"Are we gonna eat there every morning?" Cheyenne asked as they stepped out of the diner and began walking down the street.

"Well, not every morning…. Probably every OTHER morning…. But not every morning." Lorelai answered.

"Good." Cheyenne smiled. "Them pancakes were good."

Lorelia paused for a moment. "Sweetie, I'm not meaning to sound condescending but… well… when you start school here next week… you're going to have to be more careful about the words you use. Annunciate better."

"Annunciate?" Cheyenne asked confusingly.

"Yeah, like… instead of saying of 'gonna' say 'going to.'"


"Well, because it's the proper way to say it." Lorelai replied. "And the word 'them' shouldn't go in front of objects like pancakes. It should really only refer to people…. At least most of the time."

Cheyenne's face went blank as she processed in her mind what Lorelai was saying. "You tryin' to say I'm dumb?"

"What? No!" Lorelai defended. "Sweetheart, I would never call you dumb. I don't even think that you are. I know you are very intelligent girl. It's just that you were raised in a place where your way of speaking is different than most people and I'm not saying it's a bad thing… it's just… well…" Lorelai paused. "If you'd just put g's on the end of words that would help a lot."

"I like how I talk." Cheyenne retorted. "Ain't nothin' wrong with it at all. Mama always told me I had a beautiful voice."

"You do…"

"If you and everyone else up here don't like how I talk, then I suppose they ain't gotta listen to me speak." She added. "I don't wanna be no city slicker anyhow. Bible says city slickers breed trouble."

"The what says what?" Lorelai asked unsure she had heard the little girl correctly.

"Simple folk. God fearing. Obeying. They the ones gonna go to heaven." Cheyenne emphasized. "I heard it every Sunday at church and from Mr. Williamson."

"Cheyenne, no one knows for sure what's going to happen to anybody after they die."

"Of course they do! You either go to heaven or ya go to hell." Cheyenne looked down at the street as they continued to walk. "I wanna go to heaven. I've been in church since I was eight. Mr. Williamson took me a lot."

"Cheyenne, I'm sure if there's a heaven you'll go to it." Lorelai smiled. "But you have to keep in mind that not everyone is going to think the same way you do and just because someone thinks a different way it doesn't make anyone wrong. Those are just opinions. Everyone is entitled to opinions."

Cheyenne looked up at Lorelai with sad eyes, "Don't you believe in God, Lorelai?"

"Sure… I believe there's something or someone out there greater than we are…. But I'm not really a religious person. I just try to live my life the best way I can and be a good person."

"The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions…" Cheyenne quoted. "You gotta be real good to get to heaven, Lorelai. Real good! You gotta to go to church and tell God how much you love him… and you gotta admit you a sinner and can't do anything without Jesus."

"Well, that may work for some people…" Lorelai replied. "But that seems like a rather sad and depressing lifestyle to me. I'm very happy just the way things are.

(West Virginia)

"I wonder what she's doin' now." Janeeva sighed.

"Probably playing with some youngins somewhere." Roscoe replied as he focused more on the television.

"Do you think they've about found her a home?"

Roscoe shrugged. "Said they'd call ya when they did… they ain't called. So I reckon not."

Janeeva stood up from the couch. "You haven't gotten me work in days, Roscoe."

"Don't need work. You're with me."

"Well maybe I don't wanna be with you."

Roscoe reached over and grabbed the remote and turned off the tv. "Now, Janeeva we've been through this. I aim to marry you and take care of you. You don't gotta do that stuff."

"Married? You think I wanna get married?" Janeeva let out a large huff. "I can't think of one good thing a man ever did for me!"

"Oh yeah? Well can you name one good thing you ever did for a man? You've stayed hidden in that trailer down there with that girl for over ten years. No one even knew if you were alive or not half the time. Keeping that child was the worst mistake you ever made."

"She's gone now ain't she?" Janeeva roared. "Ain't she?"

"Yes, by god, she is! When are you gonna let her go?" Roscoe jumped from the couch. "I'm sick of hearing about that little bitch. Every day you sit there and you complain! Why you always wanting things you can't have? Why can't you just be thankful for what ya got?

"I got nothing to be thankful for." She bitterly stated. "My life is a train wreck. Always has been. Always will be."

"That's what I'm tryin to tell you, woman. I'm here to make things better for you. But you got to let me in." Roscoe walked over a put his hand on her shoulder. "I wanna love you. Make an honest woman out of ya. If it's kids you want so bad. We'll have some of our own." Janeeva's face softened as Roscoe gently stroked his fingers across her cheeks. "I'll leave this business behind… I got another job lined up. Gonna make all kinds of money."

"Oh, no Roscoe… not the plants again." Janeeva replied in a weak voice.

"Don't worry, baby. Technology today is making it easier and easier. We'll be millionaires some day and we'll never even have to leave our house to do it." He smiled.