A/N: Hey, my friends told me to write a story about the LEP group in the Academy. Once I did, they were so impressed with it that they told me to write it for you all. So, here it is! By the way, when it starts out with a boy named Daniel, that's Trouble. It says that he changed his name after graduation. Through most of the story I refer to him as Trouble, but in the first couple of chapters, it's Daniel. If you don't like it, it's not my problem. By the way, Artemis Fowl... If you really thought I was Eoin Colfer, I would not be posting this on any websites. I'd be publishing the book on it?Duh! Don't be a Truffle head.

Chapter One: Accepted.

Daniel dug through the mail on the table.

Bill. Bill. Bill. Frond, how many bills did his family have? He always thought that drowning in bills was a figure of speech, now he believed it. Finally, he came across what he was looking for. He tugged the envelope out of the stack. He saw another marked to Grub as well.

Shit! Grub was going too? Life was going great. First at the Training camp, now here? He'd never survive.

Mrs. Kelp came into the room as Daniel opened the letter addressed to him.

Daniel Kelp,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Lower Elements Police Academy. After reviewing your application under a strict judgment system, and seeing your entrance exam scores, we wish to offer a full scholarship to our academy.

Classes begin on September 2nd, but we expect you the weekend before to get your dorm room, uniforms, and schedule. Attached is the booklist required for the first Term. We look forward to seeing you.

Marshall, Chytin.

"Oh! Danny! The academy! Just like your father. Oh! look! Grubbie got in too. I'm so proud." Mrs. Kelp cooed over her son, hugging him. He held back his rolling eyes. Hearing his mother call his brother Grubbie was annoying as hell. Oh well, at least he'd be away from it all at the Academy. The Academy, he was going to the Academy. He couldn't wait to see the look on his father's face. Through his joy he made a mental note to call Chix. Hopefully he got in too. If he didn't, who else would be there to help him make fun of Grub?

Holly bounced the ball from one knee to the other, blowing loose strands of her dark cinnamon coloured hair. Normally, when holly would come home with her hair falling around her face, Lily would ask her how on earth she cold let that much hair fall out of a pair of French braids. Lily Short was Holly's perfect pageant winner older sister.

She looked at her older brother, Chitin, at the opposite goal post. This was the game of the season, and she was the player to fear, pulling hat tricks out of thin air. Her smile quirked up and her hazel eyes glittered in the gleam of the solar crystals.

Suddenly, she turned to face her home goal post, the ball never ceasing it's rhythmic bounce from knee to knee. She used her left knee to hit it high into the air, crouched down, and launched into a flip kick. As her body went to black flip, she flung out her right foot and it connected with the ball, sending it flying towards the goal at the other end of the field. She completed the flip and turned to watch her hat trick in action.

The ball flew with vicious speed and collided with her Chitin's chest. He flew into the goal with the ball. Goal. Holly jumped up in the air, whooping with success. Chitin got to his feet, laughing and smiling at his sister. He was the man of hat tricks on the team before she joined.

"Good training, team. Especially you, Holls. Now go clean up. I'll see you tomorrow." Holly walked up to Chitin who coughed into his sleeve.

"That was amazing." Chitin said, hugging his sister. "Oh, and your letter from LEPA came."

"and?" Holly asked eagerly.

"You're in." She hugged him. That's where she had prayed to Frond she could get into. If only she knew how meaningful her hug was for her and him.