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iv: unrequited

characters: Sain, Lyn

Sain looked up at the starry sky.

It was still hard to believe the announcement Lady Lyndis made early that day. But, then again, he shouldn't be surprised, for it was to be expected; at least, he had been expecting it ever since they defeated Nergal a few months ago.

Sain chuckled. And to think it all started with a single letter from the deceased Lady Madelyn. That day marked the beginning of a great adventure for him. It might sound corny, but it seemed as if it were yesterday when he and Kent met Lady Lyndis in Bulgar.

Yes, it seemed as if it were yesterday when he saw the girl from the plains and fell for her, as he did with most beautiful women, hard. But, really, he knew now that what he felt for Lady Lyndis then, and what he felt now, was more than just a simple fancy; this feeling was something deep, meaningful.

In retrospective, he wondered what prevented him from taking the first step to try and win her heart, and then he remembered Kent's look every time he watched Lady Lyndis when he thought no one was looking.

The look of a man in love.

So he did the right thing, the noble thing. Because while he knew his feeling where deep, he also knew he could find love somewhere else, but Kent… being as uptight as he was, as honor and duty bound, he'd probably have a harder time finding love.

So, he stepped back in favor of his friend. And as it turned out, it all was in vain, for said friend never did anything to try and changes things between Lyndis and himself. Always treating her like the future ruler of Caelin, and never even trying to act as a friend, having the knightly vows so instilled in him that he wouldn't allow himself to be happy.

Darn it, he went as far as encouraging other men to court Lyndis.

Well, no, he didn't encourage anyone but he did spent some time talking to Lord Eliwood about what Lady Lyndis enjoyed doing on her free time back in Caelin, before the war began. Unluckily for Kent (and Sain), Lord Eliwood took that as an opportunity to make small talk.

He listened to them sometimes (and mind you not in purpose, he just happened to be nearby), and many time puzzled over their interactions. Lord Eliwood and Lady Lyndis, they always seemed to be more friends than anything else, hence why everyone was so surprised with their announcement this evening. Their interaction seemed to be nothing but platonic, the way they expressed with each other reminded him of his friendship with Kent. Hell, even the conversation he managed to catch, left him wanting to laugh at the simplicity of it—like the time Lady Lyndis asked Lord Eliwood to teach her to behave like a noble woman.

Now that was something you don't hear every day.

But then, something must have changed, somewhere along this last year, something that he missed, because by the time they were preparing for the final showdown with Nergal, their relationship had given such a twist it shocked him not to have seen it coming. Now that he thought of it, the second time they landed on the Dread Isle, that something had already happened. Granted, their interaction was still as platonic and simple as ever, but there was something else, something hidden, something deeper. Their talks were more hushed, their time spent together more quiet; he'd thought it was the pressure of the upcoming battle, but no, they had acknowledged their feelings.

He knew this, because of the broken and unsurprised look on Kent's face when Lady Lyndis announced her marriage to Lord Eliwood and her intentions to leave Ostia take over Caelin (many soldiers were displeased, but what could it be done? As soon as she married, Lady Lyndis was going to live in Pherae and with Lord Hausen dead; there was no heir to the throne). Kent had known of them, Sain had no idea for how long, but he had known.


He turned on the spot, a smile already present to greet his liege. "Milady Lyndis."

She smiled bemused and shook her head, stopping next to him on the balcony. "I'm not going to be your liege for much longer, you know."

"Ah, but you will always be milady Lyndis in my heart."

She gave a hearty laugh, but then quieted down, looking content if not a little melancholic. "It's weird, is it not?"

Sain tilted his head slightly, regarding her for a few seconds before answering. "What is, milady?"

"The upcoming marriage. My whole relationship with Eliwood."


Lady Lyndis sighed, but looked happy, which was a conflictive sight as Sain could feel her hesitation. "I mean, I always thought Eliwood and I were just good friends until… until I realized I was in love with him. This feeling, this… love, snuck up on me. It's disconcerting, weird, I… Oh, you must think me horrid for expressing doubts weeks away from my wedding."

Sain chuckled, but shook his head. "Actually, milady, I think is understandable. I believe you feel like this because your feelings for Lord Eliwood progressed along with your friendship with him, following its natural course. You weren't expecting it, which is why it caught you by surprise."

"But it was all so simple, so neat. This feeling, it's like finding something I didn't even know I was missing—like coming home," she says, frowning, probably waging a war inside her head.

And Sain understand the problem now. Before, even when Lord Hausen was alive and well, Lady Lyndis' home had been the plains of Sacae. Caelin was a temporal residence, he knew, everybody knew; her home was in the lands of the nomads.

He laid a hand on her shoulder, catching her attention, and gave her a reassuring smile. "Love, milady Lyndis, is meant to be simple. People may think otherwise, but that is the absolute true. You only need to ask Lord Pent and his lovely Lady Louise, they taught me much about the significance of true love," he paused briefly, mulling his words before continuing. "Furthermore, as Lady Louise once told me, home is where your heart longs to be. And when once your heart longed for the plains of Sacae, now it longs for Lord Eliwood."

She looked at him, astonished, but then broke into a smile. "When did you become so wise?"

"Ah, when it comes to love, milady, I've always been wise."

His smile betrayed the seriousness of his voice, prompting another laugh from the soon-to-be Lady of Pherae.

"Thank you, Sain," she said after a while. "Your words were very helpful."

"I aim to please."

"Well, good night, then." She hesitated briefly before reaching out and giving him a hug, tiptoeing to kiss his cheek. Pulling back, she smiled a little and then turned to walk away.

Sain waited until she was out of sight before touching his cheek with a wistful sigh. He'd been so tempted to pull her closer and kiss her to his heart's content, but… it could not happen. It didn't before because he chose to be a good friend and now there was the promise of a marriage and her love for another standing in his way. If only… no, it was too late.

"Maybe… it's time for me to travel the continent."

With a resolute nod, he decided to depart after the ceremony; Lady Lyndis would want him to be present on such a happy day.

"After all, I always aim to please."


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