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Summary I: It's been a years since Eliwood and co. saved Elibe. And Lyndis is getting tired of the life she has now, her days are always the same routine. She only ask for a little break or, better yet, a change. Will she gets what she wants? (Eliwood x Lyndis at the end)

"And Time Goes By…"

By 'Ayumi'.


I: Changes.

Lyndis sighted, trying hard to listen to the advisor of her grandfather, Gerard, soon-to-be her advisor. And trying, because she really wasn't listening to a word of what he was saying; she kept staring out of the window, to the world that had been denied to her for the last three months.

Unfair? Yes, very unfair.

And why was that? Well, it was very simple, but better start from the beginning.

This was when Laus attacked Caelin almost a year and a half ago.

That day, after they defeated Laus army, Leila, Ostian spy, said she should let the world think that her grandfather had died, but she didn't do it. Instead, she asked the advisor to say that Marquess Caelin was very sick, which it wasn't a real lie, since Lord Hausen was a little sick.

Of course, she couldn't have foreseen the consequences of her decision, because the moment she arrived to Caelin, after their victory on Valor, a year ago, Gerard walked up to her and started to ramble on about things she didn't understand. What she did understand, however, was the main reason of why she had been stuck inside the castle for the last ninety days.

She needed to learn how to be a proper noble lady and how to be a proper ruler.

Lyndis spent every afternoon during the first four months in her lessons to be a proper lady, with people telling her what to say, how to act, how to dress. It was a very unpleasant experience, but she succeeded. However, that was the easy part of the lessons she had to take. The next five months, she spent the afternoons learning how to be a ruler and, to her, those were the most stressful months of her life. But at least she could release that tension sparring with Kent or Sain, or practicing by herself.

But now… She had been helping her grandfather with the different problems of Caelin, assisting to meeting with other Caelin nobles and sometimes nobles from other states of Lycia, making choices, etc; in other words, she had been sharing the ruler's duties with her grandfather, so she could get used to it… And that didn't give Gerard the right to prevent her from practice with her sword!! He wouldn't even allow her to go for a long walk, saying it was her duty as the future ruler to stay in the castle and attend to the affairs of her territory.

No offence to Kent, but she was starting to really hate the word duty.

Oh, but he didn't know, Gerard didn't know!!

She couldn't stand another day in the castle without fresh air, without going outside and relax, without having a day out; she just couldn't!

Her days were so boring lately (with the exception of those days when Eliwood or Hector and Florina -or just Florina- came to visit her), always following a routine. And she hated routines. She needed so desperately a change, any change.

Lyndis sighted again, she rested her forearm in one of the arms of the throne and crossed her legs; her gaze never leaving the window.

When was the last time her friends came to visit her? Months? Weeks ago?

"Lady Lyndis!"

"Uh?"- was all that Lyndis said, turning her head to look at her advisor, only to find him looking not so happy. She smiled ashamed. "I'm sorry… What were you saying?"

Gerard sighted, he was starting to lose his patient. "Milady, were you listening to what I've been saying for last two hours?"- he asked, hoping, really hoping for her answer to be positive, but knowing the obvious.

"Yes, I was…"- Lyndis said. "… At first."- she added after seeing the look the old man was giving to her.

"But, milady, this is important!"- he exclaimed, showing her some papers. Boring stuffs, she supposed. "Caelin needs your attention!"

And gone was the last bit of her patience.

"I've been giving my attention to this country ever since I came back from Valor!"- she said, standing up from the throne. "Look, Gerard, I'm really sorry, but I don't think I'm ready for this. I'm only twenty years old; I'm not ready to be the ruler of Caelin."- she walked towards one of the big windows of the throne room. "Not yet."

"Lord Eliwood and Lord Hector are both your age, and they are now ruling their own territory. If they can, why you can't?"

Lyndis didn't even turn around. "They were raised to be what they are now, to accept the responsibilities of a ruler. I was not. I was raised to be free, to be a normal Sacaean woman."- she said.

"But…"- Gerard paused for a moment and it was only then he noted what the princess of Caelin was wearing. "Milady, why are you wearing that dress?"- he asked.

"Gerard, I can understand why you won't let me practice with my sword or bow anymore, but you cannot prevent me from wearing my dresses."- she stated, turning around to look at him.

Gerard knew he wouldn't win that discussion, so he let it pass. "Very well, milady, as you wish. Now, can you pay attention to what I am going to say?"

