"Oh. Right." Kim leaned over and whispered in answer to Monique's silent question, "Shego's brother. He has secret identity issues."

"What brings you here, Kim? Is Uncle Aiden going to make you a real uniform?" Hego said in an attempted whisper.

"Uncle?" Kim said almost silently in surprise.

"Uniform?" Monique asked.

"His are the best. He's been making our Team Go uniforms since we became a team."

"No offense, but Monique designs all of my mission gear," Kim said giving her friend a quick smile.

"Oh." Hego frowned at them, obviously now wondering what they were doing there.

"Gotta jet." Kim said quickly. "Thanks for that thing." she told Aiden. "Later Hego."

Nodding at Kim, he reached over and handed a business card to Monique.

"What was that about?" Kim asked as they stepped out of the store.

"Check it out," Monique said excitedly, handing the business card to Kim.

"It's a business card," Kim said. "What's the big?"

"He sells clothes to super heroes. He knows I design your mission threads. Add it up girl!"

"That's cool. You going to call him back?" Kim asked, giving her friend an excited hug.

"We'll see," Monique said. "I just got that raise at Club Banana."

End notes:
1. I'm not the first fic writer to make a connection between Kim and Shego using the comet that gave Shego her powers. But in this case it really is, as Shego says, just a coincidence. The real reason for their connection will be explained in a future story in the series.
2. All other unanswered plot points will also be explained in assorted future stories in the series.
3. I've avoided giving Shego and the members of Team Go names for their secret identities. They'll get them eventually.