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Watanuki Kimihiro, a boy who had been cursed with the ability to see spirits, quietly made his way home. His clear blue eyes reflected his tiredness after another hard day of work at Yuko's shop. Yuko, who happened to be a witch that granted wishes, always made him work an awful lot and Watanuki could almost feel a grudge against the woman.

"I'm so tired," Watanuki complained. He stopped walking for a moment and then looked in the glass of a car window that had been packed on the street. For a moment, Watanuki could have sworn that he saw a flash of gold in one of his eyes. Watanuki smiled and covered the eye with his hand. It was the eye that Doumeki, one of his fellow classmates, had given up to allow him to see again. They now shared half of the same eye.

Watanuki removed his hand for his face and then began to walk again. He was thinking about his friend when a strong gust of wind blew past Watanuki and pushed him off his feet. The boy winced in pain when he fell and all his things scattered around him.

"Ouch," Watanuki mumbled as he gathered his fallen possessions and then got back to his feet. He brushed the dirt off his clothes and then made his way home.

Watanuki didn't seem to notice the strange stiffness in his back and shoulders and just continued on his way.

Yuko was sitting on her porch, smoking when she suddenly felt a strange vile aura in the air. She looked up at the moon in the sky and frowned.

"Something bad is going to happen," she whispered. A black Mokona waddled its way beside the witch with a bottle of liqueur in his hand.

"Bad vibes?" he questioned.

Maru and Moro rushed onto the porch and stood behind their mistress.

"Bad vibes. Bad vibes," they chanted. Yuko remained silent, hoping that the horrible foreboding feeling would go away.

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