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It didn't take long for Watanuki to regain his health, though he still had time off from his part-time job at Yuko's shop because she had given him an extended vacation, which he found surprising. The time witch had always forced him to work even when he was feeling down.

Today was the first day Watanuki was going back to school. He awoke at his usual time and prepared lunch for both himself and Doumeki. He got dressed in his school uniform and headed out. He walked until he reached the temple steps where Doumeki was quietly waiting for him.

"Are you done all your chores?" Watanuki asked.

"I finished a little earlier," Doumeki responded. Watanuki nodded and they both walked towards school in silence. Suddenly Doumeki stopped walking and Watanuki stopped in his own tracks to look at the archer.

"What's wrong?" Watanuki questioned.

"I found this when I was looking through the store house," Doumeki responded as he handed Watanuki a small box. Watanuki took the box and quietly opened it before looking inside to see the contents. It was a necklace. It was a blue coloured stone on a silver coloured chain. Watanuki carefully observed the gem and his eyes widened when he saw it begin to glow.

"It's a special stone. My grandfather called it a spirit stone. He said it repels spirits. I want to give it to you," Doumeki explained. Watanuki looked at the precious jewel and then looked at Doumeki with a worried look.

"I can't accept this," Watanuki said as he tried to hand the box back to Doumeki.

"Keep it," Doumeki ordered. He removed the pendant from the box and then placed it around Watanuki's neck. The boy blushed as the metal touched the skin of his neck.

"Thank you," Watanuki whispered as his fingers ghosted over the chain.

"That also means that your wish has been granted!" said a loud voice from behind him. Mugetsu exited out of Watanuki's shirt and squeaked at something behind Watanuki. Watanuki turned around and saw the familiar figure of Yuko.

"Yuko-san!" Watanuki exclaimed.

"Your wish has finally been granted," she answered. Watanuki gave her a confused look.

"My wish?"

"Your wish for the spirits to leave you alone has finally been granted. As long as you wear that necklace, they will never bother you again," Yuko explained. She didn't even bother to listen to Watanuki's response because she turned around and walked away.

"Though I still expect you to come to work because you need to pay off all your other payments you've accumulated from working under me," was all she said before she disappeared from their line of view.

Watanuki sighed and then glared at the spot where Yuko had been.

"That woman will never leave me alone," Watanuki complained. Even though he was complaining, there was a small smiled on his face. Doumeki approached the other boy and tapped him on the head.

"That reminds me…" Doumeki began. Watanuki looked up at the archer.


"Do you want to come and live with me at the temple? My parents don't actually live here, so I'm usually here alone. I used to live with my grandfather until he passed away," Doumeki announced. Watanuki went quiet for a moment and then he smiled before placing a kiss on Doumeki's cheek.

"I would love to come and live with me," he announced. Doumeki actually smiled and they both continued to walk on to school.

"When you move in, I expect you to make all the meals," Doumeki stated. Watanuki smiled.

"I kind of expected that. You can't cook to save your life. That's why your cupboards were filled with ramen cups. Don't try to hide it! I saw them!" Watanuki shouted.

The couple returned to their usual schedule, happy with their relationship together. Even though they still refused to say their feelings to each other, they both knew how the other felt even though no words were spoken. That was enough for them.


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