"Yes, yes. What is it?"- Lyndis asked, feeling annoyed.

Gerard's expression became very serious. "It's Lord Erik."

"Erik…? I think I know that name… Who is he?"

"Lord Darin's son."

The young woman frowned. "Oh, that Erik. What about him?"- she said with a slight sarcasm in her voice.

"Well, as you know, there's a rule among nobles…"- Gerard began.

"Another one?"- Lyndis murmured, but she wasn't heard.

"… that stipulates that every heir to the throne must be married before a certain age. And you are about to reach that age."

Lyndis frowned, again. Twenty-one; that was the limit age. How could she forget that? Oh yes, she didn't care.

"Yes, I know that."- she said.

"Of course, and since every noble man in Lycia knows that your birthday is going to be soon, they are, certainly, going to come and ask your hand in marriage."- he paused for a moment. "And that's what Lord Erik is going to do next week."

Lyndis paled, Gerard couldn't tell if it was because she was getting angry or because she was purely disgusted.

"You don't think he will propose to me after what he and his father did to us, right?"

Gerard couldn't answer, because a third person interrupted.

"Apparently, he will."- the calm voice of Marquess Caelin said.

Gerard bowed to him. "Good afternoon, Lord Hausen."

"I can refuse, right, grandfather?"

Lord Hausen smiled to her. "Yes, you can, my child. You are allowed to choose the man who will become your future husband, but you also must be, at least, engaged by your birthday."

"What if I'm not engaged by then?"- Lyndis questioned, not really wanting to know the answer.

"The court, whose members are the noble men of the finest families in Caelin, will choose the man that they think will be the best option. And, to them, that man could be Lord Erik."- Gerard answered.

Lyndis felt sick all of a sudden. Just great. Now she only had about five months to find a husband or she could end up marrying Erik. She walked up to the throne and sat down. "And if I refuse to marry the man they choose?"

"If you refuse, which mean you couldn't fulfill the rule, you will be no longer the rightful heir to the throne; and the moment I die, the eldest member of the court will ascend to the throne."- Lord Hausen said.

Lyndis groaned. "This is so unfair!!"- she screamed.

In that instant, someone opened the door. Three heads turned around to look at a very nervous Sain.

"I'm sorry to interrupt like this, but…"- he stammered.

Lyndis smiled a little. "It's all right, Sain, you didn't interrupt anything. What is it?"

Sain stood up straight. "Lord Eliwood is here. He's waiting for Lady Lyndis in the inner garden, though he said he…"

Sain couldn't even finish his sentence, when Lyndis rushed out of the room, running towards the garden. A soft breeze was all she left behind.

"… was only passing by, since he is on his way to Ostia."- the young blonde man finished.

And, without wasting another second, the three men followed Lyndis as fast as they could.

Kent was talking with Eliwood, while they waited for Lyndis. The young Pheraean lord had said he had something very important to discuss with Lady Lyndis and Kent, being the respectful knight he'd always been, didn't ask any other question related to that subject. The Crimson knight of Caelin, was about to speak again, when something, rather someone, almost knocked him out of his feet; the only thing he saw at that moment was a blur of green. He, then, saw Sain, Lord Hausen, the advisor and every single servant in the castle, looking at something behind him. The moment he turned around, he just couldn't believe his eyes.

There, in front of everyone, was the rightful and only heir to the throne of Caelin, giving a very warm welcome to one of her friends, one of her male friends.

To say that everybody were surprised to no end, was an understandable fact; after all, they didn't see their lady embrace the new marquess of Pherae in such a loving way every day. However, what happened next was something that no one could've ever expected.

Even though Eliwood was as surprised as everyone, he didn't hesitate to embrace Lyndis back. And, in one smooth movement, he kissed her… passionately.

Now, to say that everyone was astonished was nothing compared to how the young lady felt at the moment.

Lyndis was in a state of pure and absolute bliss after the kiss ended. In other words: She was in Heaven.

Everyone clapped excitedly, except for Kent, though he was very happy for Lyndis. Even Gerard, who was supposed to always remain calm before everything, was clapping happily. Oh, joy, now he didn't need to worry about the marriage anymore.

Lord Hausen looked at the young couple, smiling amused. They were completely oblivious of the world now; it was just the two of them and that was fine with him.

Didn't his granddaughter want a change?

Well, she definitely got her change.


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